Who Are PA’s Best Party Chairs?

PA CountiesIt takes a special breed of person to be a successful county party chair. They must be savvy and hard-working, good at fundraising, and skillful diplomats, too.

Some are activists, some fundraisers, and still others are behind-the-scenes players. Some are working to build a strong party organization where there hasn’t been one before.

We want to hear from you: who are the best of the best? We’re looking for Republicans and Democrats who get the job done.

Submit your suggestions to Sy Snyder here, or in the comments section below. Naturally, submissions are anonymous.

Looking for inspiration? Check out our 2011 list here.

64 Responses

  1. Just stumbled on this. Michele Vaughn is HORRIBLE as Chesco Chair. People are derisive of her because she is divisive. She is also crazy and goes around attacking people and lying. And she doesn’t know squat about fundraising or running her candidates! Please get us someone else! She’s a freak!

  2. Bob Wilson (York GOP) is a perfect example of a vibrant and hard working Chairman. His ability to synchronize the various campaigns and interests into a coherent whole is laudable.

  3. NOT Michele Vaugn of the Chesco Republicans, oops, Democrats…it is hard to tell most of the time.
    We Chesco Dems are moving forward and getting a tough job done because of groups of loyal independent minded Chesco Democrats that work tirelessly, focused, and faithful to electing our candidates to office, often in contrast to the current Chair’s actions.
    Why NOT Michel Vaughn? ….. ‘Empty Chair” Committee People who are told “you don’t need to do a lot, just vote at conventions like I say, and vote for zone leaders like I say”(some mean well and help, but far too many are just paper tiger do nothings, again, they do not even show up to conduct outside operations on election days); NO support for candidates who come so close to winning often because the Chair did NOT like them and even worked against them; fund raising for her personal PAC at the expense of the Chesco Dems PAC; placing peronal gripes ahead of professional choices that could benefit the Party instead of the Chairs ambutions; appointment to key positions solely based on personal loyalty rather than on ability and loyalty to the Party’s goals; openly supports oposition candidates when we have endorsed Democratic candidates; withholds vital information, data base access, and campaign material from those Party Leaders and Candidates she undermines(something that merits dismisal of any District or Zone Leader or Committee Person…but not our Michele); refusal to restore funds to one of the standing Committees charged with management of those same funds…no one has an accounting of these funds any longer; keeps “ghost” Committee People on the books long after the individuals move out of the County; no courage to take on the fight to win in the County, “just do what we can like the Republicans” with no money, better candidates, and no structural support or actions within the County; takes credit for what bands of successful groups accomplishes independent of the County Party’s roadblocks; refusal to absorb ideas that generate results, and wastes our meeting time by making announcements based on the same old failed and expensive results that drain our resources and hinder our best efforts, and result in Republican victories in our County; complete disregard for proceedure, by laws, and acceptable practices when it suits her personal agenda; it goes on…

    Place this honor on the shoulders of one who has earned it…NOT our Michele Vaugn

    We Chester County Democrats have a successful future ahead. We need Leaders who believe we must achieve our goals, not one who simply furthers their personal agenda. WE shall become the Party of Destiny in Chester County…it just takes longer with the likes of the current Chair, and of anyone she promotes as a successor, to achieve what is our destiny.

  4. Michele Vaughn has fought a fight most would shrink away from. While we wait in Chester County for the registration numbers to change, Michele organizes our zones, candidates, and leaders to make sure that, one day, Chester County will go Blue.

  5. Roger Lund & Bob Kefauver are the best County Party Chairs because their efforts extend regionwide. They are generous with their time and are quick to offer their assistance & political expertise with any citizen who wants to champion Democratic values.

  6. Michele Vaughn is the best County Chair in the Commonwealth. The growth of the Chester County Democratic registration and organization under her leadership has been extraordinary. Chester County is now the swing county in statewide elections…Keep up the great work Michele!

  7. I think Pat Poprik needs a little credit. She went from rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic as Vice-Chair to making Bucks County the only bright spot in the Southeast. Obama carried the county by 3,000 votes instead of 30,000. The committee has grown by 20% and this year will see tremendous growth in municipal elections this fall. Her leadership is why Romney came to Bucks County and made his last minute plea to Pennsylvania. While the Democrats are pushing a war on women, Poprik has identified viable female candidates that break the mold and give the GOP the best chance to win. Her achievements in small time frame need to be recognized.

  8. Roger Lund has been a “transfusion” for Adams County. We’ve made huge strides during his tenure. We are swimming up stream, but he’s made it imaginable!

  9. Bob Kefauver is the best party chair in my view. He works tirelessly for The Democratic Party of York County. His knowledge of policy and politics is more than impressive. Bob, is not only our favorite wonk, he is our most valued friend,

  10. Michele Vaughn has not re-built the party, she has ripped it apart. OFA is responsible for Obama’s victory in 2008, when he won Chester County. In 2012 Obama lost Chester County due to OFA, run by the young leaders that Michele is ‘training’. She has not been a successful fundraiser for the party nor has her candidates won since 2008 when Obama pulled them to victory. Sally Lyall is a great model this county should look at.

  11. Greg Stewart in Centre County is one of the most active and cooperative chairs (just ask any of the Obama FOs that operated in the county in either year). Despite the trends facing rural Democrats, Centre County voted for Obama twice and that’s no accident. The only people I’ve ever met in the county who don’t like Greg Stewart are the people who think yard signs and party breakfasts are the pinnacle of political involvement.

  12. I think there is a special place in heaven for all county chairs – whether they are a Democrat or Republican. It’s a thankless job with a lot of criticism and very little credit. My hat is off to all the men and women who care enough about democracy to step up to the plate and serve their communities, their elected officials and their parties. I am grateful for their service.

  13. Marcel Groen is the most effective party chair in PA. He raises money. Cultivates good candidates. Is willing to barter when he has to, and allows his area leaders and municipal chairs latitude to do what needs to be done in their areas.

  14. I have followed Michelle Vaughn’s work with the Democratic party for sometime now. She is excellent! Her knowledge, ability to listen, and communicate on many important topics and decisions decisions that impact private citizens is no less than excellent! She is a very valued member of the Democratic party as well as the community. This country as a whole (Republican or Democrat) needs more people like her!!! Bravo Michelle!

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