Wagner-Bartos Finish 2017 with $7 Million on Hand

Gubernatorial candidate Scott Wagner and Lieutenant Governor candidate Jeff Bartos, who have joined together to make a ticket, finished 2017 with a combined $7 million on hand.

“We’re grateful for the broad support our campaign to change the status quo in Harrisburg has earned throughout the Commonwealth.” Wagner and Bartos said in a release.  

According to the press release, Wagner raised $2.5 million from over 3,300 different donors from Pennsylvania.  

“Today’s report demonstrates that our focus on building grassroots enthusiasm for Scott’s candidacy is paying off. In an age where statewide campaigns are relying more and more on national dollars, the bulk of our donations came from Pennsylvanians,” Wagner’s Finance Director Jenise Harris said.  

Wagner is running against businesswoman Laura Ellsworth, businessman Paul Mango, and state House Speaker Mike Turzai.

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13 thoughts on “Wagner-Bartos Finish 2017 with $7 Million on Hand”

  1. County Commissioner says:

    My county is headed toward a deficit. I want to raise taxes but my wife tells me I will lose re-election. There are some nonessential county employees that could be laid off, but that is politically not a good option either because they and all their family and friends will vote against me. Does anyone have a number for Paul Mango/McKinsey and Company? I recall that Governor Wolf got advice on how to manage the state budget, and it only cost like a $1 million for a report with ways to balance the budget. Thanks for the help.

  2. mother's milk says:

    $7 million cash on hand is strong for Wagner. Mango would have a decent sum if he wasn’t getting taken to the cleaners by John Brabilker and David Urban, not to mention a slew of acolytes raking in $10k a month. Mango’s campaign is going to make Corbett look efficient. And that’s scary.

  3. Smith says:

    Wagner is going to win the primary and crush Wolf.

  4. Don Providence says:

    I’m not sure which GOP campaign is a bigger dumpster fire.

    Wagner is just an all around loon- his YouTube channel is hillarious. Endorsed by Bannon and beats his daughter.

    Mango doesn’t vote, has the personality of a toaster oven, and is spending money on a campaign team who let him do an interview with a wanna-be East Asian dictator.

    And Turzai is Turzai. Can’t get out of his own way. Listening to him explain anything is particularly painful.

    Obvious that Val and Co read the tea leaves and phoned it in on this one.

  5. Steve Barr says:

    Mango takes money from unions, and you want to talk about trust? Yikes.

  6. W. Clark says:

    3 Pro-Mango comments in a 4 minute span? Looks like Paul’s campaign team is busy tonight.

    1. tiredofcronies says:

      Is anything they said untrue?

      1. Paul Mango's Porche says:

        All of it — but let’s not let the truth get in the way of misleading the masses!! Vroom vroom!

  7. MAGA4all says:

    Mango 4 Governor. I don’t trust Wagner.

    1. Mark says:

      Lol Mango is such a loser. The guy is just a piggy bank for consultants. I get not loving Wagner, but Mango is such a joke.

  8. C. Delvechio says:

    Bartos back a Planned Parenthood employee as a republican county commissioner. No thanks. Wagner back a bathroom bill with wolf and wont own up to it. Also missed 109 votes and voted for Ed Rendell, a democrat, for Governor. No Thanks.

    1. scubasteve says:

      Don’t forget about the pfa from his daughter or the pedo he bailed out. Wagner couldn’t win against wolf with Trumps backing. Maybe that’s why the Whitehouse invited Mango to discuss policy and not Wagner.

    2. Darrin says:

      You want to talk about missing voters? Paul Mango only started voting in elections last year.

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