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Who Should Philly Democrats Nominate For Mayor?

Liberty Bell

As the calendar prepares to turn from March to April, we get that much closer to May 16 and the primary election.

There are 11 candidates in the running for the Democratic nomination for the Mayor of Philadelphia.

We want to know … who do you think will win?

Given the Democratic voter registration majority in the city, the nominee will be in the driver’s seat to win the position in November’s general election.

The poll runs through midnight on Sunday night.

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Reader Poll: Who Should Philadelphia Dems Nominate For Mayor?

  • Cherelle Parker (D) (20%)
  • Rebecca Rhynhart (D) (20%)
  • Jeff Brown (D) (19%)
  • Helen Gym (D) (15%)
  • Allan Domb (D) (13%)
  • Derek S. Green (D) (6%)
  • Maria Quinones Sanchez (D) (3%)
  • Amen Brown (D) (2%)
  • Warren Bloom (D) (1%)
  • Delscia Gray (D) (1%)
  • James DeLeon (D) (0%)

Total Voters: 178

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3 Responses

  1. Regardless of endorsements or backing that may come in for any candidate…

    Philadelphians talking among themselves keep coming back to how prepared and level headed Derek Green is at each candidate forum.

    They seem to understand that he’s the most qualified and able to move the City forward.

    But Philly loves a good show when Mayor’s races come up every 4 years. And in May and November, they’ll get one.

    David Oh, the Republican will make sure of that. He’s the best alternative Republicans have presented to voters in years.

    But many are hoping fellow voters will focus on who’s the most qualified, has done the work over the years, and knows where the bodies and bathrooms are, Day One.

    That would be Derek Green.

  2. Jeff Brown’s mouth is the gift that keeps on giving…to his opponents.

    His surrogates are having a hard time keeping up.

    Then the PAC that backs him can’t seem to stop tripping over themselves in false advertising…

    Brown is becoming a big problem. This should give Philly voters pause.

    1. All of them should give Philly voters a pause. None of these Democratic candidates will really try to change the status quo in Philadelphia. It will be just more of the same.

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