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Voter Registration by Congressional District

Courtesy of the Pennsylvania Department of State, here is the data for registered voters in the Commonwealth by congressional district.

Looking at the map, it becomes pretty clear pretty quickly which are the races to watch around Pennsylvania this fall.

PA-01: Brian Fitzpatrick (R)

PA-07: Susan Wild (D)

PA-08: Matt Cartwright (D)

PA-10: Scott Perry (R)


7 Responses

  1. It’s not coincidence that red is the color of U of Alabama. North Alabama occupies the center of PA.

  2. If enough Democrats and Independents come out and vote for Ashley Ehasz in PA’s 1st Congressional District on Nov.5, 2024, Brian Fitzpatrick will be cast out the phony and “fake” “independent voice” and co-founder of the so called “Problem Solvers” Caucus, who voted with Trump about 88% of the time, and will be out. We outnumber the Republicans. We just have to get out the vote and convince people that just because you come from Levittown, PA in the Southern part of the District doesn’t mean you are representing and protecting their interests.

  3. This is the year Scott Perry goes down. Dems will run a real candidate against him, and that district has been shifting. He doesn’t do anything for the district, not visible at all.

    1. The Dems need a PA10 candidate with broad enough appeal to moderates. They will end the Perry debacle by pulling in independents and Rs who have had their fill of Perry’s extremism.

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