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Wagner Pivots Towards Wolf in New Statewide Ad

Republican Gubernatorial candidate Scott Wagner launched a new statewide ad pointing to the differences between him and Governor Tom Wolf.

“Tom Wolf has spent his entire term in office trying to jam through crippling tax increases and spending measures at the expense of hardworking Pennsylvanians.  This ad will help voters realize that they have a chance to take the Commonwealth in a different direction,” Wagner’s campaign manager Jason High said.

The 30-second ad, titled “Garbageman,” will be airing in all the media markets in the state.  

The ad touts Wagner being a business owner and defends his style of communication that some people criticize.  

“I sign hundreds of paychecks each week. I see first-hand how much state government takes. I’m  blunt, outspoken and determined. I’m a garbageman. You won’t always agree with me, but know this, I’m on a mission to protect your paycheck and cut your taxes, and I will always put you first,” Wagner says in the ad.  

Update: The Pennsylvania Democratic Party responded to the ad hitting Wagner on education, abortion, and medicaid spending.  

“Scott Wagner is the very worst of Harrisburg. He has consistently sided with big oil and gas companies and lobbyists over Pennsylvanians and is determined to take us backwards by slashing funding for our children’s education, stripping away a woman’s right to make her own health care decisions, and gutting Medicaid and nursing home care for our seniors. If Scott Wagner wants to take out the trash in Harrisburg, he should start by looking in the mirror,” Pennsylvania Democratic Party spokeswoman Beth Melena said.  

You can view the ad below.  


20 Responses

  1. Angry lying crooked woman beater Wagner is going to get smacked in the primary. Mango will make Wagner his bitch. Wagner is a POS and is out for one thing HIMSELF.

  2. the decisions are not taken properly, he needs to think before doing such thing.

  3. Wagner is gonna get beat in the general like a red headed stepchild…..wait, Scott doesn’t have any of those does he? Woman beating Wagner- Dilly Dilly!!

  4. Some Paul Mango staff have already accepted new jobs for after the May 15th Primary. Even they know they are going to lose.

  5. Wagner looks like someone who is that particular neighbor that can’t wait to argue with others that you try to avoid. He gives the first impression of being grouchy and smiling doesn’t seem to come naturally to him. Tom Ridge was the exact opposite and had a warmth and friendly disposition that made the voter comfortable voting for him. I just don’t get that same winning sense from Wagner in this Gov race. He seems to be tanking and floundering.

  6. Proud to support a candidate with 2 daughters, neither of whom have filed for a PFA against him.

  7. Wagner is wealthy. I wonder if Wagner supports the theory that Trump has that “it’s what wealthy people do” in regards to paying off porn stars that they have extramarital affairs with?

    1. What question are you even asking here, troll? Your troll nonsense doesnt seem to be making sense. Back under the bridge with you.

      1. Allow me to clarify – Trump bangs porn star, Trump funnels money thru Cohen, Trump dispatches Giuliani to Hannity show where Rudy then announces that Trump did indeed pay Cohen the hush money. Trump then tweets payoffs are what “people of wealth do”. Wagner claims to be a Trump clone. Wagner claims to be a wealthy successful garbage man, ergo does Wagner also believe in and participate in the paying of hush money as this is what “people of wealth do”.

  8. This guy thinks we should legislate men into womens restrooms and allow the lgbtq crowd to force their ways on christian business owner. Vote Paul Mango. We need real conservatives who know there are only 2 genders and wont cave to the commies.

  9. Hes not even going to win the primary. He is as cringy and crony as any candidate i have ever seen. He seems like a blustery low iq child in comparison to the Army guy.

  10. Wagner is going to get crushed in record breaking fashion.

    He’s got anti-charisma and fires up already agitated democratic groups.

    Wolf is licking his chops.

    1. Get crushed by who??? Mango has no field team, political organization or charisma.

      1. hey now, sholdn’t you be working? Or is it commonplace for paid media consultants to larp as citizens in political news comment sections?

        1. Please tell whoever is paying me that they are sending the checks to the wrong address.

  11. His “style of communication”? Like beating people up and stealing their property?

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