Wagner Campaign Blasts Mango as Unaired Primary Attack Ad Leaks

The fight lives on.

The GOP gubernatorial primary months ago got heated between now Republican candidate for Governor Scott Wagner and Paul Mango. Apparently, it stayed that way. Animosity bubbled up once again in the final days before the general election.

Last night, Wagner for Governor Campaign Manager Jason High shared a lengthy Facebook status expressing his disgust with Mango and his supporters, while accusing them of lying “viciously” and working against their general election campaign.

“This is a guy that campaigned his heart out for the endorsement of the Republican Party and then attacked the process as being corrupt after he lost so badly that they didn’t even have to take a roll call vote,” High writes in the post. “Mr. Mango lied viciously, repeatedly changed his position on issues to try to win endorsements and votes, and then had the audacity to criticize others for behaving like politicians.”

Mango was appointed by President Trump to join his administration as the “Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services Chief Principal Deputy Administrator and Chief of Staff” in July.

High continues to write that he wanted to keep his thoughts to himself after the primary victory and be gracious, but after old attack ads from Mango that never aired, which he says are lies, were leaked to the Philadelphia Inquirer, he chose to voice his opinion.

“I’m quite certain that Mr. Mango will run for office again in the future, and you can be certain that I will be working against him. We don’t need more people like Paul Mango in public service,” High writes to finish the Facebook post.

The two ads leaked to the Inquirer were debuted in their weekly, Philly Clout column this morning.

Both ads accuse Wagner of being insulting and violent. One of the ads in particular portrays two women texting about Wagner and stating he was also “anti-woman.”

Wagner campaign spokesman, Andrew Romeo is quoted in the Inquirer story stating the ads attempting to paint Wagner as violent were false and will “backfire on Election Day.”

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  1. Wagner has been a flawed candidate for governor from the get-go, and he has no one but himself for his upcoming loss. I liked him as a state senator (though definitely not as a person). The strengths that worked for him as a state senator from his home district became weaknesses when he got out on the state-wide stage. Flaws that locals will chalk up to “Aww that’s just ol’ Johnny,” or Scotty, become glaring neon distractions outside of the blue haired ladies club members that watched you grow up in York County. Scott Wagner himself interfered with a bunch of elections outside York County, sometimes openly and sometimes deceptively. It’s that deception bit that shines a light on a person’s character. I feel bad for him in a way. But he is an arrogant bully, and I also like to see people like that get their come-uppance. Here it comes.

  2. Wonder if Val still is happy with the payoff he took from Wagner to get the endorsement. Look for Val to be replaced. And thank god on wed we never hear from that load mouth little man Wagner again and creepy Jason High.

  3. The finger pointing has begun before a ballot was cast but the fact is that anyone in the Republican Primary would have been a better candidate for Gov than Scott Wagner including Mango and Bartos. This defeat is estimated to be 26 points by the Franklin and Marshall poll and it is possible to lose by even more. This magnitude of a defeat for Governor is so profound that it basically says that Wagner made no progress in attracting voters outside his base. According to media reports Wagner spent 11 million of his own funds to basically appeal to no one beyond his core supporters. This is definately a fiasco and an epic defeat.

  4. Jason High had been so effective for Wagner that I’m certain that any future work he does against Mango will catapult him to victory. Bye Felicia.

  5. Wagner is a clown. He has totally no self control. Fortunately-he ain’t going to be Gov. It’s a shame that the GOP failed to field legitimate candidates for Gov and Senate. Maybe we need open primaries?

  6. It’s unfortunate the Wagner isn’t going to take his coming loss with a little bit of class. He was a flawed candidate and very flawed individual long before he got involved in politics. It’s just sad that someone like him with a personal fortune can get this far into the political process before his poor and vile personality finally brings him down. Republicans screwed themselves when they threw in with the Tea Party nonsense and the chickens are coming home to roost in 2016 and more so in 2020. Enjoy your time in power GOP because it will be a long time before you are trusted with authority again and good riddance to the likes of Wagner in 2016 and the main horses arse himself – TRUMP in 2020.

  7. I was a Mango supporter but decided to vote for Wolf mainly for the passing of the new penalty law against animal negligence. Wagner has helped my decision to vote for Wolf much easier!

  8. Wagner is nothing but a bully. And his so called campaign manager who by the way just a few weeks ago was busy group texting with the little political consultant homophobic memes. Wagner is no good and would destroy Pa. Paul decided not to run the ads during the primary but greasy faced High gets out in front of the story the day before it hit. Wagner will lose by a minimum of 15 and will throw a temper tantrum like all bully’s with little man syndrome do. Paul from what I understand works for Trump Wagner couldn’t even get clearance to park cars at the White House. Move on team it’s OVER.

  9. Funny how the polls came out and he’s 26 points behind. Wagners the only one to blame for calling Soros a Hungarian Jew and for threatening a sitting Governor. He’s an embarrassment to the republican party, So he’s going to use Mango as his scape goat. He has no one to blame but himself! #missingmangoyet

  10. Wagner’s campaign manager takes on Wagner’s primary opponent, who won more than a third of the vote and now works for President Trump’s administration. Mangos moved on. I wouldn’t be surprised if Wagners team leaked these commercials for the negative attention because that’s all they know.

    1. You’re kind of dumb, aren’t you? How would the Wagner campaign have access to unaired Mango ads?

  11. Maybe he could get his golf spikes on and do something about Mango not helping that sinking ship.

  12. According to Wagner’s campaign, this election for Gov is like a World Federation Wrestling “Tag Team Match.” Wagner’s team asserts that Wagner defeated Mango in the primary only to see Mango team up with Wolf for the finale in the Fall.Seems to be the answer for Wagner is to look no further than himself for why things went off the rails this campaign season. “The answer lies not in the stars but in ourselves.”

  13. On Wednesday, Wagner will be blaming the voters for not voting for him. It is the only scapegoat he has left.

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