Wagner Faces Raucous Crowd in Philly

Source: Twitter
Source: Twitter

State Senator and Gubernatorial candidate Scott Wagner (R-York) canceled a Senate Local Government Committee hearing in Philadelphia about the soda tax after protesters drowned out the proceedings.  

According to Billy Penn, the pro-soda tax protesters filled the hearing room in Philadelphia City Hall with the sound of vuvuzelas and chants making it impossible for the committee to hear the testimony.  It was so loud that reporters had to be pulled into a separate room to be told the hearing was being postponed.  

“We can’t even announce we’re canceling the meeting,” Wagner told reporters at the event.  

The hearing scheduled to hear testimony from anti-soda tax groups according to reports.  

While most of the protesters were held signs about the soda tax, some targeted Wagner specifically.  One sign read “Wingnut Wagner is not welcome” according to Billy Penn.  The Philadelphia Inquirer reported that Wagner spoke with one protester who was holding a sign that said “Haul that trash back to York.”

The Inquirer reports indicated that while sometimes frustrated, Wagner was polite with the protesters.  This is a shift from the exchange Wagner had with a tracker in York.  Wagner took the tracker’s camera in a heated exchange and accused the tracker of trespassing to film the event.  In the end, the Attorney General’s Office decided not to file any charges against either Wagner or the tracker.  

Wagner said that he is planning to reschedule the hearing in Harrisburg, and limit the number of people allowed in the room to credentialed observers and the testifiers.

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  1. Another example of why our city is disliked around the rest of the state. Our professional protesters could have easily made their voices heard and still have let other side have their say at the hearing. Unfortunately, shouting down people who may be opposed to your position is what democracy looks like here in the People’s Republic of Philadelphia. These “protesters” remind me of Chairman Mao’s Red Guard during the “Cultural Revolution” except they use Rules for Radicals instead of Mao’s Little Red Book as their Bible. The soda tax has hurt many of my neighbors work for Pepsi and Coke both of which have plants in the City in addition to the numerous small corner stores located throughout my row house non-gentrified neighborhood. It is a shame none of these people were permitted to voice their opinions due to the Red Guard tactics of the “protesters” whose mantra is “Free speech for me but not for thee.”

  2. Evidently Gulag is as much of a shredder of the Constitution as were the “protesters,” who should be called “paid actors.” Were I a senator in Harrisburg, I would vote “no” on the next aid-Philly bill. You wanna play “drown us out,” then you live on your own dollar — or not.
    Civility ought to be the norm.

  3. I went and witnessed those antics, they had children holding up signs with a big brown turd on it. they also brought in other children who were crying and scared by their unruly behavior. The birth place of the Nation had nothing to be proud of last friday. By the way dont they have to go to Harrisburg for funding for the city. I wonder how that will be received? These Senators were trying to help the poor who are the most effected by the sugar tax, sadly I guess the left doesn’t want to have anyone help ! The demonstrators were led like sheep were being led done a rosy path, so sad!

  4. Meanwhile in Pennsylvania

    Scott Wagner is shouted down by Philadelphia Progressives and Democrats; I would call that a heartfelt and sincere endorsement.

    Free speech is not a high value to Progressives and Democrats.

    In my view, a Trump voter is a Wagner voter and Donald Trump did NOT win in Philadelphia or in Liberal, affluent collar counties but in rural and semi-rural Pennsylvania and, in particular, in the southwest.

  5. Conservatives shout down Democrats: Power to the people! Go Teap Party!

    Liberals shout down Republicans: Heckler’s veto! Don’t these people have anything better to do? They’re all paid!

    ~Republicans ITT

    1. libs always depend upon egalitarianism to obscure truth; whereas the Tea Party Movement justifiably railed [peacefully] against BHO’s socialism, the irrational lefties are consistently violent

      1. Rob, agreed. Blowing horns so that a hearing can’t occur, or intelligently voicing your opinions about monetary reforms. Pretty big gap between those two.

  6. So all these people had nothing better to do today than go protest in favor of higher taxes on themselves… smells like George Soros astroturf to me.

  7. Maybe when these Philadelphia politicians and activists come to Harrisburg, they should get some of their own medicine. Wonder how many of those protestors were paid?

  8. And people wonder Philadelphia goes begging in Harrisburg. Bad form here and lack of hospitality. My guess is Philly loses in the long run here.

    1. Philadelphia sends more to Harrisburg than it gets back, effectively subsidizing most of the rest of the state. If you want to play the game where Philly keeps its tax dollars and other munis keep theirs, Philly wins every time.

      1. Wrong Isaac. The southeast sends more than it gets back. Philly is a net taker in terms of income tax and return. Every dollar philly sends in income tax it gets over 2 back to its schools.

        1. Steve, 99% of us know that. It is these hyper-partisan liberals, like Isaac, that refuse to listen to and go out in search of FACTS. Nothing against Philly, I think the city is making progress, but do not get into an argument about Philly not getting the tax dollars it deserves, especially when a decent portion of the general public knows your full of bologna.

  9. “Small government” conservatives are all about local decisionmaking until people decide to do something they don’t like.

  10. That’s the ticket, Wingnut Wagner. Run back to Harrisburg and hide behind security and only let selected people observe. You are afraid of a lonely tracker with a camera, let alone a roomful of citizens. I guess you cannot bully and assault them all.

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