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Wagner Unveils First Campaign Tour

scott-wagnerScott Wagner has made it clear he’s going to run for Governor in 2018.

Now, he’s revealed that he’ll be hitting the campaign trail soon. Specifically, Wagner released a schedule of six stops for January 11th and 12th.

“I’m excited to start this campaign at these small businesses in every corner of the state,” the State Senator wrote in an email to supporters. “I look forward to sharing my vision of how to reform Harrisburg and restore economic opportunity in Pennsylvania.”

The full schedule is presented below (the events are not open to the public):

Wednesday, January 11th

Penn Waste – 3885 N. George St. Ext., Manchester, PA 17356 – 9:00 am

Worth and Company – 6263 Kellers Church Road, Pipersville, PA 18947 – 12:30 pm

Gilberton Power Company – 50 Eleanor Drive, Frackville, PA 17931 – 3:15 pm
Thursday, January 12th

Pacifico Bakery – 1208 5th Ave, Altoona, PA 16602 – 9:00 am

Cleveland Brothers – 4565 William Penn Hwy, Murrysville, PA 15668 – 12:30 pm

Maple Donuts Factory – 10307 Hall Ave, Lake City, PA 16423 – 3:15 pm

28 Responses

  1. This jag-off is the last thing that the great state of PA needs. He acts like the twin brother of Trump. Neither of them have a clue as to how to run a great country or state. They can’t do the job.

  2. Well I’ll be surprised if Wagner is ever seen with Langerholc or seek his support. Langerholc is like kryptonite now to any republican

  3. Wagner going to Worth office. Hey Scotty WORTH was debarred from bidding on projects in PA. That will look real good on literature. You JACK ASS…. I see DELCO wants you to visit…. They’ll run from you like they did CORBETT….proof in the puddin:) nobody invited you:)

  4. Tony, Wagner is all about busting unions and that includes furloughing bargaining unit members.

  5. Just as I have “stalked” “d2” during recent years, I will post the following query each time I encounter a Wagner posting on PoliticsPA until a decent reply has been provided, for I care not about baseline political proclivities:

    “He must explain why he donated to LaRouche, Kerry and Dean.”

  6. Wolf will lose the same way McGinty lost. They’re both bad people surrounded by even more horrible staff. Trump will come in every Rep in the state will be on the truth train. Not even Shapiros alliance with DiGeorgio can stop it. At every turn Wolf got it wrong. And I’m mean EVERY. Mary Isenhour is rich now she font care. Wolf is clueless. It really was his fault about the workers and every mfrr in Harrisburg knows it!!!!!

  7. Wagner will give Wolf a real challenge- he’s fiscally conservative yet socially sensible enough to appeal to plenty of voters on both sides of the aisle. His biggest obstacle will probably be the PAGOP, who have done everything they can to get rid of Wagner and replace him with somebody from within “the club” that they can control. The Republican primary will most likely be Wagner against some establishment milquetoast like Jim Cawley who would have absolutely no chance of beating Wolf in the fall.

  8. So from reading the link from the York Dispatch, I now see Wagner must have had multiple wives. This is going to be the Trump double standard all over again, just at the state level. Wagner is just a wealthy person that wants to gain political power so he can take things away from the poor and middle class. THAT IS WHAT OUR GREAT NATION HAS BECOME.

  9. A state senator who has been a part of the political process and spends money every year campaigning for right wing candidates is not a politcal insider?

    Does that mean I’m not a human being?

  10. He is not a Political “Insider” and will not be supported by the Republican “Elites”. As a Union Member ( and Democrat) without a doubt i will give him my support and vote. We need to start electing People who the “Elites” in Washington and Harrisburg are against. Take Back OUR Country!!!

  11. Just a multi-millionaire with a big mouth and no ideas…. YEP, he’ll be our next Governor. Wonder if he will share his tax returns? I also believe he backed Lyin’ Langerholc – how is that working out?

  12. Scott actually likes his Starbucks- I can’t wait to help elect him.
    As a liberal I think he would make a big improvement over inept Wolf

  13. Maybe Wagner fancies himself the new Sheriff on the block, so wants to stock up on donuts.

  14. Wagner is not President of the State Senate but he does have power because of the money he has thrown around to his colleagues and he did cause the funding bill to be killed, which led to the lay-offs. But what’s the deal with all the bakeries on the tour?

  15. If there will be any other challengers, I assume they should jump in relatively soon, right? Wagner is already out the gate early, and with a ton of cash as well, so any potential primary challengers need to speed things up.

  16. Scott will be a great candidate
    And Governor. I look forward to helping defeat that predator Wolf?

  17. He is playing games with people’s livelihoods as exemplified by laying off 500 unemployment office workers right before Christmas and blaming Wolf even though he is the Senate President and tanked the appropriation. What other political games will he play with people’s lives?

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