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UPDATED: Was the Club for Growth Wrong To Take on Tim Murphy?

By Michael Begg, Contributing Writer

Update: Club for Growth was quick to send us this post from 2009, in which John Feehery wrongly writes that Pat Toomey would not win the general election if selected as the Republican nominee for U.S. Senate in 2010.

John Feehery, who worked for top Republican House leadership for fifteen years, wrote an op-ed in The Hill in which he stated that he believes that Club for Growth’s actions could lead to the loss of seats in the U.S. House and Senate. The organization could cause problems for incumbent Republicans by backing ultra-conservative candidates in the upcoming primaries. The Club for Growth describes itself as, “a national network of thousands of pro-growth Americans, from all walks of life, who believe that prosperity and opportunity come through economic freedom.” Some of their latest ads have targeted Congressman Tim Murphy, the Republican from the 18th congressional district.

Along with Rep. Murphy, C4G has run ads against senior Republican Senators Orrin Hatch and Dick Lugar. Instead of using their campaign funds to support fellow Republican candidates, their time and effort is being focused on battling conservative candidates challenging for their seats. If Sen. Hatch did not emerge from the Utah Republican convention as the winner or Sen. Lugar did not win the primary in Indiana, it would have ramifications on the party’s chances in November.

Feehery wrote that “[Tim] Murphy is another reliable conservative vote. He doesn’t rock the boat, he doesn’t lead insurrections from the left, he doesn’t vote for tax increases. He did throw a vote or two to labor, but he did that because labor is kind of a big deal in Pennsylvania. If you don’t believe me, ask Rick Santorum why he voted against right-to-work legislation. If Murphy loses the primary, Republicans will lose the seat.”

There was a $500,000 pro-Murphy ad run by the American Chemistry Council that concludes Wednesday. The Club for Growth then ran ads criticizing Murphy’s votes for the “card check” legislation in 2007 that would make it easier for employees to unionize. In another ad, Murphy is criticized for another vote in which the Congressman voted in favor of controversial earmarks.

Murphy’s campaign manager James Genovese stated that “Those who know Congressman Murphy’s record the best, which are his constituents right here in Pennsylvania’s 18th congressional district, continually elect him by wide margins because they want him to keep on fighting the liberal Obama-Pelosi agenda, and keep standing up for conservative Southwestern Pennsylvania values,” that reflect the labor heavy nature of the district.

10 Responses

  1. Greg is wrong on the Energy Policy Act. Check the facts before bloviating. Obama rewrote the law under the stimulus bill. Greg, stop being Obama’s waterboy! Murphy is leading the fight on Solyndra, why don’t you join him instead of supporting Obama’s lies. Jeesh. Does George Soros just fax you talking points each morning?

  2. FYI I sent $2,500 to Evan Feinberg and am supporting Tom Smith, a consistent Limited Government conservative.

  3. Murphy is a Solar Hypocrite, he voiced opposition to Solyndra to get his mug on TV, yet has consistently backed huge subsidies for solar and wind projects.

    Murphy voted for and enthusiastically supported the program authorizing this intrusion into the energy sector.

    Murphy has proudly trumpeted his support of federal assistance for uneconomic “green” energy, in effect, doubling down on Solyndra-type subsidies in his own Energy bill he sponsored.

    In addtion, Murphy supported the Energy Policy Act of 2005, which established similar guarantees for alternative energy production.


  4. Murphy opposed solyndra. He supports coal and natural gas not green energy. RockjockPA doesn’t know anything.

  5. I’m supporting both Steve Welch and Barack Obama. It’s a twofer in my book! Won’t you join me in keeping Obamacare in place?

  6. Tim Murphy isn’t a liberal. That’s such a phony attack. And ask Tea Party fav Christine O’Donnell about CREW “most corrupt” attacks. Republicans should tread lightly when pushing George Soros and propaganda – which makes me wonder if these haters are actually Republicans or Dem plants.

  7. Murphy a reliable conservative?? Now that is funny. He is reliable alright.

    We can rely on him to make pro-labor votes like the one he made earlier this year to require union labor on military & VA contracts – Executive Order 13502. That is why AFL-CIO has him rated 5th highest of all Republicans.

    We can rely on him to support BIG Government programs and subsidies to his favorite idiotic green energy companies.

    We can rely on him to keep on steering BIG earmarks to BIG contributors like he has his entire career: in FY 2010 he steered $8.3 MM in earmarks to contributors (open secrets website)

    We can rely on him to him to continue his corrupt ways and use his campaign staff to get re-elected: C.R.E.W. recently renamed him on of the 10 most corrupt in the House.

    Yup, he certainly IS reliable. If you like liberal career politicians then Murphy is definitely your man.

  8. Yikes, the Club for Growth supports pro-Growth principles against phony Republicans who support Big Government. Traitors to the Party; loyal to the Principles of fiscal common sense and getting America working again.

  9. Senator Hatch will do anything to get re-elected after 36 years. Power corrupts. Look at this whole anti-piracy raid on the Internet. Hatch was at the forefront. Co-Sponsoring SOPA and PIPA- then withdrawing his support once the public educates all the dumb politicians. Hatch is part of the big problem in Washington- and it’s big Government. He voted for 17 debt ceiling raises, and the NDAA-

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