Voit Premieres First Ad (VIDEO)

Otto Voit released his first, and final, commercial today.

The GOP State Treasurer nominee’s new fifteen-second spot is titled “You Otto Vote Voit”.

“Otto Voit: Gulf War veteran, Penn State grad,” the narrator begins. “Otto Voit will stop lifetime pensions for politicians. Stop paying outrageous fees to Wall Street advisors. Stop the culture of corruption.”

“You oughta vote Voit for State Treasurer,” the narrator concludes.

This ad will go statewide digitally and will air on TV in select markets.

8 Responses

  1. We need a candidate in office like Otto Voit. Someone fresh, from the business world. Someone who can work with both Democrats and Republicans. Otto has served his country honorably in the military, so it does offend me to see some of the rude remarks posted about his heritage. He is a hard worker, and doesn’t have designs on a higher level position in government. His expertise is in finance, and just wants to help Pennsylvania get in a better place with their finances. I like Otto’s message.

  2. He can start with the triple dipper serving in PA-5 right there in Berks County. Come on folks, thousands of descendants of 18th century German speaking immigrants living in Berks County.

  3. CentPADem, Gleason and the state Republican Party are a complete waste of time. From the moment he became state chairman, Gleason has only cared about Presidential races, which tend to run themselves. The state GOP should be focused on the row offices. Yet he has completely ignored them and we’ve gotten creamed. The House and Senate have their own campaign committees of which state committee has nothing to do with. He can’t take credit for their success. Good thing he’s leaving after this presidential election. We’ve never suffered more statewide losses, either with row officers are judges, then we have under Gleason.

  4. I’ve seen Torsella’s ad on TV for at least a week running pretty steady in rural central PA. Voit seems to be getting started very late and just a generic 15 second spot. Rafferty also seems to be lagging behind in advertising in the Atty General race, and I’ve seen nothing from the Republican Auditor General candidate. It appears Gleason and the Republican state party are more interested in the PA Senate and House over the Harrisburg row offices.

  5. I really want to see mr.otto van voit, in a german tank, with his buddy mr.trump, campaigning around pennsylvania.

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