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Wagner To Decide on Guv Bid By December

Jack WagnerJack Wagner will declare his candidacy for governor, if there is one, before the year’s end.

The Democrat and former auditor general made the statement at a press conference in the state Capitol.

“I am seriously considering running for governor but have not yet made a decision.”

The Philadelphia Inquirer reports he was in the building to pressure Representatives to support the Senate’s transportation bill.

“It’s time to stand up and be counted as serious leaders in government who have the guts to make the tough decisions,” he said.” What are we waiting for, a major catastrophe?”

Wagner also served in the state Senate from 1994-2004.

He directed some of his ire toward Governor Tom Corbett and House Majority Leader, Mike Turzai (R-Allegheny), neither of whom he claims is doing enough to push the Senate’s $2.5 billion transportation and infrastructure bill.

If he decides to join the gubernatorial race, he would be the only candidate from Western Pennsylvania besides Corbett.

It seems that Wagner expects Corbett to lose re-election, as he mentions that if the transportation bill is not passed before 2014, it will be “left to the next governor in 2015.”

Wagner finished his second term as auditor general earlier this year. He sought the Democratic nomination for mayor of Pittsburgh back in the spring, but lost to Bill Peduto.

He finished second in the Democratic primary for Governor in 2010.

15 Responses

  1. If I were a Democrat who wanted to unseat the Governor, I would look at this from the Corbett camp’s perspective. Who would they least want to face in the fall? Most want to face? He should lose regardless, but I have to imagine Corbett’s team thinks they have a better shot against someone whose record/background they can draw sharp contrasts with (Schwartz) as opposed to someone like Rob McCord or Jack Wagner. I strongly disagree with the idea that Wagner would being a weak general election candidate. Corbett’s only shot is to salvage swing voters who are wary of a far left candidate, especially those from his home base of Western PA. Nominating a moderate Democrat from Corbett’s hometown like Wagner would close what many see as the Governor’s one longshot path to victory.

  2. bennie b the problem is he already ran for governor lost by 20+ ran for mayor lost 10+ you cant keep going back to your donors for money when you cant far as lieutenant governor mark critz will be hard to beat if wagner ran he would lose allegheny county i know its hard for career politicians to just sit and watch but thats what he needs to do for the democratic party.

  3. A Wagner candidacy is a gift to his former Senate colleague. if he runs, it is a slam dunk for Schwartz.

  4. Jack Wagner has been an excellent public servant and would make a tremendous governor. Run, Jack, Run!

  5. He would be an excellent candidate for lieutenant governor, and could do a lot of good among his former Senate colleagues in that role. He’s a common-sense Democrat rather than an ideologue.

  6. So, Frank. Which is it? Did Wagner live off the government his whole political career or has he run for office many times and lost? Your post makes no sense. The truth is, Wagner has won many more elections than he lost. In fact, I believe he has received the most statewide votes of any candidate on the ballot a few years ago, including that of the president. Jack Wagner is a good guy and a good public servant. In this past mayoral campaign, his biggest mistake was embracing Luke Ravenstahl and his supporters and money. That’s the reason he lost by such a large margin to Bill Peduto. I believe Peduto still would have won the election, however. If things hadn’t happened as they had and Luke would have beat Peduto, I am confident that Wagner, running as an Independent, would have been victorious in the general election against Luke. Should he run for governor and could he win? I think quite possibly.

  7. As much as I like Jack Wagner, and think he would have been a much better governor than #OneTermTom or the last Dem nominee Dan Onorato, Jack’s time has come and gone. It is time for the next group to step up. So, Jack and those pushing him to consider running should sit back and help the next Dem nominee defeat Corbett.

  8. He seems to be the least likely of the Democratic candidates to be a Bloomberg Bitch. I expect Kathy Kane to do Bloomberg’s bidding with regards to the Corbett investigation; drag it out during campaign time so one of his other bitches can turn PA into the Soviet Socialist Republic of PA ( like the SSR of NY). Look at New York. It will be hard to tell the difference between that State and Pyongyang, North Korea considering that the most influential region in NY elected a full bloated hammer and sickle swinging communist. Please PA, don’t elect another Bloomberg Bitch. It’s funny to know that Democrats significantly outnumber the GOP in Western PA, and we are arguably the most pro-second amendment regions in the nation (I’ll go far to say even more than Texas). It is so mysterious to see a racially diverse and avid amount of gun owners in beautiful Allegheny County who are Obama worshipers( I almost pity them because they don’t know what hostility is coming there way as gun owners). With regards to jobs, PA is one of the better states with regards to the percentage of population that is employed over those receiving benefits. We are in better shape economically than any of our neighboring states, and among the better in the nation. As lazy of a bastard that Corbett has been, he has actually done a decent job, and I just wish he had more spine to mention these stats showing that if you are in PA, your in a state of good company. We are among the more free states in the country, and It’s hard to be board with all of the awesome outdoor recreational opportunities here. PA sportsmen lead the nation in revenue generation for conservation, but they will also be under attack if the Dems get their way in this state. I will hold out on my pessimism until I know a bit more about McCord. I hope that there is at least one more Dem in the field who isn’t a Bloomberg lapdog, (See that scumbag McAuliffe in Virginia) and that PA can continue being PA, and not be turned into a soon to be Soviet Socialist Republic like Virginia. I warned my family to not go there. I knew they would fall to the Soviet Progressive disease before this state.

  9. Sorry Jack, but no. The Democrats actually want to win this election (especially since it’s pretty much being handed to them on fine china with a complimentary glass of wine) and Wagner is probably the only candidate who could f*** it up for them.

  10. A resounding “NO!” Oh, it could be, “Hell, NO!” Or is could be, “You’ve got to be kidding me: NO!!!!!”

    Enough of Jack Wagner and the rest of the Pittsburgh (or any) folk who still live in the last century.

    The state is becoming more open minded and Democratic. We need more candidates who embrace Democratic values and not Republican-light.

  11. this guy just doesnt get it how many times can you run for an office and lose you lived off the government your whole political career now its time you enjoy your retirement save yourself the embarasment of another lose your style of politics is long shocked all of the sudden wagner is talking about corbett now everybody knows you supported him over the democratic nominee dan onorato.

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