Podcast: Val Arkoosh Says the U.S. Senate Needs a Doctor (Just Not Dr. Oz)

In the latest episode of the PoliticsPA Podcast, Montgomery County Commissioner Val Arkoosh, a longtime physician, talks about her candidacy for the U.S. Senate in 2022.

Arkoosh, a Democrat, discusses her experiences with women having abortions, the frailty of America’s public-health infrastructure, why she’s in favor of banning fracking in Pennsylvania, and what distinguishes her from her fellow Democratic Senate candidates. Arkoosh—who’d be the first woman elected to the U.S. Senate from Pennsylvania and the first female doctor in the Senate—also talks about the other physician in the race, controversial Republican Dr. Mehmet Oz. Says Arkoosh: “It’s hard for me to believe we even took the same oath when we graduated from medical school.”

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January 9th, 2022 | Posted in Front Page Stories, Podcast, Senate, Top Stories | 6 Comments

6 thoughts on “Podcast: Val Arkoosh Says the U.S. Senate Needs a Doctor (Just Not Dr. Oz)”

  1. Joe Schmo says:

    Poor Val has been waiting in the wings with a “dr.” campaign line for over a year and then Dr. Oz, a real Dr., has to come along and ruin it. That is pretty funny.

  2. Paul Deon says:

    The Fracking message makes her a no go west of Chester County. It just does not work for a general election candidate in PA. Not even Fetterman is for a ban on fracking

  3. Mike Dexter says:

    Val is only marginally more a “Dr.” than Oz is. She’s an anesthesiologist. She’s dealing with people who are largely receiving elective surgeries. Kudos to her for that, but there are medical heroes in the race- Dr. Baumlin specifically. He treats ALL patients regardless of income or insurance status. He’s actually worked in a hospital during the pandemic. No one else in this race can say that.
    If you’re looking for a qualified medical professional for PA, look into Kevin Baumlin. He’s a much better choice.

  4. Uncle Ned says:

    Good interview. I’m not sure why candidates like Dr Oz are so appealing to Republicans. I don’t think Gov Thornburgh or Gov Ridge would win in this era. Really a shame. We need two good parties and got one off the political rails.

    1. KDav says:

      They would be Democrats now especially Thornburgh

  5. David Diano says:

    I’d go to Dr Pepper before I’d go to Dr Oz.

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