Who Won the Lottery? Pa Ballot Positions

In a crowded field of unknown candidates, one’s spot on the ballot can can or break a candidate. In a smaller field of hopefuls with higher name ID it matters less, but scoring the top spot is a good omen but among campaign operatives. After all, if a race comes down to the wire, it’s better to come out on top.

Editor’s note: If any reader knows of any study into the quantitative outcomes of ballot positions, please send them our way.

President (R)
Newt Gingrich
Mitt Romney
Ron Paul
Rick Santorum

Senate (R)
David Christian
Marc Scarangi
Steve Welch
Tom Smith
Sam Rohrer

Senate (D)
Joe Vodvarka
Bob Casey

Attorney Generay (D)
Kathleen Kane
Patrick Murphy

Auditor General (R)
Frank Pinto
John Maher

Congress, Pa-4 (R)
Sean Summers
Mark Swomley
Chris Reilly
Scott Perry
Eric Martin
Kevin Downs
Ted Waga

Congress, Pa-4 (D)
Harry Perkinson
Kenneth Lee

Congress, Pa-11 (D)
Gene Stilp
Bill Vinsko

Congress, Pa-12 (D)
Mark Critz
Jason Altmire

Congress, Pa-17 (D)
Matt Cartwright
Tim Holden

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8 thoughts on “Who Won the Lottery? Pa Ballot Positions”

  1. Good draw for Frank Pinto in a race very few pay attention to. Great chance of knocking off the endorsed candidate.

    Welch drew the worst place possible.

    We suggest not voting in the GOP Primary for AG or Treasurer.

  2. I wonder if the PA State GOP COMMITTTEE will revise the results after the vote? MI GOP did for Romney

  3. To Alex. Yes the State screwed up; but can I get it corrected? And who do I call? Can anyone give me some info?

  4. John Barone says:

    Phil Berg has challenged the Petitions of Barack Obama

  5. Dan says:

    What about PA-13, Allyson Schwartz v. Nathan Kleinman?

  6. greg says:

    Good to see Christian leading in Rep ticket and casey trailing on dem ticket. Christian winning would be a great success for Pennsylvanian veterans and citizens.

  7. Alex says:

    Yes, but it says you are from Greene County. Did State make an error or are your petitions wrong?

  8. I’d like to find out where I am on the ballot for the (R) National Convention as a candidate??

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