Williams Gets Another Challenger (VIDEO)

The contest against Philadelphia District Attorney Seth Williams is getting crowded.

Chris Brennan of the Inquirer reported on Wednesday that former managing director of Philly Rich Negrin is throwing his hat into the ring.

Negrin’s announcement was apparently timed to coincide with Pennsylvania Society this weekend.

U.S. Attorney Joe Khan, who won our reader poll on the 2017 election, as well as Municipal Court Judge Teresa Carr Deni have already jumped into the race.

A number of controversies and embarrassing incidents have hurt Williams’ re-election chances.

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13 thoughts on “Williams Gets Another Challenger (VIDEO)”

  1. Lines says:

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  2. The Senator says:

    Bill Hyers did the ad

  3. Observer 2 says:

    Rufus is a Doofus – you’re right, but the other issue is that the next two candidates to jump into the race are black. If they do, it becomes 3 black, 2 white, and 1 Cuban. Given that Rufus stands for stop-and-frisk and has a predilection for prosecuting elder black women over bracelets, I doubt that race is even a factor this time around. If it is, he may not even be the one to get the Black vote.

    Which is great. Sometimes politicians lose elections because they’re an ass, regardless of their race/color/ethnicity.

  4. Rufus is a Doofus says:

    Garet Jax: Rich Negrin is Cuban. So three whites in the race is not accurate. Second, “tough on crime” is not necessarily “smart on crime.” TOC is also not incompatible withe being a progressive.

  5. Delco blue says:

    Great ad I must admit. Problem is he is unheard of. No name recognition. Love to know more about Him.

  6. Zakrey Bissell says:

    I will support someone for this race soon and I will not be supporting the incumbent though.

  7. Ross Schriftman says:

    A great message that focuses on the problems. I am interested in finding our more about him.

  8. bungy says:

    Just like I predicted 6 months ago with Trump, Seth IN A LANDSLIDE.

  9. Garet Jax says:

    Btw. The intro spot is excellent. Since Negrin is a Nutter guy I’m betting it was done by Oxman. That said, it’s high on emotion but light on law enforcement. Rich better understand that progressives and tough on crime don’t mix. He might want to try to appeal to people trapped in their homes by criminals by taking a more aggressive stance to fighting crime.

  10. Garet Jax says:

    Ah. History repeating itself. Three white candidates running against Williams. Isn’t that how he won in 09? These three need to get together and decide which two get out or live with the reality that they split the anti-Williams vote and the City gets stuck with an incompetent, unethical crook as it’s chief law enforcement officer for another 4 years.

  11. Observer 2 says:

    Diano is correct.

    However, it is unlikely that the “split” will get any better for Williams than it is right now. The entry of either Hughes or Tucker or both will make things worse, not better. If Carr fizzles, it’s a three way and Williams is finished.

    In 2009, he got 41% when he was popular. Hard to see that number growing, so that is basically the guaranteed win number for the others. More likely they could win with 25%.

    Plus, we have the city’s other political party – the Feds – who will likely bring a better prosecutor than Denise Wolf this time around.

  12. Guy says:

    this is a great ad. anyone know who made it?

  13. David Diano says:

    The best hope that Williams has is a lot of challengers diluting/splitting the anti-Williams vote.

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