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VoteVets endorses Houlahan in PA-6

Chrissy HoulihanVoteVets, a liberal political action committee, endorsed Democrat Chrissy Houlahan in her bid to challenge Congressman Ryan Costello (R-Chester) next year.  

“Her dedication to her country, and to her community, will make her a rising star in Congress.  That means the people of the 6th District will have an effective champion in Congress.  We are proud to endorse her,” VoteVets Chairman Jon Soltz said in a statement.  

Houlahan served as an officer in the Air Force.  

VoteVets was founded in 2006 by Soltz to help elect veterans.  According to, VoteVets gave donated $167,500 nationally last year to Democratic candidates, including $5,000 to Mike Parrish who challenged Costello and $2,500 to Joe Sestak in for his bid for Senate.  

Houlahan is one of three Democrats looking to challenge Costello next year.

21 Responses

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  2. I believe you may have made an error on this post:
    “Houlahan is one of three Democrats looking to challenge Costello next year.” Houlahan, Detorre and who is the third candidate?

    1. It is stated incorrectly, the article referred to 3 veterans as democrats against republicans around the country

  3. What does this woman truly stand for? I have seen several articles and have seen a facebook post here and there and all she really stands for seems to be the Anti-Trump message. I understand, don’t get me wrong. I am feverishly anti-Trump and the message resonates, clearly, but that will not be enough to serve the 6th in Congress. It seems as though the media has given this woman a complete pass and refuses to ask her substantive questions that she needs to answer NOW not LATER or when she may feel up to it. She is playing wait and see so she will not have to go back on any policy ideas, and it is not only a very clinton-ish move but also cowardly. We need a candidate who will push through the national norms here in Chester County. Bob Detorre, while not very enthusiastic, has much, much better ideas than Houlahan. I urge you to visit his page where he makes some legitimate policy statements . As of now, his win in a primary looks unlikely (because of the money Houlahan has) but lets give this guy a change to be heard.

  4. First of all, thank you for serving Christina, but this is a LIBERAL group endorsing an EXTREME-LIBERAL candidate. Legitimately not newsworthy. More so, if she is so politically active where has she been in Chester County? Why has she never been on the scene at least helping the dems the last 10 years? A vote for Houlagan is basically like deciding that you’re going to invest all of your money with a financial adviser who got into the business yesterday. You will be disappointed.

  5. I’m just sick of this “checking boxes” nonsense. While I fully respect any Vet, this woman is a fraud. OPEN YOUR EYES SHE IS HILLARY CLINTON 2.0 BUT WITHOUT THE EXPERIENCE!! At least Hillary had foreign affairs experience under her belt.

  6. If she won’t denounce the extreme views of her party – doesn’t matter a damn- she is a vet. Trump is no gem- but he is not a racist anti Semite like Obama who shamed our Nation and the Presidency even more than Trump. She is not entitled to a free ride simply because she is a vet if she would support the Iran deal, and try to stifle free speech by imposing a political correctness that tolerates political thugs like Maxine Watters- Dems want a choice- she may not be the one

    1. You just keep immersing yourself in Infowars, Breitbart and the like. I’m no Maxine. Waters fan, but to condemn her and Barack (you forgot Hussein) Obama in the same breath tells us all we need to know. As different as they are in temperament and demeanor, they do have one thing in common – don’t they?

      1. I kind of perversely enjoy how nutters like Jpaul seem to understand that it is a bad thing to be racist, but don’t really understand what racism is.

    2. JPaul-

      You have Trump and Obama confused. Trump is the candidate of the American Nazi party and has a white supremacist as a chief adviser. Trump didn’t mention the Jews in his January Holocaust Remembrance Day remarks. (Lot’s of deniers in his base.) Trump’s press-secretary furthered the denial agenda when he claimed that Hitler never used chemical weapons on his people.

      Trump is a complete embarrassment here and abroad.

    3. Good that Houlahan declared early. Costello should have enough time to organize his messaging and volunteer network to scotch her campaign.

      Houlahan’s campaign agenda is straight-line DNC party line. The same message that the voters rejected last year. But the Democrats keep at it, in the belief that they have not yet fooled all the mentally challenged people out there.

      If this is the best the DCCC can do, I doubt if the Democrats will make any significant gains next year. They’ll probably lose seats.

    4. Hey John boy- you are correct Barack and Maxine do have something in common- they are arrogant corrupt and anti semetic. I don’t like Trump- but he gave us the freedom to condemn the conduct of filth like Holder- fast and furious people died because of his misconduct; Loretta Lynch meeting with Bill Clinton- remember that? Susan Rice violating the law and perhaps unmasking Flynn unlawfully. Many of us are fed up with so called Democrats racists who play the so called race card in a disgusting way . God bless Trump for enabling us to stand up to Black racism – which is just as disgusting as white racism. I was standing up for civil rights when you gutless wonders we’re in diapers. God bless Trump and our polIce- and to hell with the extreme democratic left!

  7. So glad to see she’s running. I couldn’t hold my nose and vote for Parrish one more time. Time to get the check book out.

    1. LOL no one who is a “moderate” anything would consider voting for Houlagan. This woman is so left, she could never be right!

  8. maybe I will support her too. i’m trying is to get more women in congress in 2018.

    1. This is sexist in itself. Whether or not she is a woman should not be a main issue of her campaign. You can’t run on being a woman. It’s about substance, policy and facts. Fact is, she is Nancy Pelosi/Hillary Clinton all over again. This would be fine if she was running against some hyper-partisan Republican, rubber stamp type, but Costello has been as moderate as any Congressman and I really think the voters will reward him for that in 2018.

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