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Who is Frank Fina?

frank finaAs Kathleen Kane receives her ninth charge, it’s worth thinking about how much is known about the Attorney General and how little is known of the second biggest figure in this saga.

Frank Fina, a prosecutor for the Philly DA and formerly of the AG’s office, is hardly ever in the public spotlight despite his involvement in the infamous lewd email chains.

David Gambacorta and William Bender of the Daily News attempted to dig deeper and find out more about the man behind the emails.

The picture associates and contemporaries paint is of a dedicated, hard-working lawyer whose email activities are mind-boggling.

This was perhaps best exemplified by the comments of Mike Veon’s defense attorney Dan Raynak.

“If he thinks you’re going to punch him in the face, he’s going to punch you five times in the face,” he said. “That’s the way Frank is. His attitude is, ‘I’m going to crush you.’ He plays to win.”

“Would it surprise me that he was doing something that he shouldn’t? No,” Raynak stated. “But I can’t say I anticipated he’d be caught up in something like this.”

Gambacorta and Bender also detail how ex-State Rep. Brett Feese is filing a petition accusing Fina of getting a job for the law clerk of the Judge presiding over Feese’s trial.

They also reveal that despite statements from Seth Williams, there were complaints about Marc Costanzo from female employees in the DA’s office. Costanzo is Fina’s closest confidante and was also heavily involved in the email chains.

The release of more emails, though, could drastically increase the spotlight Fina faces in the weeks to come.

30 Responses

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  2. Fina is the prosecutor who’s conduct the Superior Court just labeled “highly improper.” He lied to a Judge in the Penn State case.

  3. Who is Frank Fina? Ask these two women —

    1) Sheilah Novasky

    She met Frank Fina for the first time while she was waiting to testify before a grand jury in the state’s case against DeWeese. She said she sat in a small room with seven men – including Fina.

    Fina repeatedly asked bout two things: How many women on DeWeese’s staff were sleeping with Manzo? And did she know about Frameli’s “breast enhancements”?
    Novasky then went before the grand jury. Fina asked her nothing about breasts or Manzo’s sexual relationships.

    “I think it was for their own amusement,” Novasky said. “There is a line between intimidation and interrogation and they crossed the lines whenever they concentrated on the sexual antics, which had nothing to do with [the case] …”

    “Fina was saying that we were exchanging political emails on state time and that it was illegal,” said Melissa Frameli. “It’s pretty sick that they were doing the same thing that they were screaming at us for – and our emails were related to political work, they weren’t degrading toward women or towards men, they weren’t pornographic in nature.”

    2) Melissa Frameli

    She recalled that Fina was fixated on her personal relationship with DeWeese’s chief of staff, Michael Manzo, and whether she had spent her bonus money on a “boob job.” He accused her of “whoring around,” unleashing a string of profanity and “F-bombs,” she said. …

    “He was completely putting me down and saying I was going to get in trouble for sleeping with my boss. Screaming at me, and saying that I used my bonus to get a boob job and that I was a disgrace, basically . . . I felt very degraded by him. I felt very degraded as a woman.”

  4. Frank Fina is a man (barely) who is bracing for THU. Word on the street is that more of the truth will be exposed.

    Wonder if it will be the much talked about bestiality videos that Fina is supposed to have liked. We shall soon see.

  5. Larry – not sure I get your point. Are you trying to discredit a child victim of sexual assault? The case worker that Frank Fina ignored? Why shouldn’t I “believe” them? Their accounts of what Corbett and Fina put them through are harrowing. The re-victimization was atrocious.

    I read recently that it was Fina’s request for his e-mails that led to the discovery of the racist, misogynistic, sexist, pornographic material. Karma is a b-tch sometimes.

    Now we need the truth about why those 20,000,000 e-mails were ordered destroyed. Good thing Kane’s team was able to recover them. Or else we would never know the truth about “Fina and the Corbett Pervs” as another commented likes to call them.

    Any idea when the grand jury is going to get sworn in to investigate their use of State equipment? Their theft of $$$ (in the form of their salaries)? The leaks to Craig McCoy at the Inquirer? The good people of PA are waiting. IMO – the prosecution of Kane hangs in the balance. After all – selective prosecution is a form of corruption. Protecting political allies is criminal.

  6. Oh “Larry” … just stop now. It is clear that you are a shill for Fina & The Corbett Pervs.

    You must see the ethical issues with a person who uses State time and State equipment to view and distribute (to Judges and others) the following:

    Fina is more than just a “jerk.” Those e-mails are a window into his soul. And no “civil firm” is going to touch him now. He made that bed just like Kane made hers. The women at the DA’s Office must be up in arms that he is still employed there. The Blacks (save Seth Williams) must want to spit on him …

    I’ll bet Williams wishes he never touched that steaming pile of dung (sting) case. After all, Kane knew Fina was a racist when she made the same decision her predecessor and the Feds made.

  7. Pat Unger, for the first time, I agree with you, at least in part. Fina used to work in a civil law firm (many years ago) and could go back to that. He is a jerk and seems to be somewhat proud of it. He is also a very successful prosecutor. You question his ethics, and I’d like to know the facts behind that. I’m not doubting it, but I don’t know that he’s been caught doing anything unethical. If you don’t like him because he’s a jerk, that’s perfectly understandable. But putting all of your beliefs into the one book by Aaron Fisher is silly. In what other aspects of your life would you believe one (very biased) person in a complex debate involving many people?

  8. H3, you still haven’t named this “outside help” that you say Fina brought in. You also have not stated any basis for deviating from standard practice when prosecuting a sexual predator — just your obviously biased contention that Fina was “scared” (laughable to anyone who knows Frank). And finally, your ABC News quote doesn’t even definitively say what you want it to say — note the use of the word “may” and the reliance on one witness. Again, Kane embarrassed herself in a widely reported gaffe when she tried to claim what you are claiming. Nobody has been able to find any abuse that happened during the investigation. And you’re not even trying to offer facts that would do that.

  9. It seems to me that Frank Fina is a man who thought he was above the law. He thought he could go on the offensive against a political enemy who had the goods on him and escape unscathed. But people in glass houses should not throw stones.

    At the end of the day, an AG who should have never been Ag will be out early. That’s a good thing. And scores of perverts, racists, and misogynists … or worse … will have been exposed. Many are already no longer in law enforcement. The desperate ones who can work in no other field now (like Frank Fina and Marc Costanzo) will hang on.

    All the folks calling for Kane to resign should also be looking at Fina and Costanzo. Guys like them do more damage behind closed doors that any naive AG can do by leaking a memo from an old investigation (assuming that Kane actually did that).

    Guys like Fina are corrupt cheaters. Prosecutors who are OK winning convictions like thatALWAYS get exposed eventually. Thanks to Kane, Fina and Costanzo (and McCaffery and Eakin) were exposed sooner rather than later.

    Anyone who wants to know what really went on in the Corbett/Fina OAG, just read Aaron Fisher’s book, He was a victim of Sandusky. What happened to him was a travesty.

    And if you want to see a lawyer violate the Ethical Rules, watch Fina on CBS talking about the strength of the PSU 3 case. It is as obvious a violation as could be imagined … until his e-mails to Judges and other prosecutors (all white males) got brought to the light.

  10. Larry – Your “grand jury rules” are silly … especially when applied to child rapists. Fina was scared of losing. The delay was inexcusable … and he knows it.

    He brought in outside help to try the case … just as I said … because he was scared …

    BTW – when ones needs to resort to “every attorney in criminal law knew” arguments, you pretty much are an idiot. Congratulations!!

    ABC News suggests YOU are incorrect:

    “The man said that his abuse by Sandusky lasted until he was about 16, in the year 2009. The timeframe suggests that Sandusky may have continued to abuse boys while under investigation by a grand jury, since the investigation was launched in late 2008.”


  11. H3, you’re the one who tied Fina to Kane’s missteps. In any event, you are wrong again. The case was originally handled by Jonelle Eshbach. Fina (chief of the section) re-assigned the case to himself and Joe McGettigan. Fina and McGettigan tried the case. There was no handing it off. You’re the only one spinning here. The timing of search warrants depends on whether a grand jury is empaneled. Kane said during her campaign that she would not have used a grand jury because it takes too long. As soon as she said that (not having practiced law for SEVEN years), every attorney in criminal law knew that she was clueless and/or lying to get votes. The ONLY way to lock up a predator is to send it to the grand jury, get your search warrants that way, and not take the case to court until you have as many victims as possible. Nobody — not you, not Kane — has ever been able to point to any evidence that there were additional victims while the OAG was investigating and prosecuting. Just imagine if Kane had been involved with the Sandusky prosecution. An amateur lawyer who alienates her staff and exudes paranoia. That would have gone well!

  12. Larry – not sure how Kane’s missteps tie into Fina’s handling of Sandusky. Did Kane force that Sandusky victim to write that boos? Did she force him to type the words he typed about Fina? Did she tell him, from Lackawana County, to sit on his hands, not execute a Search Warrant, and let Sandusky renin a free man? Because that’s what Fina did. You can spin it however you like. The truth remains.

    BTW – when it came to actually going to Court and convicting Snadusky, Fina couldn’t handle it. He had to bring in outside help. Try as they all may to discredit that final victim (who they called “not credible”), he was raped by Sandusky. Their own testimony establishes that the raping continued while they swapped bestiality porn and racist material … in between making fun of assault victims.

    The case against Sandusky could and should have been brought much earlier. A search of his house/office/computers earlier would have given them all they needed. Sandusky’s 2nd Mile was a contributor to Fina’s boss (One-Term Tommy).

    Did Fina & The Corbett Pervs swap porn/racist material/sexual images of children with the Judge on the Sandusky case?!? I sure hope not ….

  13. H3, Fina’s handling of Sandusky was a disaster?! Ask criminal law experts across the country and they will tell you it is the one of the most successful high profile prosecutions in modern history. As for your claim that Sandusky molested children during the investigation, not even Kathleen Kane has been able to establish that nonsense, as much as she wanted to. In fact, she embarrassed herself by blurting out something to that effect, and then her staff had to retract the statement. Yes, of course the victim wrote in his book that he wanted it to go faster. But unfortunately that’s not how you build a case against a predator. They meticulously built a rock solid case where witness testimony is often unreliable because of the trauma. And internet experts like you question it. That’s laughable.

  14. Frank Fina is a racist creep pig. His handling of Sandusky investigation was a disaster. Just read the book written by the Sandusky victim. Fina dragged his feet and allowed Sandusky to keep raping children. And now we know what he was doing while he dragged his feet on his boss’ buddy (Sandushy).

    Fina & The Corbett Pervs were making fun of female victims of domestic violence, objectifying women, and swapping racist material. Have I mentioned the bestiality porn? Or the videos they watched of a 100 year-old woman engaged ini intercourse?

    One of the most disturbing things to come out of this whole affair is how these “prosecutors” roped Judges into their “group.” It is a clear ethical violation. And it will probably put hundreds of convictions in jeopardy.

    Creeps like Fina (who will cross lines to get convictions) are everything that is wrong in law enforcement. How a guy who thinks the following is funny can represent the citizens of Philadelphia is beyond me ….

    Hey Frank … How friggin racist are you?

  15. Frank Fina and his team jailed more corrupt politicians than any public prosecutors in the country and convicted a very high profile child molester. One may focus on what was wrong about these prosecutions but when one looks at the results, particularly, compared with DAs around the state and AGs around country, he has an impressive record. Compare Kathleen Kane’s weak prosecution of the Turnpike pay to play defendants; no jail for anyone to Frank Fina’s jailing of Democratic and Republican leadership. Even LeRoy Zimmerman skated. AG Kane’s record is pathetically unimpressive. And there is certainly probable cause to think AG Kane leaked secret Grand Jury evidence. In the Bonusgate, Computergate and 4 year Sandusky prosecutions, not a word of the Grand Jury testimony was leaked. All in all, Frank Fina looks very good. Porno mails do not seem to affected his prosecutions.

  16. Bishop is going to beat this steaming pile of dung (sting) case. Then she can publicly scold her “son” …

    Bishop can’t be proud that that her “son” admitted being a misogynist.

  17. Rufus “Seth” Williams is an embarrassment so I’m pretty sure he’s ok with being embarrassed. I wonder how Rufus sleeps at night knowing he is causing his “mother” Louise Bishop sleepless nights and distress for his own personal political gain. This is proof Rufus is willing to throw his own “mother” under the bus if he thinks he can gain political advantage.

  18. Larry …. Great post. Did you work with nerd-boy Fina at the OAG? What were the women’s reactions hen he hit on them? I imagine they vomited in their mouth and then laughed later as they told their friends.

    It seems Fina sent his wife the racist KFC e-mail. I wonder if he sent her the ones talking about oral and anal sex being performed by female employees on their male bosses.

    How DA Williams continues to employ that creep is beyond me. Can’t wait to see him on the stand in Kane’s trial … and to watch the steaming pile of dung (sting) case go up in smoke. Wouldn’t be surprised to see DA Williams drop the case somehow before he gets embarrassed in Court.

  19. Frank Fina’s the guy that gives every defendant prosecuted under his watch hope that they can get a new day in court, including Jerry Sandusky. Fina’s unethical conduct will undoubtedly result in new trials for some and in the sting case at least two not guilty verdicts by jury’s. A good prosecutor is a prosecutor that follows the rule of law.

    Fina is a scumbag racist who always hit on females at the OAG and made sexually harassing comments all the time … no one that worked with him was surprised by what the public is learning now.

  20. @gulagPittsburgh: The “porn emails” are sitting in a big binder because releasing all at one time of them may hurt some Kane allies. The release has to be selective and managed by Kane herself so only that Kane’s enemies get tarred and feathered.

  21. Simple answer: Frank Fina is a prosecutor with way more experience than Kathleen Kane. He’s also a bit abrasive, so some people don’t like him. That’s it.

  22. I see Mr. Field is now removing comments that expose him for the shill that he is … LOL …

  23. I’m sure many other high ranking political people in PA will go down if Fina goes down. If he is as tough as this article states, he will not go down alone. A large political shake-up in both parties would be a good thing for the people of PA.

  24. Why are the porn emails sitting in a big binder in the Prothonotary office of PA Supreme Court, instead of online at the PaST website, so the public can easily access them?

  25. The clock is ticking. Waiting for the indictment that might come even before we get public access to the porn emails.

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