Warren to Deliver DNC Keynote Address

WarrenClintonThough Elizabeth Warren was slow to endorse Hillary Clinton, the still-presumptive Democratic nominee for president will look to the liberal MA Senator to energize the party’s convention crowd Monday night.

Warren will be the keynote speaker on the first night of this week’s 2016 Democratic National Convention, where Hillary Clinton’s lifelong work and putting families first will take center stage, a Clinton campaign official told Amanda Terkel of the Huffington Post.

Warren stayed neutral in the race until June 9th, after all states and territories except for the District of Columbia had cast their votes in the Democratic presidential contest. Still, her name was floated as a possible Vice President pick to help Clinton attract disaffected Bernie Sanders’ supporters.

The freshman Senator has spent the last month in a war of words with GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump, with Warren expected to stoke the flames with her speech Monday night.

The Democrats have opted to start their convention with some of their party’s biggest names. NJ Sen. Cory Booker, First Lady Michelle Obama and VT Sen. Bernie Sanders are all scheduled to take to the stage Monday night during the 9 p.m. prime-time slot.

Full lists of DNC speakers are available here.

5 Responses

  1. Great day of speakers. Proud to be an American this morning. I hope Michelle has the urge to return to the White House. She would make a great POTUS.

    I hope the Republicans learn from the spanking they will get in November. We need a strong 2-party system; but not one where one party acts childish and refuses to work with the other.

  2. Booker: America’s great
    Fauxcahontas: America sucks
    Michelle Obama: America’s the greatest it’s ever been
    Bernie: America sucks

  3. GOP trolls are everywhere on the blogs. Petty snark is the Donald Trump MO.

  4. So will she share with us her history as a “native american@”- what a hypocrit and fraud she is-only in America.
    Still it’s fitting that dems have a true jackass
    Keynote their first day. Maybe Crooked Hiliary and her email friend DWS can then lecture the rest of us on integrity. So sad we have gone from the likes of Eleanoe Roosevelt JFk&RFK to crap like these three stooges- Pochahontas, email Debbie and Crooked Hiliary

  5. Since national Democratic news is suddenly relevant to Pennsylvania politics, when will PoliticsPA report on DWS?

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