Voter Registration Update – October Edition

voteThere is just over a week left until the October 11th voter registration deadline as Republicans continue to make up ground on the Democrats.

As of October 3rd, there are 4,135,224 Democrats and 3,223,603 Republicans registered in the commonwealth of Pennsylvania. That gives the Dems a 911,621 person advantage, although just a week ago it was 915,904.

Another 1,155,151 Pennsylvanians are independents or belong to a smaller political party. In total, 8,513,978 voters are registered in the Keystone State.

Once again, just ten counties saw a gain in Democratic margins. Most of their totals came from Philadelphia (2,304) and Allegheny (950). The Dems also got help from Delaware (466) and Montgomery (310) Counties.

The biggest piece of good news for the PA Democratic Party, though, is that they were able to stop GOP gains in Bucks, the other Philly collar county. They may have only increased their margin by 17, but it’s vitally important for the party to hold Bucks and continue to chip away at the GOP’s hold in Chester County (361).

This is necessary because the Democrats are still hemorrhaging votes in the Appalachian Southwest.

Republicans made up ground in the following Southwestern Counties: Westmoreland (698), Washington (296), Cambria (281), Beaver (231), Fayette (206) and Greene (98).

Next week will be our final update and we’ll compare the total changes from May to October in each county.

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  1. Mike, from May 19, 2015 to latest numbers(10/3/16) D +171360 (+4.3%), R +259166 (+8.7%) all others +51089 (4.6%).

  2. Matt — good points but I wonder how many Dems registered throughout 2015 and up to the primary because of the Sanders v Clinton primary. If they registered already they wouldn’t have to register in the time between the primary and the general…

  3. Is there a breakdown on new registrations vs party changes? I feel like that’s a good indicator of party enthusiasm.

  4. Some numbers to look back upon starting in 2000….
    In 2000 from Primary to General…Ds gained 102482, which was 2.8% increase, Rs +89362 (+2.8%), all others +62654 (+8.6%). In 2004 from Primary to General…Ds +279364 (+7.5%), Rs +174782 (+5.4%), all others +131935 (+15.6%). In 2008 from Primary to General…Ds +279404 (+6.7%), Rs +56989 (+1.8%), all others +91072 (+9.7%). In 2012 from Primary to General…Ds +135037 (+3.3%), Rs +70019 (+2.3%), all others +95604 (+9.4%). Now, so far in 2016 from Primary to Oct 3….Ds +73037 (+1.8%), Rs +97437 (+3.1%), all others +69801 (6.4%).

    Doubt Rs will catch their highest gain since 2000 of +174782 in 2004, with only a week left to register or switch parties, but on pace to gain more than the Ds this 2016 cycle. This possibly can be the lowest total of gains for the Ds since 2000 (+102482 in 2000).

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  • When Will PA House Agree On Rules?

    • After the Special House Elections (Feb 7) (92%)
    • End of the Month (Jan 31) (4%)
    • End of Next Week (Jan 27) (2%)
    • Early February (Feb 1-6) (2%)

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