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Ups and Downs

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It’s been a while since we have revisited our feature, highlighting the “ups” and the “downs” of political actors and activity around the Commonwealth.

We’ve got some catching up to do, so without further ado …

Up arrowWendy Spicher. Getting all 50 votes in the state Senate is no easy task, so props to the new Secretary for the Department of Banking and Securities. She has been with the department since 2008 and her 25 years of experience should prove beneficial.

Up arrowDan McCaffery. The Democratic candidate for Pennsylvania Supreme Court was endorsed for the post by the editorial board of the Philadelphia Inquirer. The U.S. Army veteran and Temple Law School graduate served as a prosecutor in Philadelphia and as a civil lawyer before being elected to the city’s Court of Common Pleas. The board closed its recommendation by stating, “Voters deserve judges who follow the law and not the political winds.”

Down arrowCarolyn Carluccio. The Republican candidate for the PA Supreme Court did not receive the Inquirer’s endorsement. The editorial board cited her position’s against abortion and her stance on election issues, including Act 77 that expanded mail-in voting in the Commonwealth, as well as her differing statements on whether President Joe Biden won the 2020 election.

Down arrowDan Meuser. The 9th Congressional District legislator’s campaign for Speaker of the House of Representatives was a short-lived one, as he was the first to drop out of the nine-candidate race. Meuser said he opted out to focus on running Donald Trump’s campaign in Pennsylvania.

Down arrowScott Perry. The central Pennsylvania congressman was called out by Cassidy Hutchinson, on a WITF radio show. The former aide to Chief of Staff Mark Meadows said that Perry “was central to the planning of January 6th and central to the planning of the Justice Department officials to execute a plan that Donald Trump wanted.”

Up arrowJimmy Dillon. The state senator from Philadelphia saw his bill to crack down on harassment against sports officials pass through the chamber. “By passing SB 842, we can protect the unsung heroes who make the games possible: the officials who ensure fair play, foster sportsmanship, and keep children across Pennsylvania safe,” emphasized Dillon. It now heads to the House where a companion bill is being considered.

Up arrowCherelle Parker. The Democratic candidate for mayor of Philadelphia picked up a not-so-unexpected endorsement from EMILYs List, the nation’s largest resource for women in politics. “EMILYs List has been proud to support Parker over the years during her time as a state representative, and her work on the city council to deliver tangible results for her community speaks for itself.”

Gov. Josh Shapiro. The first-term governor received high marks in the latest F&M poll as both his favorability and approval ratings improved. Shapiro did see another cabinet member – Department of Environmental Protection head Rich Negrin – resign with no comment and defended his position on the settlement over the sexual harassment allegations against top aide Mike Vereb.

Up arrowJessica Shirley. The DEP’s former policy director assumes the role of interim acting secretary of the Department of Environmental Protection following the resignation of Negrin.

Up arrowRomilda Crocamo. The Luzerne County manager stepped to the plate and defended her elections staff during a Wednesday meeting with the county Election Board. When the elections director and deputy were questioned about responsibility for data that did not correctly synchronize, Crocamo responded “I will not allow anyone — anyone — to cross examine and abuse my staff.”

Down arrowSteven M. Greenwald. In more Luzerne news, the county’s chief public defender has been removed from his position. The email message to the county council did not offer a reason. Greenwald had served in the position since 2013.

Down arrowThe Phillies. Really? You want me to go into detail?


Down arrowMaria Battista. The Republican candidate for the PA Superior Court was hospitalized overnight Sunday after being struck by a car while placing yard signs. Her campaign said she was treated for injuries that included a hairline fracture of her collarbone.

Down arrowBob Brady. The Philadelphia Democratic leader is not happy that fellow city Dems are endorsing Kendra Brooks and Nicolas O’Rourke of the Working Families Party for City Council. He had previously threatened to expel committee people who broke ranks and followed through on that threat earlier in the month by booting Kate Rivera from her post in the 31st ward.

Up arrowJacklyn Rusnock. The instructor at the Reading Muhlenberg Career and Technology Center announced her plan to run for the 126th Legislative District seat next year with a focus on health care. Rusnock also received the endorsement of the man she would be replacing – former Speaker of the Pennsylvania House Mark Rozzi. Oh, they are former spouses.

Up arrowJanelle Stelson. The former TV news anchor has the early lead in polling among Democrats for a candidate for the 10th Congressional District primary to go against incumbent Scott Perry next fall. Stelson has a 13-point advantage over Harrisburg City Council member Shamaine Daniels.


5 Responses

    1. Other than the blinding glare of the mid-day sun reflecting off those pearly white teeth, and the the screw-you grin after the flip off, no.

  1. I think it is a pretty cheap shot giving someone a down arrow for getting hit by car. If being the victim of an accident is grounds for a thumbs down.
    Then maybe your up and down segment should have remained in its hiatus status.

  2. I was driving I-81 north near Hazleton this weekend and I got road raged by someone who looked like Lou Barletta!

    He started tailgating, then he passed and flipped me off. When he smiled — technically more like a huge grin — I got blinded for a brief moment from the sun reflecting off some white teeth, and that’s when I suspected it was really him.

    He was probably driving back from some secret meeting in Harrisburg where he and his buddies were making plans, again, to subvert the constitution and signup some fake electors in prep for 2024.

  3. This is a vanity poll based on name recognition. Stelson still doesn’t live in the PA-10th and gives bizarre reasons why she can’t – The district is “too expensive to live it.” Her home is “almost in the PA-10th” – despite being in the heart of Lancaster County, the center of the PA-11th.


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