Voter Registration Update – September 2016

voteRepublicans were doing a great job eating into their voting registration deficit over the past year. In August, however, the Democrats were finally able to staunch some of the bleeding.

On August 1st, statistics showed 4,074,858 Democrats and 3,159,815 Republicans. An additional 1,106,024 voters brought the grand total to 8,340,697.

As of September 5th, there are 4,094,125 Democrats and 3,175,302 Republicans plus another 1,123,664 voters, bringing the total to 8,393,091. As a result, the Democratic advantage increased from 915,043 to 918,823.

The GOP is still making solid gains, however, in the Southwestern Appalachian counties like: Westmoreland (641), Fayette (492), Cambria (353), Butler (331), Beaver (324), Washington (323), Somerset (266) and Lawrence (237).

Meanwhile, Democrats were able to run up the numbers in Philadelphia (6,778) and Allegheny (1,459). The Dems also made gains in Lehigh (320), Centre (221) and Dauphin (157) counties, home to Allentown, State College and Harrisburg respectively.

The Democrats also made progress in the collar counties around Philadelphia. They added 1,465 to their margin in Delaware County as well as 932 in Montgomery. The Dems even moved 373 voters closer in Chester, the one SEPA county where the GOP has the advantage.

Their brightest spot, though, was in Bucks County. This bellwether has gone for the popular vote winner in eight of the nine last presidential elections (the exception was 2004).

From May 2015 to August 2016, the Democratic advantage had dropped from 12,138 to 9,914. Over the past month, though, the Dems in Bucks gained a net of 108 voters.

The Republican strategy to win PA depends on peeling away counties like Bucks. If they’ve hit their ceiling there that would be a terrible sign for their prospects, although a month remains until the October 11th voter registration deadline.  

4 Responses

  1. Sigh. One can “stanch” the bleeding, but one cannot “staunch” it, as in making it more loyal. Linguistic dolts are everywhere.

  2. Relax Nick, check your pants. As a former bucks countian you should know, Labor Day is the official start of all the outside democrat organizations from New York, New Jersey and philly swamping bucks county with volunteers who are paid by the number of registrations they get. They’ll be here until Election Day. Then they’ll leave and the out of state vans will start showing up paying people to vote democratic with hoagies. It’s the same every year. Those numbers mean nothing. 90% are essentially fraudulent and won’t vote anyway. Remember “Mickey mouse?”

  3. “Pealing?” Do we proofread?

    Since we know the answer to that, can we safely assume these to be net numbers?

  4. Buried the lede again: the group growing fastest every month since a while ago has been independents and non-affiliated. That trend will continue as long as these two corrupt organizations keep foisting these terrible candidates on us.

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