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Washington Post & 60 Minutes Detail Marino’s Role in the ‘Undermining’ the DEA

A report aired Sunday from the Washington Post and 60 Minutes detailed the role Congressman Tom Marino (R-Lycoming), President Trump’s nominee to head the Office of National Drug Control Policy, played in a law that weakened the Drug Enforcement Administration’s ability to go after drug distributors.  

The bill, that was pushed primarily by Marino, effectively makes it impossible for the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) to stop suspicious narcotic shipments from companies.  

“Political action committees representing the industry contributed at least $1.5 million to the 23 lawmakers who sponsored or co-sponsored four versions of the bill, including nearly $100,000 to Marino,” the report reads.  

Marino had pushed for changes to the DEA’s authority over drug distributors since 2014.  

“On Feb. 18, 2014, Marino introduced the Ensuring Patient Access and Effective Drug Enforcement Act, making an effort to define what constitutes ‘imminent danger.’ The proposal raised the DEA’s standard for suspending drug shipments by requiring that the agency establish ‘a significant and present risk of death or serious bodily harm that is more likely than not to occur,’” the report said.  

“Marino declined repeated requests for comment. Marino’s staff called the U.S. Capitol Police when The Post and “60 Minutes” tried to interview the congressman at his office on Sept. 12.”

Marino is continuing to serve as a Congressman until he is confirmed by the Senate, but West Virginia Senator Joe Manchin called for Trump to recall Marino’s nomination.  

“During the biggest public health crisis since HIV/AIDS, we need someone leading the White House Office of National Drug Control Policy who believes we must protect our people, not the pharmaceutical industry,” Manchin said.

8 Responses

  1. Big Pharma brought fentenol and many of it’s direvatives into this world. Now it is being added to herion and other opiods and now it’s killing more 50,000 people each year. Big Pharma is only beholden to it self, it’s multi million dollar Executives and it’s shareholders. The lawmakers and agencies are nothing more than “nickels and dimes” in big Pharmas’ pockets. Greed and profits.

  2. I scanned the articles about this, and that was enough. Same stuff, new day. Both corrupt, bought and paid for major US political parties do this time and again. On many issues, at local, county, state and federal levels. And we are supposed to do our civic duty and “choose” between them. Shame on them, but shame also on the demagogues of both parties who pretend this only occurs among a few bad apples of the only other team allowed at the table. How we remain so weak as to haven’t overthrown it yet astounds me.

  3. Please Congressman Marino come to Fayette, Westmoreland and Washington Counties. Talk to the grieving parents who lost their child because of over dosing. This is a shame when you put the Pharma ahead of your constituents. That also goes to Marsha Blackwell. How would you feel losing a child? You never get over it! Now Congressman Marino will be the Drug Czar! More needless deaths!

  4. The law passed. that was in the 60 minutes piece. By unanimous consent. Dems and GOP to blame here. All in the pocket of Pharma and the insurance companies.

  5. Does anyone know if this law passed? Each of the 23 lawmakers mentioned in this article should not be in public office any longer. They represent themselves and not their constituents.

  6. I can’t imagine it’s easy to run in skinny jeans, but Tom managed to stay a few steps ahead of 60 Minutes’ cameras.

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