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Voit Endorses Trump

trumpPat Toomey has been hesitant to embrace presumptive GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump.

As a result, Republican nominee for State Treasurer Otto Voit is hoping to stand out in stark contrast. For instance not only is he endorsing Trump, his press release explicitly notes he is the “first statewide Republican candidate from the Keystone State” to do so.

“Today, I join with millions of Pennsylvanians and voters across this nation in endorsing Donald Trump for President,” Voti states. “He has proven time and again that he has the resolve and courage to do the things others do not have the stomach to undertake or even say.”

“We need to shake things up in Washington, DC and in Harrisburg,” he continues. “We cannot get our nation and this state back on track if we keep fostering the culture of cronyism and selfishness in our political system.”

“Like me, Donald Trump has real world business experience and he is not afraid to make the tough call on important issues regardless of political correctness or ruffled feathers,” Voit concludes. “This is something that is crucial for any successful leader and a lesson I learned during my military career.”

Voit is running against Democratic nominee Joe Torsella in the November 8th general election for State Treasurer.

16 Responses

  1. Oh good. It wouldn’t be a real PoliticsPA story without irrelevant babbling about Fina.

  2. Brown got more votes than Depasquale for Auditor General on April 26th. Why is no one paying attention to this? Democrats could lose that state row position

  3. I think advertising this statement by Voit should be the key to Torsella’s election campaign.

  4. Oh yeah, Toomey endorsed the “Boy Wonder From Called Ocho”, Marco Rubio, aka “Bubble Boy” That shows you where Toomey’s head is at! Up his A**!

  5. gulag and haha, you’re sweating now beacause crooked Hillary is going down fast. She is in self destruct mode and has a one way ticket to loserville.The Trumpmeister on the other hand is a WINNER. I endorse him too! Here’s his bio…,
    He’s accomplished 1,000X more than crooked Hillary evr will and he’s a great American unlike that trator to America crooked Hillary.

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