Washington Post Names Corbett Most Vulnerable Governor (Again)

Tom-Corbett-upsetThe Washington Post hasn’t been shy in providing Governor Tom Corbett with bad news in the past year, and this July, for the thirteenth month in a row, they named him the U.S. governor most likely to receive the boot in November.

The Post’s blog The Fix named the twelve governor’s races most likely to result in a change of party control, with PA at the very top. While the descriptions of the eleven other races include several sentences including factors such as fundraising and party rifts, the descriptor of  the Pennsylvania race is just a single sentence.

“Gov. Tom Corbett (R), quite simply, needs a small miracle to beat Democrat Tom Wolf,” writes the Post, which includes a link to the race’s current poll numbers.

Corbett, though, isn’t the only Republican gubernatorial incumbent in danger of losing the re-election to a Democratic opponent. According to The Washington Post, GOP governors Paul LePage of Maine and Rick Scott of Florida comprise the rest of the list’s top three opportunities. In fact, of the 36 gubernatorial races being held in November, Democrats hold the advantage in eight of the top 12.

Much of this has to do with timing. Four years ago during the 2010 midterms, there was a massive realignment with Republicans picking up 12 seats and Democrats six. Therefore, this November Republicans have to defend 24 seats compared to the Democrats who only have to guard fifteen.

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  1. This illustrates the point I’ve made consistently [as I have also called upon Corbett to hold an “endless press-conference” themed on his handling of Sandusky]; this is what results when people start thinking about the issues [and factor-in abhorrence for Dems who are aligned with increasingly unpopular BHO].

  2. Bring out your dead! Bring out your dead!
    (Rings bell, pulls cart.)

    Here’s one for you.

    (Drags white haired father towards cart.)

    But I don’t want to go on the cart!

    (Old man struggles.)

  3. Let’s cut to the chase, this race is over. Why would anyone write a check to his campaign? The polls haven’t moved in a year now. Corbett should do the honorable thing for once and drop out before the deadline.

  4. the washin post shouldn’t oughta write storys like that becuz the storys is mean and makes guvenor corbitt feel bad and feel sad. they need to treet the guvenor nicer. plus the voting day aint for a long time anyways.

  5. I really do love that photo of Corbett you guys use. It looks like an ad for heartburn.

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