Who is Dave White and Why Is He Doing So Well?


He has won four of five caucus straw polls. He has more than $2.5 million on hand entering 2022. He has momentum.


So who is Dave White?


One of 14 children, he was raised in Delaware County. He followed in his father and grandfather’s footsteps and became a steamfitter and has more than 40 years of experience in HVAC installation and servicing. In 2005, he founded DWD Mechanical Contractor Inc.


White, 60, helped build the company from a small HVAC firm into a business that employs over 80 people.


He got his political chops as a commissioner in Ridley Township, chairing the Building, Economic Development and Public Safety and Police committees. In 2012, White was appointed to Delaware County Council to fill the unexpired term of John J. Whelan. The following year, he was elected to a four-year term as Councilman, but was ousted in the 2017 election.


White has said it is his disgust with career politicians who have been sent to Harrisburg and Washington led him to enter the governor’s race. “It’s time for a governor with real world experience who hasn’t spent his adult life depending on taxpayers for a paycheck,” he told the Delco Times. “My parents weren’t politicians. I was born and raised in Delaware County, one of 14 children. I have lived the American dream, and I am running for office to put that same dream back in the reach of any Pennsylvanian willing to work for it.”


His message has resonated with the party faithful, as he has won the regional caucus straw polls in the Central, Northeast Central, Southeast and Southwest GOP regions.


But will that early success ultimately lead to success with rank-and-file voters?


“I don’t think [the caucus straw polls] translate to an endorsement at the state committee meeting, but he is liable to do pretty well,” said Stephen Medvic, Director of the Center for Politics and Public Affairs at Franklin & Marshall College. “I suspect he is working hard to meet local party activists.” As one political consultant said, “Regional caucuses make for interesting cocktail chatter, but not much else. I think many campaigns are anxious to get past the state committee phase of the race and onto the next phase.”


White was a supporter of President Trump’s America First agenda, and he says he plans to bring a pro-business, pro-worker agenda to Pennsylvania.


“I am incredibly encouraged that our message of bringing less talk and more action to Harrisburg continues to resonate with voters across Pennsylvania,” said White in a press release.  For too long, Harrisburg has ignored reducing the tax burden on hard working families, lessening the regulatory burden on Pennsylvania businesses, securing our elections for all voters, and putting parents back in charge of their children’s education.”


White has put his money where his mouth is, pumping $3 million of his own cash into his campaign. Besides his own money, White has received $58,000 from Bob Asher – $48,000 from Asher’s PAC – the PA Future Fund – and $10,000 from Asher himself. 


“I think you work harder when you put your own money into a race,” White said at a Blair County forum.

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44 thoughts on “Who is Dave White and Why Is He Doing So Well?”

  1. james mccaffrey says:

    typical cowardly democrat plays the race card when they’ve got nothing else. if they ever fall victim to a crime, they will cry for mommy and call 911. then their attitude will change about the progressive agenda when that happens. until then, they just don’t know, and they don’t know they don’t know. sad & pathetic, but fortunately much of america is catching on to the demo nonsense. woke is a joke and they have been ruining america. mr white & others like him will save this nation from the candy-ass demos.

  2. Joe says:

    Trump and anybody who tries to be like him is un-American and un-Christian. They have no principles. They use Joseph McCarthy style demagogary to obtain power by stiring up people’s fears. Republicans have no ideas. Just boogie man to scare you with. Read Second Peter chapter 2. God will judge.

    1. Mark James Butterfield says:

      Sorry Sir – But you are bearing false witness against your neighbor. Perhaps, you should focus on your soul first before false accusing people. Agree?

    2. Nina Malsch says:

      Another Dem Dimwit spouting off. Your idea of leadership is Wolf,the Me-too Meathead who followed Cuomo’s brilliant plan to eliminate defenseless seniors in nursing homes.
      I bet you think the Cadaver-in-Chief, sitting in the Whitehouse in his Depends,is brilliant,too.

      1. Joe says:

        You are the one spouting off. I voted for Reagan, I voted for both George Bushs. I considered myself center- right like the majority of Americans. Now conservative republicans are drunk on Trump and right-wing lies. They just rattle off the latest conspiracy theory. America first should mean putting liberty and justice for all first. Conservatives put themselves first and screw anybody who doesn’t see their viewpoint. Republicans have become un-American and un-Christian.

        1. Randy Hockman says:

          Maybe you should actually take a look at what is happening in our government and see that it is not necessarily for our benefit. Trump may have had ruff edges but his ideas were for the people. Please open your eyes and mind to see the whole picture. His downfall was exposing the corruption and money laundering that is prevalent in the current elite leadership.

    3. Dannie says:

      You are correct. God WILL judge. He will judge all who have stolen this country, the election and ushered in communism, socialism, and every other ism and policy that runs contrary to His Word and rules. You better go back and read the Bible again. What this administration in DC is doing to our country and the lies they tell, and the disgusting woke policies they make with the Dems all salivating for more control and power is absolutely unbiblical and ungodly.
      Yes, judgement day is coming. And IT won’t be rigged.

  3. Roger Cleven says:

    Just what we need, another Trump boot licker. He sounds like a real idiot.

    1. Kstrawn says:

      I’m pro Trump and like Trump I am pro weed. Where does Dave White and the other conservative politicians stand on the legalization issue. Unfortunately we have a bunch of lying 🤥 liberals saying they was pro weed and a bunch of morons believing them

  4. Annie says:

    You must like this democratic agenda. People can’t afford it. I think he sounds honest like Trump.. Biden has lied to us on everything he has done so far. Just pray for our troops that are in Ukraine. That Biden said he was sending them there.

    1. Steve says:

      “Honest like Trump” is an oxymoron.

  5. Igor Znib says:

    Sounds like a school yard bully in his commercial. We don’t need a Trump wannabe running this state.

    1. Nunya says:

      I know him personally he’s far from whatever you think he is maybe do your homework before judging

  6. Jen AM says:

    I thought Republicans were all about saving tax payer money but then they turn around and want to spend boat loads of money on election audits when clearly there was no wide spread fraud…and they know it!

    1. Rabian says:

      You’re a f****** idiot. Maybe you should do some research. How do you idiots explain 5 states that all stopped counting votes at the same time, with trump leading in all 5, but then a miraculous dump of votes at 4am pushed Biden over the finish line? That’s not made up. There’s proof and we all watched it live on television. Instead deflecting and denying, how about providing a Logical and legal reason for pausing the count and the overwhelming dump of votes in the middle of the night.

      1. Roger Cleven says:

        Trump has had over a year to prove his case, and hasn’t. Until he proves it beyond a reasonable doubt in a court of law, it’s just another Trump lie.

      2. Freedom from chumps says:

        Fake news Trump and his cult thrive on lies

    2. Kstrawn says:

      Yep you want to save taxpayers dollars vote straight Republican next election. These democrats are more worried about giving away everything we have here

    3. Dannie says:

      If you were paying attention, you’d know that they DO keep finding fraud. But the MSM keep that information from the public because it doesn’t support their agenda. There was fraud. Full stop. And I for one don’t care how much money they spend digging up the truth.

  7. steve k says:

    Right, and people show their ID to register, so here’s a guy I don’t like

    1. Kelly says:

      Tell Dave White the next time he wants to openly insult a democrat or anyone else on tv like an eighth grade girl I will gladly meet with him. As a handicapped western Pennsylvanian, I would love take that opportunity to shut him up as an adult. Something he obviously knows nothing about. In fact how embarrassed would this man be to take a whooping by a handicapped person. Typical loser and no one anyone would want to run a state. Be serious, Dave. You made an ass of yourself

      1. Nunya says:

        Spoken like a true violence loving democrat

  8. Phil Master says:

    White has no name recognition. He doesn’t stand a chance. Plus, with criminal ASHER backing him, that’s the kiss of death.

    1. Nunya says:

      Clearly you’re out of the loop . Might wanna do some research before you make yourself look bad again

  9. Uncle Ted says:

    Shapiro is an empty suit who lives off headlines but very very few convictions. The plea deals he engineers are for the poor slobs who don’t have the means to fight. He’s a typical Philly pol who is totally beholding to the Rendell-Sheep, I mean Wolf, cabal. He will not be the next Governor when his record is exposed, and it will be exposed.

  10. theinspector says:

    White is a proud member of a union that endorsed Joe Biden and he has said he would never sign a right-to-work bill into law. Trojan Horse.

  11. Peter Kane says:

    I predict all the establishment candidates will lose their primaries because people are just fed up with them. Sean Gale for United States Senate and either Joe Gale or Charlie Gerow for Governor.

    1. dan spring says:

      Racist Joe Gale won’t come anywhere near the governor’s seat

      1. Mark James Butterfield says:

        Please provide your evidence that Commissioner Gale is a racist. The term racist is now used by people who have nothing else to say.

  12. Jeff Hess says:

    For.mer Lower Merion Constable Eric Bradway is running for Governor on The Democratic Ticket against Ultra Liberal Josh Shapiro Shapiro only won re-election by a handful of Votes .

    1. Gigatony says:

      Yo Jeff! You got something in your hand. Thats for sure.

  13. johnjohn3 says:

    If Asher supports him, he will lose.

  14. Steve Harmanos says:

    His private business sounds like…Tom Wolf!!

  15. Pam says:

    Is he the guy pushing voter ID and laughing about crying Democrats in his latest ad? Sounds like he’s not representing anyone other than the White Supremacy MAGA types. Great for primary but will anyone other than right wing vote for him in general?

    1. Tim says:

      Pam, you got it right. He also mentions fraud (MAGA Supporter) when there was no fraud. Just another Republican looking to bring democracy down and create a rise in autocracy. We are not fooled.

      1. Nunya says:

        I agree. He has no clue what CRT is and shouldn’t be talking about it if he doesn’t know anything about it! Do YOUR homework, Dave.
        IF you’d win, just remember there are a lot of good Democrats in PA & we can stop you. Keep degrading us Democrats & you’ll never get 1 Democratic vote.
        How dare you? You sound just like the former looser!

    2. Mark James Butterfield says:

      Really – white supremacy? It’s lame arguments like yours that lead people to the Republican Party. Do you have any evidence of the White Supremacy? Or are just lazy and have nothing else to say?

  16. David Diano says:

    I think he’s doing well among Republicans, because the party is embracing White Nationalism.. and White is his last name.

  17. Plotted Plant says:

    Governor that’s who he is in 2023.

  18. Uncle Ned says:

    Shapiro does not get the political respect he earned. He won when all other Dem row officers lost last cycle. He commanded the Dem State Committee meeting. R’s are struggling in Pa with Trump hovering around. White will not beat Corman. End of story,

  19. gulagPittsburgh says:

    Where is he on vaccines, CRT, January 6 rioters, pardons, student loan forgiveness, immigration, etc etc etc.

    1. MamaS says:

      His latest ad 2/13/2022 misrepresents what CRT is and says he’ll ban CRT from being taught in any PA schools.

  20. gulagPittsburgh says:

    All that you wrote, and yet still nothing about what he thinks of Trump and other issues.

    1. MamaS says:

      His 2/13 indicates he supports Donald Trump & all he stands for. He’s wrong for PA.

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