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Wagner Launches First General Election Ad

Now, both candidates have officially stepped into the television advertisement ring. Let the fight begin.

Today, GOP Gubernatorial candidate Scott Wagner’s campaign released its first 30 second TV advertisement for the general election that will be played in multiple markets throughout Pennsylvania.

The ad details Wagner’s background from growing up on a farm in York County to leading a waste management company.

The commercial begins by claiming Gov. Wolf’s solutions to the commonwealth’s problems are “higher taxes” and describes himself as the “straight-talkin, trash-haulin’ businessman for Governor.”    

“Unlike Governor Wolf, who has had everything in life handed to him, and uses and abuses taxpayers like they are contributors to his personal slush fund, Scott knows the value of a hard earned dollar.” said campaign manager Jason High. “This ad shows that every initiative Scott will push for as governor will be about increasing bottom lines and giving Pennsylvanians a better chance to achieve the American Dream – just like he did.”

The Wolf campaign disagreed with the message portrayed in the 30 second advertisement and painted a different picture of its opponent.   

“Harrisburg insider Scott Wagner is beholden to lobbyists and special interests and he’s leading the charge to block a commonsense severance tax to protect oil and gas companies and let corporations avoid paying their fair share of taxes at the expense of middle-class families,” said Beth Melena, Gov. Wolf’s campaign communication director.

16 Responses

  1. Another rich man who wants to save the working man. I have heard this before and I got a corrupt leader.

  2. LOL at “self made.” Anyone who knows Scott will tell you he’s a hard working guy, but he’s kind of dumb.

    People can’t fugure how a dumb guy became so successful. Well his secret is that he was funded by Kinsley and was able to succeed due the their influence. Scott married into 3rd base (Kinsley family) and now thinks he hit a tripple.

    What a complete anti-Semitic hypocritical loser.

  3. Best campaign ad that I haves ever seen. Because of this, I will support Scott Wagner for the governor, if I don’t write myself in or maybe supports Tom Wolf.

  4. Pennsylvania Republican Wagner to anti-gay cult: ’98 percent of what you believe in, I believe in’

    That just sealed the race for Wolf.

  5. The numbers speak for themselves with, according to media reports, Wagner spending millions upon millions to win the primary and expected to continue to do so he still is down 19 points to Wolf. The election is not over by any means so you take that as a good sign and then go directly at Wagner’s arguments about taxes and so on. He does not have specifics to support his theories and he will not prevail in a point by point contest. Wagner has shown shaky judgment with that controversial pastor in Pike County at his rally, the tracker at an event at his country club and so on–play a spirited and focused campaign and Wagner will lose. Also, the Trump era is a disaster for Wagner will Stormy Daniels, toddlers getting taken from their moms at the border, Paul Manafort, Russians–this makes is impossible for Scott Wagner to say anything and, most importantly, sustain a political message that get through all the Trump era noise.

  6. And why no talk about “started with nothing” Scott was given $5 million dollars to start up from uncle and business partner Bob Kinsley? Absolutely not a started with nothing story. What a joke.

  7. This must mean Scott is finally getting donations. Watching Tom Wolf ‘get on his knees’ to try and win this election is sickening. I’m calling it Scott 51% – 49%. Average Pennsylvanians will never get on board with Wolf’s agenda and his past history. Scott just has to get his name out there.

    1. If by “never” you mean that the core tenets of his platform are supported by strong majorities of Pennsylvanians, then yeah. The vast majority of Pennsylvanians support a severance tax, increased school funding, workforce development, raising the minimum wage, expanding access to health care, preventing domestic abusers from having guns, and on and on.

      1. Wolf is the most liberal governor in the US and Fetterman is a socialist…. no Pennsylvanias will not hop on that train.

        1. Uh, actually the socialists hate Fetterman claiming he’s too conservative and campaign against him.

  8. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a man work as hard as Scott Wagner to win public office. If he works half as hard as this as our Governor we could start to see Pennsylvania be a business destination, like it should be, and that means jobs folks.

    I never thought Tom Wolf was a “bad guy”, but he sure as heck hasn’t done anything in four years in Harrisburg. It’s time for a change.

    Is it appropriate to use the term One Term Tom, considering Corbett?

      1. He is going to attract businesses here and create competition, the capitalistic version of a higher minimum wage.

        Your own party thinks that you’re a lunatic Diano. Go home.

    1. There is a big difference between Corbett and Wolf. Corbett had the legislative branch of the same party and little was accomplished except a huge gas tax increase that continues to hit the working class in the pocketbook everyday. In comparison, Wolf has only be able to nibble around any sort of agenda because he gets little cooperation from the legislative branch. Honestly, if you don’t want anything extreme happening, split government is the only way. The fact is, if somehow Wagner does get elected with the overwhelming Republican majority in the legislative branch that now exists, they will enact extreme conservative measures. More gutting of public school funding. Mandates to the counties aren’t being funded right now. Do you realize that the legislature was ordered by the court to 100% fund the cost of county common pleas courts back in the 90’s and has never complied. Besides, Wagner is a disruptor, not a doer. He has no desire to have state government serve the working class, he only wants to line the pockets of the 1%. He is mini-Trump and the only difference is Wagner probably has no direct link to Putin.

      1. I agree Corbett was not good either but that wasn’t my point. My point is that Tom Wolf ran as a business man in 2014 and it was a great campaign. After he proved that he is SOOOO against making PA a business friendly environment, it is NOT going to be quite as easy this time around. Tom Corbett laid down, I can assure you Scott Wagner will not.

        Say what you will, Scott is a more compassionate of a man than you give him credit for. He has dug in and made his way to where he is now from nothing, if that’s not a doer than I don’t know what is.

        All I’m saying is I’ve never seen someone campaign this hard consistantly for an entire year leading up to the Governor’s race like this. I think that hard work will pay off for him in November.

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