Williams Will Plead Guilty to Federal Corruption Charges

Seth-Williams3Philadelphia District Attorney Seth Williams will plead guilty to charges stemming from his federal corruption case today.

The Philadelphia Inquirer reports that a deal was reached between prosecutors and Williams’ lawyers after they had been quietly speaking to each other in the courtroom.  Williams was not present for the discussions.  

No details on the plea are available.  

Williams is currently facing 52 counts in the trial, including bribery and spending $10,000 in campaign donations on personal expenses.

Update: Williams plead guilty to one count relating to accepting a bribe.  As part of the deal, Williams will resign from his position.  Williams faces up to five years in prison.  He will be sentenced on October 24th.  Williams was ordered to be held in custody until he is sentenced.

20 Responses

  1. I heard Bruce Castor is on the short list for the Williams replacement. Ha.

    After all, no judge will give up their seat for a 6 month cleanup job. No non-judge candidate is properly registered to run as an independent, so it’s a dead end job. Kathy Martin would perhaps do, except she’s so intermingled with Seth it’s hard to see judges agreeing to install her.

    Perhaps there are others – Ron Castille? Lynne Abraham? Both old but they could get the house in order. Appointing Lynne Abraham would be a great way to erase the corrupt legacy of Williams like it never happened.

  2. Johnny Doc is next! It’s about time you crumb. Look at Philly.com I can’t wait to see you in cuffs. I was one of the lives you ruined. Thank God that I and the other families you ruined are finally getting justice. Thank you to the FBI. Thank you Mr Trump for making Philadelphia Great Again

  3. “So can we PLEASE pardon Kathleen Kane now?! The most ethical AG our state has ever had was railroaded by this clown car! She should be the next Lt. Governor.”

    LOL. Kane is just as corrupt as Williams. In no universe is just “ethical.” She got what she deserved.

  4. Yesterday Williams pled guilty and was immediately hauled off to jail. How are the mighty fallen!

    He will eventually be succeeded in office by someone who is likely to give Philadelphians a lot more pain, someone bought and paid for by George Soros.

    The Philadelphia Story continues . . . . .

  5. So can we PLEASE pardon Kathleen Kane now?! The most ethical AG our state has ever had was railroaded by this clown car! She should be the next Lt. Governor.

  6. This was an open and shut case. Seth should get at least 5 years in prison for taking bribes and brazenly abusing the public trust, and stealing his own mother’s retirement money…not some phony slap on the wrist. Won’t be the same culinary experience in jail as at the Union League.

  7. Seth Williams gone to jail. Strike another blow for Kathleen Kane cleaning up PA politics and legal system corruption.

  8. The thing that really annoys me in these situations is that public office is used as a bargaining chip (i.e., “I’ll resign as part of my sentence.”). Public office is a privilege, not a right.

  9. Seems like the Feds accepted the same deal they offered him months ago, though with a few more years. It’s odd that they would do that after 8 days of trial that was looking like they had most of their counts in the bag.

    So, just look around the city for soiled pants and you’ll know what the Feds got in return.

  10. Pleading guilty on one count out of 52? I wonder if Seth is turning state’s evidence?

    1. Only scenario where a last second plea deal would make sense from the Commonwealth’s prospective.

  11. Another Philly Democrat bites the dust. Although it is a shame. He was a pretty good guy years ago.

  12. He should go to jail for trying to cheat his mother out of her retirement home money.

  13. Only pleading guilty to one count (but admitting conduct as to other counts). Headline should be changed.

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