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Wagner: 2016 Election “All-Out War”

scott-wagner“This is all-out war.”

According to Dave Davies of WHYY, that’s how Scott Wagner described the 2016 presidential election to the PA delegation.

“If [Hillary Clinton] wins, she is going to jam it to the people on the other side of the aisle,” Wagner explained. “It is not going to be pretty.”

The York County State Senator is one of the most popular conservatives in the Keystone State right now. John Baer of the Inquirer even compared Wagner’s populist persona to Donald Trump’s.

Baer also revealed that Wagner met with Trump and his campaign manager Paul Manafort for 45 minutes last week to talk about how the GOP can win PA’s twenty electoral votes.

Wagner is also considering a run for Governor in 2018. Whether the Pennsylvania GOP follows the national party’s lead will be one of the central questions of the next few years.

18 Responses

  1. Delco blue, it sure would be nice if you could learn to spell and do something to improve your very limited English skills. It is difficult to assign credibility to anything you say when your comments appear to be written by a first-grader. Perhaps you’d get more attention by posting on the Sesame Street Facebook page.

  2. What does Wagner and Thrump have in common. They both are bullies.
    I beg for WAGNER to come to DELCO to support Thrump, couple things will happen. #1 DELCO elected Republicans are afraid of their own shadow. Except for Nick M….not one republican in the house or senate will be seen with you…what ever you spend in DELCO IS THROWING MONEY AWAY!!!
    Hillary wins DELCO by 9 points…
    Come here I’ll personally be in YORK REAKING HAVOC:) go back to trash picking!!

  3. The wheels of justice grind slowly but they also grind exceedingly fine !!
    Goodbye Hafer at last.

  4. Hey, Sen Wagner and I agree on something. There has to be merit to it.

    We the People of the USA are at war for the very heart and soul of our nation. We on the left intend to win.

    And it sounds like so does the right.

  5. Senator Wagner – you demean all who have honorably worn the uniform of one of our armed services by your brash statement that “this is all out war.” In “all out war” men and women lose their limbs, their ability to see and hear, their mental well-being, and their lives. While “politics ain’t bean bag” as some have said, it sure as hell isn’t “all out war” either. You will never have the vote of this lifelong southeast PA Republican. Stay in York County, please.

  6. He already know it inside, Bono. He is a CLOWN like the rest of them. This radicalized CLOWN CAR needs to be pulled over.

  7. Militant Republican Moderate:

    You mean pass right to work so we can have the economic success of Wisconsin and Michigan? Tell me again how great they’re doing.

  8. One thing that is guaranteed, as usual the Philly suburbs will decide PA and Scott Wagner doesn’t know the first thing about those voters and how to win them over.

  9. Wagner is our best chance to break the strangle hold the unions have on this state. This state will not prosper until it follows the example of Wisconsin, Indiana and Michigan and becomes a “Right to Work” state. When Philadelphia school principals are members of the Teamsters it is no wonder that the schools are not educating the kids.

  10. The last time Scott Wagner declared war, he hit his daughter and she filed a pfa. Run Hillary.

  11. “If [Hillary Clinton] wins, she is going to jam it to the people on the other side of the aisle,” Wagner explained. “It is not going to be pretty.”
    Sure it is. It’s going to be pretty DESERVED. It’s going to be pretty POETIC. And it’s going to be pretty FUNNY.
    The last thing PA needs is a Trump-clone. Send this goober packing, and have him warn his white-nationalist buddies that America is tired of dimwitted political theatre.

  12. I’m left of Che but will vote for anyone over Tom Wolf and his corrupt cabal of contract awarders, hangers-on and pay for play fundraisers.

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