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Voters Go To the Polls for PA-18 Special Election, Even Those Outside the District

As voters in the 18th Congressional district head to the polls in today’s special election confusion over who can vote leads to anger by those living outside the district.

The special election saw a massive investment by groups on both sides of the aisle in TV ads in the Pittsburgh area, leading many to feel like they should be voting in the election. 

Allegheny county’s spokeswoman Amie Downs said the government got “many calls yesterday [from] people who were confused because they thought they were voting but couldn’t find their polling place on the list” according to the Post-Gazette

Allegheny, which contains parts of the district, was not the only county to receive calls about the special election.

“We’ve been getting calls for the past week, with people wanting to vote absentee or by emergency ballot because they weren’t going to be here today,” Beaver county Elections Director Dorene Mandity said.

No part of Beaver county falls in the 18th district.  

“Some are understanding, but others argue with you and say, ‘Why can’t I vote?’ You have to explain that we aren’t in the district,” Mandity told the Post-Gazette about explaining to voters they are not eligible to vote in the election.  

According to reports, the confusion was not limited to the western part of the state.  Lehigh and Northampton counties in the eastern part of the state had voters calling demanding the right to vote in the election.

9 Responses

  1. The tide is turning. Even kids are rebelling. Trump World is finished. Dem wins are now the norm.
    Trump will either resign in disgrace after Mueller is done, or someone will enforce Article 25.
    Pence will be indicted as well since he hired and worked as leader of the Trump transition team. People are tired of him acting like he never saw, heard or knew anything.
    Stunning wins by Democrats nonetheless. And we’re in like a lamb. Goodbye purity tests, hello competence.

    1. @ Frank
      You are joking, right? The man watches television all day and shows up at the oval office dining room for a late lunch around noon.
      Nothing’s on his schedule, and he’s in bed at 6 PM with a cheeseburger.
      All he gets done is check in with his daughter, son-in-law and sons to see how the money making grifting is going, and that’s before he gets ready to head to Mar-a-Lago to collect the dues and bribes from the guys from Russia whose streamlined yaught is parked at the shore near his property every weekend.
      Denial is not just a place in Pennsylvania?

  2. I got calls and emails urging me to vote even though I live in Mercer County. My neighbors went to vote and found a sign at our polling place telling them the election was not for our congressional district. What’s wrong with Saccone’s campaign that they could ‘t figure this out?

  3. I’m in Lehigh County and I know people who were receiving calls from Saccone this weekend. Waste of precious resources.

  4. Glad that TV & radio will not be littered with constant political AD’s for a while. Wonder if the constant millions of dollars spent caused people to stay home in protest

  5. Rick Saccone or whoever he hired to handle his robo calls had GOTV calls going in to Lehigh and Northampton Counties last week.

    1. I’m actually convinced that the GOP is looking to scuttle this Congressional Race so they scan scuttle the House and Senate in 2018 so Trump gets impeached.

      With all of the $cash on hand that the RNC has, you’d think that the RNC and Saccone would be able to proactively coordinate a real campaign.

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