Who Has the Best Campaign Website in PA?

Sam Rohrer's online presence was a strong point of his U.S. Senate bid.

Attention politicos! PoliticsPA wants to know who you think has the best campaign website in the Keystone state. Submit your suggestions here, and be sure to include the link. General election candidates only.

There’s no objective measure for the quality of a website, but the best are easy to use, aesthetically pleasing and informative. Who of the people running for office this year have it figure out?

We’ll recognize the best of the best after we’ve had the chance to review your nominations.

Here are the categories:
Best overall website for a statewide candidate
Best overall website for a congressional candidate
Best overall website for a state legislative candidate

Best website by a third party (including PACs)
Best website design
Best use of social media
Most technologically advanced website

If you can think of another good category, let us know that, too.

Editor’s note: Your submissions below are nominations, rather than votes. There is not necessarily a correlation between the number of times a candidate is nominated and whether that candidate is selected.

44 Responses

  1. Mary Jo Daley
    pa State rep 148th House District

    clean and concise message for voters
    direct bullet points regarding issues
    info on district
    well designed and extremely user friendly

  2. For state House candidates: Ryan Mackenzie’s site (134th House District) is pretty impressive – ryanforpa.com

  3. Tom O’Brien is running for the State Senate in the 13th district.

    Tom’s site is easy to use, up to date and informative on issues, events, qualifications etc.
    Facebook.com/OBrienfor PASenate.

  4. Tom O’Brien is running for the Senate for PA 13. His website is easy to use and the video on the homepage is very well put together. His social media presence is also very good. (Facebook.com/OBrienforPASenate) and Twitter @OBrienforPA13

  5. Ryan Bizzarro has some of the highest engagement rates on social media I’ve seen during this local election cycle. He has some of the best engagement rates and one of the largest followings for a state representative race! Not to mention he has an active presence on multiple platforms:

    Instagram: @RyanForPA

  6. I love Sarah Speed’s site – http://speed4pahouse.com/ Her video gives a great glimpse into what she’s all about and is helpful for voters to understand who she is.

    My other favorite is Humane PA at http://www.Humane-PA.org. There’s a scorecard to show how legislators and candidates stack up on issues related to animal cruelty, which also gives you an idea of how rational and caring (or not) our leaders are. It’s an eye-opener and a great resource!

  7. Larry Maggi’s campaign website is very aesthetic and well laid out. I think it does a great job giving voters insight and does a nice job pulling in social media. I nominate larrymaggi2012.com for the best US Congressional Website.

  8. http://kaufernow.com/. Aaron Kaufer, Republican candidate in the 120th Legislative District.

    His FAQ page sums it up best:

    “I chose the color scheme in my design to separate myself from other politicians. In every election, the public is bombarded with the same color schemes, designs, and logos. The faces might change, but too often the new politicians resemble the ones they replace. Simply put, the color orange represents enthusiasm, creativity, and determination. These are qualities that I have exemplified throughout my life and I will continue to utilize them in Harrisburg.”

  9. The best website…speed4pa.com. Sarah Speed is the best candidate and is running in the 47th District for the House seat. We need a woman who is intelligent and strong, who will work hard for the people of Pennsylvania!!

  10. The Humane-PA PAC Web site is great — immediate links to anything voters need to know about how legislators and candidates stand on animal issues, as well as information on becoming more politically involved.

  11. http://humane-pa.org/ is a great site. The primary focus is to give Pennsylvania animals a voice in Harrisburg. Candidates are polled and the results are published. This gives voters a non-partisan idea of which candidates to vote for at election time. Animals do matter – and we are demonstrating that with our voices and votes. The best facebook site is Humane USA PA PAC. We are like-minded voters who will cross party lines to vote for people who are concerned with animal welfare.

  12. Karen Ramsburg for best Congressional
    Candidate website. She’s running against the 40 year Shuster Dynasty for PA’s 9th seat in U.S. Congress. I love the Allentown video. The site is easy to navigate for us 20th century technophobes! It covers four major issues in clear, concise, engaging language. Her interesting and creative views keep one’s interest to the end. It makes donating easy.

  13. Humane USA PA PAC is a great site to learn about all the candidates who are humane and animal friendly and to learn what bills are being voted on that affect animals. They send out a survey to candidates and endorse those who are humane and animal friendly. I always check their endorsements before I go to the poll and I look for their action alerts when I need to call my representatives regarding animal/humane legislation. They Rock!!!! We are the Voice for the Animals in Pennsylvania…. We are supporting Sarah Speed in her bid for Representative in York County because she is a great, humane candidate!

  14. Sarah Speed, candidate for PA House in the 47th district, has a great website, speed4pa.com. My other favorite website is humane-pa.org- the best place for PA voters to see how their legislators have voted on animal welfare issues.

  15. State Rep Stephen Bloom is by far the most active on social networking. He quickly responds to facebook and twitter.

  16. EmilyRae,
    I believe the best way to find the answers to your questions is to go on Dunbar’s website or call his office.

  17. oh by the way the best websie for state house is
    Mark Rozzi
    WEBSITE, for state house best state senate is Brian Rich State Senate 29th District the best state wide race is sam rohror for us senate the best congress race site is matt cartwright for US house

  18. I think my State Senator, Daylin Leach’s reelection campaign website is pretty outstanding. Very streamlined and just pleasant looking – looks well thought out and put together!

  19. Mr. Thomas and Mr. Ferguson

    I live in Mr. Dunbar’s District and I have 3 children in public schools. I am wondering about Mr. Dunbar’s stance on education. Will he work for more funding for public schools or does he favor privatization measures like school vouchers?

  20. PA 11th District Congressional Candidate Gene Stilp (D) is running a unique campaign on a shoestring budget against incumbent Republican Lou Barletta.An inexpensive social media campaign is driving his message.

  21. Website: http://www.pastaterep.com
    Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/RyanForPA
    Twitter: http://twitter.com/RyanBizzarro

    I would like to submit Ryan Bizzarro, candidate for PA State Rep (3rd District), for consideration as having the “best overall website for a statewide candidate”.
    I believe Ryan’s website, http://www.PAstateRep.com deserves this honor for the following reasons:

    1. Overall design is very lightweight
    2. Overall design is extremely user-friendly and inviting, making it easy for people to get informed, get involved or make a donation (those were his objectives in order of importance)
    3. Overall design works well on all browsers, including tablet and smartphone devices
    4. The site stays up-to-date with a “News Module” that allows the campaign to create updates on-the-fly
    5. The live Google Map of the 3rd district is a great tool to get a visual of the district
    6. The donations are all handled right on the secure website instead of some 3rd party, making donations a lot easier & safer
    7. Social media integration is throughout the site – but not so intrusive that it’s all you notice. The facebook “slider” docked on the left, the ability to share any page on any network, strategically placed “like” buttons – it’s very clean
    8. The site is very SEO-friendly, the domain alone makes it work well for the search engines
    9. Use of local imagery throughout the website makes it feel “close to home”

  22. William F Dunbar’s website is the best I’ve seen this election cycle. It has a smooth interface, is easy to navigate, provides detailed information about his beliefs, and gives frequent updates on his campaign.

  23. I would like to nominate Ryan Bizzarro’s website, http://www.PAstateRep.com for “best overall website for a statewide candidate” & also “best website design”. Mr. Bizzarro’s site is coded well, has a design that exceeds modern standards & extremely user-friendly.

  24. On the surface, HDCC’s website doesn’t look too bad, but then you click on candidates and it’s not even updated. Very sad..

  25. Best use of social media has to go to Gene Stilp. A lot of candidates on both sides have stepped up their social media game in 2012, but Stilp is far and away the leader in this category.

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