Walsh Announces Bid for Westmoreland County Court of Common Pleas

State Rep. Justin Walsh (R-Westmoreland) announced that he is launching a bid for Judge of the Court of Common Pleas in Westmoreland County.

In his campaign release, he cited his background as an attorney, legislator, and small businessman with over 22 years of experience and the need for “strong conservative judges.”

“Recent events in Washington, D.C. and right here in Pennsylvania convinced me that, now more than ever, we must have strong conservative judges on the bench,” Walsh said in a statement. “The decision by the Pennsylvania Supreme Court to judicially gerrymander the 2018 Congressional districts, drove me to run for judge after long discussions with my wife and family.”

Walsh was first elected to represent the 58th District in 2016, and bested Democrat Mary Popovich in both of his successful bids to represent the district.

He was admitted to the Pennsylvania Bar in 1997 and is a member of the Westmoreland and Washington County Bar Associations and currently practices in Greensburg.

He said if elected, he will be a “tough, fair judge” and cites his role on the Judiciary Committee as a positive for jumping in the race.

“People who know me know I will be a tough, fair judge who will interpret and apply the law, but never legislate from the bench,” Walsh in a statement. “As an attorney, I have zealously represented my clients through all levels of the justice system. As a State Representative, I have played a part in passing tough laws to hold criminals accountable. I am running for judge to continue this history of public service and ensure a quality judiciary for Westmoreland County.”

He vowed to run an efficient court system for taxpayers, and touts preserving public safety and combating the drug epidemic, while fighting corruption in Harrisburg as more reasons he’s entered the race.

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12 thoughts on “Walsh Announces Bid for Westmoreland County Court of Common Pleas”

  1. Mee Tooo says:

    Oh he’ll be a tough judge all right… he already has a criminal history of slugging women and knocking their teeth out. And that was while he was in LAW SCHOOL. Yeah, he’s a real toughie.

    1. Jojo says:

      You people are so over dramatic with most of you having no clue what you are even talking about. You guys say, think and post such nonsensical garbage.

  2. Levon Helm says:

    I’m sure the $100,000 pay increase that comes along with the job has nothing to do with him wanting to legislate from the bench. Do people actually believe this $hit? What a putz.

    1. charliepont says:

      Nobody complained when Marc Cohen 40 year leftist legislator from Philadelphia did the same thing to boost his pension after losing his seat and then disappeared into the morass known as the Philadelphia County Court of Common Pleas where he has never been seen or heard of again

  3. gulag Pittsburgh says:

    “Now more than ever”, since PA Supreme Court reduced my chances of getting to Congress in rigged districts. So talked to wife and family. But what did mistress say?

  4. gulag Pittsburgh says:

    How are “tough” and “conservative” qualifying values for judge.This guy forgets judges are not supposed to be advocates.

  5. Deep Thoughts says:

    It’s a little baffling that the sole reason a “conservative” would run for a county judicial seat is redistricting by the Pa Supreme Court which was a response to gerrymandering by the King Scarnati and the Republicans that caused the redistricting to wind up in the Pa Supreme Court in the first place. Think of it–a decision by the Pa Supreme Court that was not overturned by the US Supreme Court that had roots in the Pa legislature which caused the case to be in the Pa Supreme Court is the reason this man wants to be a judge. Deep!

  6. Other Chris says:

    I’m sure doubling his current salary has nothing to do with his decision.

  7. . says:

    So in other words:
    -Overturn Roe vs Wade and further enact anti-choice laws that make any and all abortion at any time and in any circumstance illegal. Conservatives have already passed bills that make abortion before it is even possible for a woman to know she is pregnant.
    -Turn our schools into prisons and arm our teachers because that is definitely what students should be worried about
    -Lower the minimum wage
    -Turn our country into a Christian Taliban theocracy
    -More to come.

    1. Michael Cohen says:

      You do realize a county judge rarely hears anything other then divorces and state level crimes right?

      1. Elmer Gantry says:

        Apparently, you need to read the statement of the candidate because it was very aggressive in promoting an agenda for being on the bench. The statement, “strong need for conservative judges” says it all.

      2. gulag Pittsburgh says:

        Local judges handle much more than that. His ambition is likely higher than that anyhow. No matter, it is not appropriate to be advocating a political agenda when running for judge. His decisions would also be based on his agenda.

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