WaPo: PA-Gov Still Most Likely to Change Parties

Tom CorbettAnother month, another number 1 ranking for the Governor’s Mansion. The Washington Post says Pennsylvania is the state most likely to see a party switch in 2014.

It’s the fourth time in a row that Pa. Governor Corbett has been named the most vulnerable Governor in the nation by the newspaper.

The ranking goes like this:
1. Pennsylvania (R)
2. Maine (R)
3. Florida (R)
4. Arkansas (D)
5. Illinois (D)

Here’s what WaPo had to say:

1. Pennsylvania (R): Gov. Tom Corbett (R) officially launched his reelection bid last week. He begins his campaign as the most vulnerable governor in the country. Saddled with lousy polling numbers, Corbett’s challenge isn’t just about convincing Democrats and moderates to change their minds about him. Republicans, too, have demonstrated skepticism about the governor. In the contested Democratic primary, U.S. Rep. Allyson Schwartz is the early front-runner. (Previous ranking: 1)

16 Responses

  1. To Paindy, I wish I cared.

    By the way, fellow readers, please don’t take my commentary as anything less than trying to keep the focus on defeating Tom Corbett instead of whatever tin-foil fantasies Paindy came up with this week.

  2. Dear Ryan and Isaac: Sorry to have offended you all but I am really into enlightenment; and sometimes lightning has to strike you to become enlightened. But I’ll make a deal: give me credible information on the real reason why Big Daddy Roger Nutt was appointed by Corbett to be Turnpike Commissioner and I won’t post for a month. Roger Nutt’s son Baby Brian Nutt works for Acting Governor Brabender. Dark Prince Brabender really exists, he is unelected and he is running our State. http://www.pennlive.com/editorials/index.ssf/2011/03/corbetts_turnpike_app

  3. PAINDY1-

    If you have opinions, you might want to avoid calling this dude none of us have ever heard of or care about the “acting governor”, as well as posting one post after the other after the other about it. It makes you look insane, and as it stands, no one is taking you seriously. Try a different approach. For the record, I can’t stand Corbett, and would rather slit my own wrists open and bleed to death in the middle of Rittenhouse Square than give him my vote. But you need to seriously chill out before you sit down at a keyboard.

  4. Nine out of the first 10 comments on this thread were PAINDY’s spam. This is getting ridiculous.

  5. Dear Mike Barley: Will fund-raising for the former MONTCO PAGOP Chair Bob Kerns legal defense fund hurt fund-raising for the re-election of Tom Corbett? Can anyone send me the address for the Bob Kerns legal defense fund?

  6. When is someone in the Tom Corbett Administration going to give an explanation to PA Turnpike toll payers and disgruntled Penn State Alumni as to why Big Daddy Roger Nutt was appointed to be Chair of our Turnpike Commission? Does anyone in the Tom Corbett administration really expect us to believe that Big Daddy Roger Nutt was the best person for Harrisburg’s most coveted appointment? http://www.pennlive.com/editorials/index.ssf/2011/03/corbetts_turnpike_app

  7. The downturn in Business in State College for Football games is not Tom Corbett’s fault. It is the fault of the Strategic political advice that he allegedly received from Brabender and Baby Brian Nutt to allegedly passover Sandusky. Corbett created the state’s first politicized AG office and now State College businesses are paying the price. It is not Tom Corbett’s fault that he has questionable advisors and that Corbett cannot make decsions on his own. Shame on you Korman and Congressman Glenn Thompson for supporting this Governor who has done so much harm to your constituents. http://www.post-gazette.com/news/state/2013/11/17/State-College-businesses

  8. Aren’t SEPA GOP sex harassment Scandals (Kerns resignation is not their only problem) a sign that is is time for a woman in the Governor’s mansion? COS Leslie Gromis-Baker if you were a true convicted woman, you would throw off your bondage and support either Schwartz or McGinity and not a msyoginistic Cabal that wants to perpetuate PAGOP SEPA CAVEMAN LEADERSHIP!!!

  9. Getting the skinny on the PAGOP MONTCO WAR ON WOMEN SCANDAL!! You heard it here first: Chairman Kerns is not the only SEPA GOP leadership person to have “woman” problems. The cause of the SEPA GOP Woman troubles is Low Testosterone treatment gone bad. I place the blame squarely on Tom Corbett COS Gromis-Baker. Gromis-Baker get these SEPA GOP Cavemen to Jeffery’s endrocrinologist. I don’t agree with Jeffrey on everything but he certainly knows the difference between a qualified health professional and the Quacks that these aging SEPA GOP Cavemen are looking to as their fountain of youth, which in truth are their ticket to the BIG HOUSE.

  10. Our Dark Prince and Acting Governor John Brabender appeared on the Melissa Harris Parry Show on MSNBC this morning. It is obvious that Acting Governor Brabender has promised to spend gullible PAGOP donors generous donations on COMCAST. I watched Ms. Harris Parry’s show because I don’t have a life, I’m a self-loather and I need an activity to serve as penance for my many sins.

  11. The continuing MONTCO PAGOP WAR ON WOMEN, ushered in the return of Signor Ferrari back to the arena with a column on another alleged Corbett Political Passover, similar to allegations about the Sandusky and Nicky Trombetta passovers. http://casablancapa.blogspot.com/2013/11/a-search-for-truth-vs-cronyism.html My sources tell me that if some informed person looks closely they will that Kerns is not the only MONTCO PAGOP official that may have had issues with women. Also I was told that the politicos surrounding Corbett and Acting Governor John Brabender were hoping the Kerns story would blow away, but it was Susy Corbett who forced the powers to be to send Kerns off the exit ramp. Thank you Susy Corbett for fighting to keep SEPA GOP women safe from SEPA GOP Cavemen.

  12. Here is the latest on the Tom Corbett watch: 1. Chris Matthews featured a best of Teaparty Tom Corbett gaffe’s on his HARDBALL Show tonight. 2. A researcher showed me an Email from Mike Barley, the protege of Baby Brian Nutt telling us how Tom Corbett was going to fight the evils of Obamacare and of course was asking for money to fund Acting Governor John Brabender’s ad campaign. It is one week into Tom Corbett’s re-election launch, and the basis of Tom Corbett’s campaign already is fighting the evil Black man and his health plan for Philadelphia Welfare Queens. Expect to hear more about our first Black President and Tom Corbett’s and PA’s number one Race Hustler, Rob Gleason fighting for the White Folk. 3. My researchers are going to be attending the Congressional delegation fundraiser for Tom Corbett and acting Governor John Brabender. They hope to share a drink with our Dark Prince. Brabender, if he drinks at all, probably imbibes Bloody Marys or Bull shots. My team of researchers is committed to writing the most accurate expose of Tom Corbett and we need to be in the belly of this Tea Party Beast!!! 4. Does anyone have the name and address of MONTCO PAGOP Chairman Bob Kerns, legal defense fund?

  13. WHERE STILL #1!!!! I’m praying for the enlightenment of those gullible PAGOP donors that are going to be conned into building Acting Governor John Brabender’s Viriginia horse country estate. PA 4th Estate: Idea. Why not show a Google Earth photo of our Dark Prince’s Loudon County, Virginia estate? Google Earth is alot cheaper than the Chopper that scared the hell out of Mrs. Ron Klink, when the Dark Prince buzzed the Klink residence.

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