Wallace Announces for PA-8

Scott Wallace, the grandson of President Franklin D. Roosevelt’s Vice President Henry Wallace, announced he is running in the Democratic primary to challenge Congressman Brian Fitzpatrick (R-Bucks).

“This is an extraordinary time in history.  This country has never faced the enormous challenges, from both external factors and within our own government. Our democracy is so ill-governed and on a dangerous precipice,” Wallace said according to the Bucks County Courier Times.

Wallace is leaving his position as the co-chair of the Wallace Global Fund, where he has worked for the last 15 years.

In his announcement video, Wallace was endorsed by Bucks County Commissioner Diane Marseglia, who had been rumored to be considering a run.

The National Republican Congressional Committee jumped on Wallace’s announcement, and his move back to Bucks County.

“As a self-described multi-millionaire, Scott Wallace is already pushing for tax increases while more than half of all Pennsylvanians are living paycheck-to-paycheck. Voters have no appetite for a liberal Washington lobbyist trying to buy a Congressional seat,” NRCC spokesman Chris Martin said.

You can view Wallace’s announcement below.


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19 thoughts on “Wallace Announces for PA-8”

  1. Pa citizen says:

    Henry Wallace was a leftwinger or even a communist kook !

  2. Toodles says:

    Oh yea the loons at Bucks Dems don’t care about winning, they’ve proved that time and time again. Think of all the terrible candidates they’ve run – from congressional to state and local. Remember they almost lost Santar-zero’s heavily Dem seat (winning by only like 50 votes or something) after running some goofball empty suit without a personality – his qualification of course being that he’d been like a big fundraiser for Santar-zero. Also they gave war hero Patrick Murphy such a hard time for everything when he was first starting out – because he wanted to shake things up and was anti status-quo. Always count on the Bucks Dem leadership to mess it up for the normal Dems in return for insider favors and money! Shame!

  3. Clutch Cargo says:

    Is the $25K that Wealthy Wallace paid the Bucks Dems the going rate to buy the Dem endorsement? This is Hillary v Bernie all over again. I’m tired of the party establishments dictating to the grassroots who to support. This guy has literally NEVER voted in Bucks County. The RNC will have an absolute field day with a 66 year old rich white guy.

  4. Veronica Fields says:

    Wow, Diane Marseglia threw Rachel Reddick under the bus for her voting record and said she needs spend more time at the local level. Marseglia must be a cheap purchase if she’s endorsing a candidate who hasn’t been active in Bucks for decades. Go Rachel! Stick it to the Bucks Dems! We need fresh leadership!

    1. Toodles says:

      Agreed! Fresh leadership would go a long way!

  5. ConcernedBucks says:

    Scott Wallace gave the Dem Committee 25,000 just last year- he’s obviously buying the endorsement of that troll Diane Marseglia. Not only that but he wasn’t even registered to vote in the district until January 2018- the very same month he announced his run. He may have grown up here- but he hasn’t lived here in over 40 years. At least Steve Bacher is honest about how long he has been in the district! And Rachel Reddick was only gone because she was in the military.

  6. Cenzo lorenzo says:

    Rachel Reddick for PA district 8.

  7. Toodles says:

    As boring as he seems, he’s definitely a step up from previous congressional candidate “Sure I’m a millionaire career politician who hasn’t passed a bill my entire career but I’ve got a golden retriever and a family that tolerates me – now please vote for me for higher office” Santar-zero. I had to bring a pillow and an alarm clock to those commercials.

    This is a step up – as is the candidate!

  8. Clutch Cargo says:

    Wacky Wallace ….he never even voted in BucksCo…..never. His first vote will be for himself.

  9. Who knows? says:

    I’m born a gazilliinaire and now I want to tell you people in the place I don’t live in how to live – Scott Wallace, born on 3rd base.

  10. Pink Hatted Woman says:

    Diane Marseglia: Are you serious? Women are supposed to stick together and yet you, once again, set us back. Rachel Reddick is the candidate we need to continue our march to take over Washington from people like Donald Trump and Blake Farenthold. Yet you’re supporting another old white man. How can you call yourself a woman?

    1. Just sayin says:

      According to your party’s platform, technically anyone can call themselves/identify as a woman.

    2. Toodles says:

      Agreed. She’s become establishment and less impressive by hanging with Santar-Zero and the rest of his crowd.

  11. Barricks Einwohner says:

    Another hilarious ad, I guess when your desperate you say anything.

  12. MontcoWatch says:

    His grandfather was a left wing kook. Sounds like the apple didn’t fall far from the tree.

    1. The_New_Liberal_Lion says:

      Pardon me, you jerk. F.D.R. saved this country from disaster. My grandparents kept a framed picture of him on the wall for years as did everyone else back in the 40s. You have to be a real dumb bunny to make a comment like that about one of the greatest Presidents of this country.

      1. Who should tell em says:

        You do realize, Scott’s Paw Paw was Vice-President Henry Wallace, right? Not FDR…

        So you can relax now, you really dumb rabbit.

  13. Blue Dog Dem says:

    Better then the fake Democrat Reddick who deceived people about her past history as a Republican

  14. David says:

    Did she help him move into Bucks County?

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