USW Endorses Zappala for AG

Stephen-ZappalaThe United Steelworkers are taking sides in the Democratic Primary for Attorney General.

Today, they announced they’re endorsing Allegheny County DA Stephen Zappala.

“Many have lost confidence in this important office and Mr. Zappala is the best positioned to re-instill that lost faith,” Director of USW District 10 Robert McAuliffe stated. “Stephen has shown himself over the years to be a person of high ethics and standards and the USW is proud to endorse him. USW members across the state will be canvassing, calling and working very hard to make sure Mr. Zappala wins this important race, and to see him sworn in as our next Attorney General.”

“I am deeply grateful to the working men and women of the United Steelworkers for their confidence and support,” Zappala responded. “Steelworkers know that in my office everyone is treated fairly no matter how much they make, what they look like or who they love.”

District 10 of the USW represents more than 50,000 people throughout the commonwealth.

Zappala is running against Montgomery County Commissioner Josh Shapiro and Northampton DA John Morganelli in the Democratic primary. Incumbent Kathleen Kane indicated today she is also considering running for re-election.

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  1. Rumor has it that Kathleen Kane will not file a nomination petition to become a candidate for re-election as Attorney General. She will release a statement claiming that she is concentrating on defending herself against false accusations, and wants to protect the reputation of the office. The real truth is she doesn’t have the support to gather and defend the minimum number of signatures she needs to get on the ballot, isn’t and can’t raise $ needed to run a competitive campaign and is using the campaign $ she has to pay her lawyers in the criminal action.

  2. David – It is not just Eakin. Kane’s initial effort let to Corbett – who was running for re-election at the time – purging the State of several racists, perverts, and sexists.

    Fina ran to the DA’s Office with a promise to elevate Seth Williams the way he did scum-bag Corbett. It worked for a while. Until the truth started to come out. The “sting” case they trumpeted turned out to be a real mess. They had to basically give the cases away to avoid going to court (where they would have been caught with their pants down).

    Now – the scrutiny has led to even more reevaluations. The “cooperator” in the sting case is Tyron Ali. Fina, in an 11th hour deal, let Ali keep the $430K he staple from a non-profit to set up to help children. It was taxpayer money. Fina also dropped ALL THE CHARGES pending against Ali (who was looking at a long time in jail).

    Now – it turns out that Fina and Ali have the same lawyer. Something isn’t right.

  3. Pericles-

    I don’t know know that Kane splits the “east” vote that much.

    I think a lot of her electoral strength comes from women who have been on the receiving end of sexism, selective enforcement of the rules, gender based attacks, and their general experience with “the old boys club”. That doesn’t even include the Dems who think this is a GOP witch hunt, and are proud of her for exposing the corruption and taking down a judge like Eakin for his own undisclosed bias in her case.

  4. You have to think that Zappala has the upper-hand here. First he has experience that Shapiro lacks. Then, Shapiro, Morganelli and Kane (??) will split the east vote. Plus, former Chief Justice Zappala recently stumped for and endorsed Supreme Court Justice Daugherty, helping him pull some serious support in Western PA. Now, John Daugherty, brother of the Justice and head of the Philly Unions) will repay the Zappalas by supporting Stephen for AG. So with the split of the East vote along with Zappala’s Eastern support, as well as being the only candidate from the West, then I think our next Dem. AG candidate may be Stephen Zappala.

  5. Rollo,

    The second question ought to be about the Leon Ford case and why he helped cover-up for racist police officers who shot an unarmed teenager they mistook for someone else.

    It was bad enough that Zappala charged the kid criminally. But he then tried to conceal a Report done after an internal investigation. That Report was critical of the Police who stopped and subsequently shot Mr. Ford.

  6. The Interview:
    Question: Mr. Zappala, your brother Greg owns juvenile prisons, Pa Child Care and Western Pa Child Care that were implicated in the Cash for Kids scandal. As AlleghenyCounty District Attorney, do you supply youth offenders from the juvenile court system to your brother’s prisons?
    Response: I won’t dignify that question with an answer.

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