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Wagner Targets Mango in New Statewide Ad

Republican Gubernatorial candidate Scott Wagner is hitting back against fellow Republican Paul Mango in a new statewide TV ad calling Mango a “real liberal.”

“Paul Mango’s attempt to convince voters that he is a true conservative is just as dishonest as his irresponsible attacks on Scott’s pro-life record,” Wagner’s campaign manager Jason High said.  

“This ad will set the record straight, and make it clear to the people of Pennsylvania who Paul Mango really is and what he stands for. Paul Mango is for more government in our healthcare system, more jobs being taken away from hardworking Pennsylvanians and more spoils for liberal special interests. We already have a Governor who the media has dubbed the most liberal in America, why would we want to replace him with another one?”

The 30-second ad titled “Phony” says that Mango supported Obamacare, and his former company supports outsourcing jobs, and got a no-bid contract from the Pennsylvania.  

“That’s because Mango was the leading advocate for Obamacare. And get this, Mango’s company is a leader in promoting outsourcing jobs to India and Mexico and got a $2 million no bid government contract from Tom Wolf,” the ad’s narrator says.  

The ad will run in all six media markets in the state, with what the campaign describes as a significant buy behind it.  

The ad comes a week after Mango’s an ad targeting Wagner over Pennsylvania’s Abortion Control Act.  

The continued exchange between the two campaigns will likely continue to ramp up as the May primary approaches and both candidates push to shift the Republican base to their side.  

Mango’s campaign responded to the ad by calling Wagner the liar

“The only thing this ad proves is that Scott Wagner and his team of Harrisburg insiders can lie. Paul Mango has never even met Tom Wolf, let alone worked for him. And the only candidate in this race who supported Obamacare is Scott Wagner. Wagner and his Chief of Staff were the ones touting the “$500M savings” they claimed Obama and Wolf’s Medicaid expansion would provide Pennsylvania. This ad is the work of a desperate, insider politician who stoops to pitiful lies to save his ineffective political career.  Paul Mango stands as the one true conservative in this race who will fight for our jobs, our unborn, and the safety and security of our children,” Mango senior advisor Matt Beynon said.

You can view the ad below.


29 Responses

  1. Most political dribble does nothing but appeal to those who will vote for one side or the other based purely on emotion anyway. In Pennsylvania, it is left to the moderates who will lean one way or another based on the climate created and the perception of the candidate. Scott Wagner is like Donald Trump’s little brother. Moderate thinkers have tired quickly of that act. After all, we have already had to deal with Tom Corbett and his extremism. Wolf has been a solid, common sense governor. He’ll be reelected and, hopefully, the people of York will dispose of Wagner and his tough guy, neanderthal posturing by voting him out of the PA Senate as well.

  2. i swear i saw somewhere that Wagner was a volunteer escort for girls to enter abortion clinics during pro-life protests. correct me if i’m wrong.

  3. Ding Ding! Let the battle of the pretend tough guys begin! These 2 should just admit they have nothing to offer and just go bowling together. Wagner’s ad where he says “Wolf’s endless tax hikes”. Can this pant load name one tax Wolf has raised? I bet he can’t. I know there’s a new vape tax but that’s a new tax not a tax hike. Other than that I don’t think Wolf raised a single state tax.

    1. Income tax for one. You would probably know that if you had a job. And what…. give him a free ride because a tax is “new”, not “increased”. And don’t even get me started on the price of gasoline in pa.

        1. How many times did the Governor would not sign the budget until he got his TAX increase ?

      1. Also starting April 1st Pennsylvanians are forced to pay sales tax on internet purchases. There is only one other state with this tax.

  4. Isn’t it time that being tagged “conservative” is the bad thing? I mean conservatives support Russia and Putin. Believe in voting for budgets that lack enough revenue to be sustained. Say they support family values all the while protecting a 3 times married liar with no morals that carried on an affair with a porn star while his 3rd wife was at home with his infant son.

    1. Isn’t it time that being tagged a “progressive” or “liberal” is the bad thing? I mean progressives are gradually implementing socialism/communism and their former presidents and sec of state are friends with China, Cuba and Russia (“thank you so much for your contributions to our ‘foundation’ – wink wink”).
      Believe in voting for budgets that increase the national debt by trillions (talk about unsustainable).
      Say they support women’s rights yet court countries that treat women as second class citizens while dating interns or using the state police to troll for dates. Now THAT is a lot of respect for women.
      Want higher security in schools yet don’t want to close the borders to illegal entry (could it be the semi-automatic guns from AG Holder are coming back across the border?).
      Want to give everyone free college yet the ones who need free college like those in the inner cities have a dropout rate of 50% and can’t read. What good is free college to them – need to walk before you can run but hey it makes everyone feel good and besides its only someone else’s money.
      Both parties need to get a grip, take breath, step back and refocus. Equality FOR ALL, quality education FOR ALL, affordable healthcare FOR ALL, equal opportunity FOR ALL.

  5. Wagner calling Paul Mango a liberal is absolutely outrageous, just like Mango saying Wagner is a supporter of a bathroom bill is. The fact of the matter is that they will both say and do anything to get elected, even if that means misleading voters and jeopardizing their character. The only true adult Republican on the ballot is Laura Ellsworth. She not only has the track record of getting things done, but also she has the backbone to stand on stage and tell the truth time and time again. Laura Ellsworth is the only candidate worthy of representing the Republican party come November.

  6. I see the battle has been engaged by both, Mango & Wagner. I’m
    Not sure what’s up?

    If people can reply, I have a few questions
    As I am not sure; as to these questions:

    1) Is Wagner really for trans-gender boys going into girls Locker Rooms?

    2) Is the Wagner Lt. Gov pick (Bartos) a pro-abortion person?

    See: (as to # 1) and I’m told Jeff Bartos is Pro-Abotion (as to # 2).

    1. Wagner has been pretty adamant at debates that he’s not for the trans-bathroom nonsense. And Bartos is not pro-abortion, I got an email from his campaign the other day saying the Pro-Life Federation rates him pro-life.

      1. Mark: Politics is rather devious and BS…I’ll never run as they all are BS artist to a certain extent!

        I am not into the spin of it all. And with that noted…I called Mango to get a spin…

        I was directed to Joe Gale Dot Com and it’s up there that Jeff Bartos is a financial booster of Abortion People? See it!

        And see the other website as it goes to the girls in showers with boys as it’s up on a video as Wagner votes no? com

        1. May it be said that both sides BS or spin it? But I just want answered questions as I am told six different answers and all are inconsistent as to Jeff Bartos…

          1. Deplorable- ain’t that the truth! All these politicians love to spin!

            Just went to joegale dot com, it definitely seems like gale’s got a major personal vendetta with Bartos. Feels like a lot of spin with no substance. Pa Pro-Life fed don’t strike me as liars, so I think I’m gonna side with them on this one, I’m pretty positive Bartos is pro-life.

            And those videos seem a little sensationalized. I heard Wagner say he’d veto any ‘bathroom’ bills on multiple occasions. Call me naive but I think he’s really against that stuff!

      2. Mark: The lust for power is rather a corrupting thing as Truth is the very First casualty of War, it’s been said. I’m GOP and want to be fair, but Scott did vote no on that video (to amend the LGBT bill-//to not allow boys to into the girls shower); Wagner’s spin is he wanted it out for a full vote? Huh?

        I was for him (Scott) but this boys in the girls shower stuff, in conjunction w Bartos funding pro-aborts?

        Mike McMonigal (Pro-Life guy) advised me of Bartos.

        Joe Gale Dot Com is rather strong as it’s looking bad for Bartos (per Joe Gale).

        You might be against Gale, but don’t back a Pro-Abort to knock out Gale—whom I never met…so he could be putting up BS?

        1. I think Wagner has the edge via the party backing, but his LGBT support for Boys getting into the girls shower (if true) is rather F/Ed up? It’s all a nasty back and forth but he’s on video going NO on the Amendment to prohibit trans boys from going into the girls showers? It’s all slimy as they sell-out to get money…see the power of the LGBT forces at the video..

    2. You should ask Mr. Wagner how much money he gave to Planned Parenthood and when he stopped.

    3. Yes it’s true about Wagner supporting men in women’s bathrooms and aberos pro abortion. The info is out there. You need to look. The bathroom bill he co sponsored is on his senator website. I have 3 daughters. I will never support Wagner. He has anger issues I’ve seen first hand

  7. I saw Mango at one of his campaign offices the other day, kind of a creepy dude. However, McKinsey is a brilliant company with brilliant people,
    So to be a partner there says something. I can’t figure out why he’d want the job. I’d vote for him over Wagner.

  8. A response ad is forthcoming, and it will only cost Mango $49,995 for production.

    1. I forgot to mention I have some fabulous actors lined up to pose as people who don’t like Wagner.

  9. I would LIKE to like everyone, but I have great difficulty with Mango.

    He spoke last week @ the Newtown Athletic/Aquatic Club to ~70 people and I was the first questioner.

    I quoted from my PoliticsPA postings that quoted him as being in favor of maintaining the Medicaid Expansion resulting from ObamaDon’tCare.

    He reaffirmed that fact and emphasized requests for waivers, violating a fundamental component of the Tea Party Movement [and activist Republicans] during the past decade.

    This was reinforced the next day via a chat with a member of his staff; all I advised was that he could PRECEDE his ideas with the global desire to rescind the ACA … and THEN [if impossible] to seek whatever modifications thereof he might conjure.

    Apparently, I failed and, thus, he has behaviorally reinforced Big Government, notwithstanding whatever rhetoric might be exchanged during the next two months.

  10. It’s about time Wagner hits back. This guy came out of McKinsey & Company and was a Senior Partner which means he is an owner. While Wagner was fighting to get rid of liberal sympathizers, Paul Mango dindt even vote for 30 years! If you don’t vote you don’t get to come along and all of a sudden say how much you care about the issues — let a lone become the next governor. Get out of here.

    1. Steve: I think it’s favorable to Wagner, but his vote to allow boys in the girls show? Huh?


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