Wagner Chief of Staff Moves to Campaign

Jason High

State Senator Scott Wagner (R-York) moved his Chief of Staff Jason High from his official office to his campaign for Governor, naming High his campaign manager.  

“I hired Jason to be my Chief of Staff within two days of winning my write-in campaign. He has been a valuable resource for me in the Capitol, and his knowledge and experience will be invaluable to me as I move forward with my campaign,” Wagner said.  

“It has been an honor working for Scott as his Chief of Staff for the last three years. I look forward to helping him to become the next Governor of Pennsylvania so that we can pursue an agenda that will bring fiscal sanity to state government, make it work better for Pennsylvanians, and revitalize our education system,” High said.

Before working for Wagner, High served as Chief of Staff for State Senator John Eichelberger (R-Blair).  


29 Responses

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  4. What needs to be made “right” about Wagner’s image? More/less bombastic pomposity; more/less smoke and mirrors?

  5. Flies everywhere are afraid of this gentleman ripping off their wings.

    That’s a horrible photo.

  6. Seneca goes on warpath again. How pathetic he is trying to decide between war analogies and just being a Mafia apologist cheerleader.

  7. Guzzardi, yes High is skilled. Remember that Seneca says he is a great hit man. So, yes, High should be committed….to prison.

  8. The vicious snark aimed at a staffer is evidence how afraid the Democrats are of Scott Wagner.

  9. Even though this is a Wagner, it is not one of La Familia’s Wagners so we ain’t all that high on him. Still, the godfather and uncle Charley say go with him because it might get us back to the trough…anybody but that reformer Wolf!

  10. Wagner’s getting his artillery in place early in the game. High will be an effective hit man for him, as well as a capable campaign manager. Look for High to be busy building up Wagner’s image and getting the narrative “right” for him. Things should start picking up after Thanksgiving as Wagner goes into full attack mode against Wolf.

  11. Jason High-

    “so that we can pursue an agenda that will bring fiscal sanity to state government, make it work better for Pennsylvanians, and revitalize our education system”

    You can accomplish much that by having Wagner resign NOW, or have him stay and support the budget of the Wolf and the Dem and by taxing the f*cking frackers.

  12. High looks like type of person who says things like “I got into UPenn, but I decided to go to Millersville because it was a better value” while keeping a straight face.

  13. Who here would pay money to see a hell in a cell match between High and Jeff Sheridan? My money’s on the man, myth and legend….Jeff “the meat clever” Sheridan!!

  14. who might be the candidates is to run for Scott Wagner’s State Senate Seat in 2018.

  15. High is a capable force around the Capitol, just not someone I’d want my children around. Good luck when the intensity of an actual magnifying glass hits this guy.

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