Ups and Downs – October 7

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We are just about one month from Election Day (November 8) and this is the best time of year in the Keystone State. Daytime temperatures are warm, while the evening lows require a sweater or jacket. Football season is in high gear … and a certain baseball team from the City of Brotherly Love is playing in the postseason. Here are our Ups and Downs for the first week of October.

Up arrowDebra Todd. Upon the passing of Max Baer, Todd became Chief Justice of the Pennsylvania Supreme Court – the first female to hold the position – due to her seniority on the court. She was expected to take the role in January upon his retirement, but her time came sooner with Baer’s death.

Up arrowMike Doyle. Do you mean the retired Democrat or the Republican running for the 12th Congressional District seat against Summer Lee? Democrat Mike Doyle currently serves as the 18th Congressional District representative for Allegheny County in the U.S. House. He is retiring at the end of the term after 28 years in Washington. Republican Mike Doyle is a candidate for the 12th Congressional District seat, squaring off against Lee. See the issue?

Mehmet Oz. The GOP senatorial candidate’s campaign airs a brief clip of WPVI-TV news legend Jim Gardner in a recent ad. That clip is side-by-side with video of John Fetterman as Oz criticizes his views on drug policy. Gardner tweeted, “To be clear, I’m totally uncomfortable with being in any political ad, regardless of the candidate, or party, Republican, Democrat, or any other political persuasion.” The celebrity doctor also announced that his campaign raised $17 million in Q3.

Up arrowRob Thomson. The Phillies manager took over a team that was 22-29 in June and took them to their first playoff berth since 2011. The Fightins’ played 58.6% ball over the final four months, going 65-46.

Up arrowJosh Shapiro. The Democratic nominee for governor secured the endorsement of Boilermakers Local 154 – a group that has strayed from traditional Dem support in recent years, backing Tom Corbett for governor and Donald Trump for president.

Down arrowDoug Mastriano. The Republican candidate for governor has so far been unable to garner more widespread support for his campaign. And now Jewish Republicans appear ready to leave the fold as well. “No Jew can pull the lever for Doug Mastriano. I don’t know how any Jew could look themselves in the mirror and think that that’s a good vote,” said Steve Rosenberg, a self-described conservative who until recently was an executive at the Jewish Federation of Greater Philadelphia.

John Fetterman. The Democratic candidate for the U.S. Senate continued his perfect record in leading general election polls against GOP opponent Mehmet Oz, but came under fire for records showing a light schedule as Pennsylvania’s lieutenant governor. He also announced that his campaign raised $22 million in Q3.

Down arrowMitchell Spivack. The owner of a Philadelphia neighborhood pharmacy was the largest purchaser of oxycodone among retail pharmacies in Pennsylvania in 2016. He developed a “no questions asked” reputation for distributing and that caught up to him this week. He has agreed to pay $4.1 million to resolve his civil liability under the Controlled Substances Act.

Up arrowPittsburgh. With the Pirates season coming to a merciful end and the Steelers struggling, the Steel City needed some good news. It came in the form of a No. 3 ranking from Coworking Cafe for remote work life. The city ranked third for internet speed with an average of 443.41 Mb/s and was fourth in terms of the density of entertainment establishments — 677 per 100,000 residents.

Up arrowDave and Carol Stelts. The Enon Valley couple set a record at the Pennsylvania Giant Pumpkin Growers Association event in Freeport, bringing a pumpkin that weighed in 2,164 1/2 pounds. It bested the old standard by 159.5 pounds. The U.S. record comes in at 2,554 pounds. Yes, that’s a lot of pumpkin.

Down arrowChas Kulow. The Pittsburgh police officer allegedly hit an EMS worker at a Five Finger Death Punch show last month. EMS was attempting to treat his girlfriend and Kulow was being aggressive and uncooperative. When the medics tried to remove him, they say he threatened them, so they called the cops. After medics took his girlfriend to the hospital, they say Kulow returned to the ambulance area and attacked a woman, punching her in the face. Alcohol or mood-altering drugs may have played a factor.


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