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Wagner Continues Pushing Debate Schedule

He’s not at 67 yet, but he’s working on that.

Republican gubernatorial nominee Scott Wagner announced Thursday he plans to attend 11 scheduled debates held at venues across the state with the following hosts:

NBC 10
Fox 29
Pennsylvania Chamber of Commerce
The Chamber Of Commerce for Greater Philadelphia
Lehigh Valley Chamber of Commerce
League of Women’s Voters, WTAE
PennLive / CBS21
WHP Radio

Wagner said he will attend regardless of whether his opponent does.

Wagner Campaign Manager Jason High said he hopes Gov. Tom Wolf attends at least a dozen debates before the election.

“We hope Gov. Wolf … doesn’t duck any debates,” he said. “We have accepted every debate request we have received so far and look forward to adding more to this schedule.”

Wagner said he also would be willing to debate in areas serving underrepresented markets, including Johnstown-Altoona, Erie and Scranton.

Wolf’s team said the governor is busy seeing the 2018-19 fiscal year budget to the finish line — something Wagner would have done if he had not stepped down to run for higher office.

“After abandoning his constituents during budget season by quitting his job as senator, Harrisburg insider Scott Wagner has nothing to do but play political games,” said Communications Director Beth Melena.

15 Responses

  1. Really weak message from the Wolf campaign to try comment about Wagner stepping down. Him stepping down and working harder on the campaign is making all the difference right now to represent the entire state as governor. It makes Governor Wolf look weak, when in reality he should be accepting a challenge to talk about his record as governor. The issue? He has no record.

    Besides trying to raise our taxes with Shady Katie McGinty 4 years ago, going as far to try to tax preschool, he has done absolutely nothing. He will obviously ignore these requests and continue to do nothing.

  2. As the founder of the Mansfield Tea Party in Tioga County PA, I would like to have you at a debate with the citizens of Tioga County. The schedule would be Sept. 29, 2018, or Oct. 12th, 2018. They are for Friday evenings and to begin at 7:00 P.M. until 9: P.M. with a questioning session after you finish with what your goals are for the citizens of PA as well as for Tioga County.
    I thank you for any consideration you give us.

    1. I remember all the Tea Party folks freaking out about the national debt, tears in their eyes talking about their grandchildren and the future. Haven’t heard a peep since Trump got elected, even when Trump and Congress voted to add $1.5 trillion to the national debt. It’s almost like it was never about fiscal policy.

      1. Even when the tax plan put millions of dollars back into the hands of working class Americans? Meanwhile the economy is booming? With record low unemployment and minority unemployment? Why are you so angry at America Becoming Great Again? I don’t even like Trump, but the proof is in the pudding friend.

          1. CBO projected a 4.8trillion deficit by 2018, Obama made it 8.9trillion..

            Yes, quite the wizard indeed. How he could basically double the national debt (while pulling out of the middle east and creating a vacuum that will haunt us for years to come) is beyond me! Point Jim!

  3. Wolf is going to do the minimum number of debates possible. I’d guess one debate in Philly and maybe one debate in Pittsburgh.

    Wolf is around 20 points ahead. Debates are opportunities for accidental viral moments that can save or sink a candidate. No risk for Wagner who is already losing big.

    1. Diano is secretly hoping wolf loses so he can run around state committee screaming TOLD YA SO; even though he was all in for known criminal Rob McCord.

      1. Don-

        That’s not true on several counts.

        1) Of the four 2014 Gov candidates, McCord had been the only one I knew previously. Once Wolf started his ad campaign in Jan/Feb of 2014, it was obvious that McCord was going to lose, and I dropped any early predictions from 2013 that he would win.

        2) However, I not only abandoned McCord but condemned him in a mass email for his behavior at the Philly debate I attended. He made up some phony charges of racism against Wolf that were abhorrent.

        3) McCord’s criminal actions were unknown publicly at that time, and kept quiet because the FBI was trying to get him to cooperate against other people.

        4) Wolf is a complete self-absorbed political coward who doesn’t know how to work with the legislature or care about down-ticket Dems or the party. However, he is the only bulwark the Dems have against the right-wing loonies in the state house trying to kill Planned Parenthood, medical insurance, gay rights, civil rights, education, public transportation, and voting rights.

        5) Wolf is going to win in another landslide. I just wish he was better at his job and a better Democrat.

        6) The ironic thing is that McCord was probably the best qualified/skilled to actually do the job of Governor, and move forward Dem priorities (and participate in a coordinated campaign). But, McCord abused his office and deserved to lose his job and go to jail.

        1. David, the truth is now out the most
          qualified / skilled DEM is always in jail. this is were Hilary belongs also!!!!!!

    2. @David aren’t you the guy who just rambled on to strangers about incoherent nonsense at state Committee last week? If I remember correctly the gist from others was “don’t go near that guy. You’ll be stuk listening to him for an hour, easily”

        1. Ah yes, the notorious VoterWeb, or something. The finest technology 1983 has to offer. Runs great on my shiney Apple IIe

  4. I held my nose and voted for Trump, but I have to draw the line at Wagner. Wagner is truly a clueless buffoon who should stick to the trash business.

  5. Scott Wagner is completely tone deaf to the most profound moral and political matter of our times when he participated in a fund raiser in Philly that included one half of a duo–Mike Pence of Trump and Pence–that generated this tragedy of little children being torn from the arms of their mothers all in the name of border security. All Scott Wagner could talk about was how great the Trump tax cuts were for Pennsylvania. Well, I guess if the media accounts are accurate his trash business is worth many many many many millions so the tax cuts were really great for Scott Wagner but what about that little child caught up in the border crisis on the new cover of Time (CNN just announced the cover today)? On the cover, this child is standing next to Trump wondering where there mother is. The greatest manufactured moral and societal crisis of our times and Scott Wagner is out fund raising with Pres Trump’s partner in this fiasco, Mike Pence. Scott Wagner is tone deaf to the greatest societal crisis of our times.

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