Wagner Launches New TV Ad

Gubernatorial candidate and state Sen. Scott Wagner (R-York) announced the launch of a new TV ad.  

The ad, a 30-second spot titled “Scott’s Plan,” features Wagner talking to camera about his plan for Pennsylvania.  Wagner’s plan hits the major Republican talking points of decreasing regulations, decreasing taxes, and cutting spending.  

“I’ve spent my life signing the front of paychecks. Companies create jobs, not politicians. And we’ll create more paychecks by cutting big government. My plan eliminates the property tax, cuts wasteful spending and makes government accountable to us instead of the Harrisburg insiders,” Wagner says in the ad.  

According to the campaign, the ad will run for one week in all six media markets, with possible plans to extend the timeline, costing $275,000.  

Beth Melena, the Pennsylvania Democratic Party Communications Director, told the Patriot News that “Scott Wagner is the reason Harrisburg is broken” and said he is the “ultimate Harrisburg insider.”  

You can view the ad below.  


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7 thoughts on “Wagner Launches New TV Ad”

  1. Barricks Einwohner says:

    Same old, same old.

  2. Large on State Street says:

    This is another great ad that connects. Wagner continues to separate himself from the field. By the way, anyone remotely leaning toward Mango needs to check out his campaign finance report. He is getting BILKED so hard and bleeding so much cash to consultants and overheard it is ridiculous. I can’t imagine Mango actually managing a $30 billion budget for the Commonwealth when he allows himself to get bilked so flagrantly.

    1. Paul Mango's Porche says:

      In my own defense, I haven’t voted in 30 years, so I’m not exactly up to speed on the going rate for political consultants. That said, I just hope when all is said and done, I still have my Porshe. Vroom Vroom!

  3. Iwonder says:

    At least the republicans have a few people to choice from,as a democrat,were stuck with just wolf,not sure why no democrats wouldn’t run against him,he is way to liberal for me.

  4. Blue Dog Dem says:


    1. Robert B Sklaroff, M.D. says:

      This is obviously a politically-biased reflex-reaction because, when attempting to watch the ad, the following is noted: “The webpage at h ttps://w ww.y outube.c om/embed/KsIrFykosSE?feature=oembed might be temporarily down or it may have moved permanently to a new web address.”

      1. Rick Santorum Jr. Jr. says:

        I watched it just fine…
        I you have to up grade your phone playa.

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