Video: PA Republicans Endorse Stabile for Superior Court

By Keegan Gibson
Managing Editor

By a vote of 172-99-24, the Pennsylvania Republican state committee voted to endorse Cumberland County attorney Vic Stabile for the open seat on PA’s Superior Court.

Philadelphia natives Judge Paul Panepinto and Paula Patrick came in second and third, respectively.  Both are expected to stay in the race despite the endorsement.

PoliticsPA predicted Stabile would win the endorsement on Thursday. Read our predictions and candidate bios.

Stabile served as a member of state committee and Chairman of the Cumberland County Republican committee for over a decade. He presently works at the Harrisburg branch of law firm Dilworth-Paxson.

Watch Stabile’s victory speech below.

He overcame criticism from some committee members that his origins in the central part of the state would weaken the GOP ticket, compared to a candidate from the southeast.

The southeast committee members apparently disagreed, voting “overwhelmingly” to endorse Stabile, according to the caucus chairman.

In a victory speech, Stabile thanked his colleagues and paid his respect to Panepinto and Patrick. He pledged, if elected, that he would interpret the law fairly without regard to politics.

If nominated in the May 17th primary, Stabile will face off against Democratic candidate Judge David Wecht, of the Allegheny Court of Common Pleas.

Republicans also endorsed Bucks County attorney Anne Covey for Commonwealth Court. Check PoliticsPA later for the full story, with video.

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  1. 04/21/11
    Dear Mr. Stabile:
    Only one question to ask please:
    Are you pro-life?
    Pls reply asap.
    Thank you.
    Bill Erich

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