WaPo Ranks PA Guv Race 5th in the Nation, Up from 6th

Tom Corbett portrait loresThe official entrance of Congresswoman Allyson Schwartz onto the 2014 gubernatorial stage was enough for the Washington Post to name Pennsylvania the fifth most likely state for a party switch.

The Post’s blog The Fix upgraded Pa. from its previous rank at number 6, assigned March 22.

Here is their write-up:

5. Pennsylvania (R): Schwartz gives Democrats a top candidate in this race. She was the House Democratic campaign arm’s chief fundraiser, which means she knows how to bring in big bucks. Other Democratic candidates might jump in, but the early read is that Schwartz has the inside track. Polling shows Corbett is vulnerable, so he’s got some work to do if he’s going to win a second term. (Previous ranking: 6)

The top five are:
1. Florida (R)
2. Rhode Island (I)
3. Maine (R)
4. Arkansas (D)
5. Pennsylvania (R)

8 Responses

  1. To Jeremy Haloskie

    PA voters will vote for anyone run against Corbeitt no matter who it is.

    Then vote for serious killer if he runs against him… I am going and will not coming back.

    Bye everyone,

    Get rid of OBAMA first.

  2. Ignore those stupid polls.

    Obama was one of the most vulnerable

    incumbent presidents STILL got 2nd term.

    His current rating is 45 % (lower than

    this stage of 2009 and even slightly lower than Bush in same stage of 2005 )

    2014 SHOULD BE very GOOD year for

    Republican party (like 1994 or 2010).

    I ignore all current predictions made by WP
    .NYT or other liberal medias.
    I change the order the most likely switch

    1 Arkansas 2 Rhode Island 3 massachusetts
    4 Maryland 5 Minnesota.
    ALL are held by democrats now and

    I believe GOP governors in PA,Mi,FL,Oh
    Maine all of them will get 2nd term…

  3. Paindy – I agree with you about false pretenses but I will throw it back at you. Name a poll or an approval rating above 41% since he has been elected.

    I can’t think of one. Even the Republicans I know hate him. Reps tell me they won’t vote for him and they rarely vote for Dems. But in the Corbett race, they plan on voting for anyone who runs against Corbett no matter who it is.

  4. Jeremy: I take exception. The Governor won the March Badness poll on false pretenses. Corbett only supports non-invasive vaginal ultrasounds not invasive scans. Get your facts straight Jeremy. Non-invasive ovarian scans is a poll-tested highly popular policy.

  5. I agree with Dave. Corbett will be #1 by 2014. My question is “how is Corbett not #1?” He hasn’t exceeded a positive approval rating of 41% in the past 2 years and hasn’t won a poll yet. Unless you count the “March Badness” poll/election, he won online.

  6. Desperate times deserve drastic measures: Barley get Governor Corbett to pardon Mumia, then get the RGA to buy him the Democratic nomination. http://youtu.be/BtypRbFwBVk Black socialists with scary sounding foreign names can’t win in Pennsylvania-right??? Chairman Gleason told us………….

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