Welcome to Joe Sestak’s Extreme Makeover The Sestak who now says he’s “independent” campaigned as “the only real Democrat” just a few months ago

Allentown – After campaigning for months as “the real Democrat,” “Obama’s strongest ally,” and “a progressive,” Congressman Joe Sestak is now laughably trying to pretend he’s an independent who will stand up to his own Party.  But the truth lies in Sestak’s voting record and his votes show that he has walked in lockstep with Nancy Pelosi on every major issue, voting with the liberal speaker 100% of the time in 2009.

“Congressman Sestak can bring in all the out-of-state individuals he wants to try to put forward his extreme makeover, but all Pennsylvanians are left with is an extreme liberal,” Toomey Communications Director Nachama Soloveichik said.  “Congressman Sestak changes his tune day-to-day on the campaign trail, but the most telling thing is how he votes when he’s in Washington, and there is nothing independent about his record of voting down-the-line for the bailouts, the stimulus, government-run health care, the cap-and-trade energy tax, and $3.5 trillion in deficit spending.  If Joe Sestak is looking for an out-of-state visitor who best reflects his voting record, he ought to invite Nancy Pelosi.”

Here’s what Joe Sestak said, and what others said about Sestak, during the Democratic primary just a few months ago:

Meet Joe Sestak – “The Real Democrat”

Sestak: “I absolutely do say I’m a progressive.” (RJ Harris, WHP 580 AM, 05/14/10)

Sestak: “I want to be Obama’s strongest ally.” (The Valley-News Dispatch, 03/01/10)

Sestak: “I want to be President Obama’s strongest ally . . .  somehow that landed me smack dab in the progressive wing of the Democratic Party.”

Sestak: “I think that the strength of my beliefs and convictions in democratic principles, which land me on the progressive wing of the Democratic Party.” (AlterNet, 06/04/10)

Sestak: “I’m a Democrat out of core beliefs and core convictions.” (MSNBC, 05/18/10)

Sestak: “I’ll compare my voting record for Democratic principles, any day, any time.” (Primary debate, 02/05/10)

Morning Call: “Sestak said the major difference is that he’s the real Democrat.” (Allentown Morning Call, 05/02/10)

Morning Call: “Sestak ran a TV ad that said: If you have a problem with Joe Sestak’s record as the real Democrat go ahead and attack that.” (Morning Call, 04/29/10)

Philadelphia Inquirer: “His [Sestak’s] core message: I’m a real Democrat; Specter is not. You can’t trust him.” (Philadelphia Inquirer, 04/11/10)

The Times-Tribune: “Mr. Sestak said he’s the only ‘real Democrat’ in the race.” (The Times-Tribune, 08/05/09)

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