Wolf Airs New Ad After Corbett Budget Address (With Video)

Tom Wolf may have unveiled the nicest attack ad of 2014.

The businessman and Democratic gubernatorial hopeful responded to Governor Tom Corbett’s budget address with a new television spot that bemoans funding for schools and infrastructure.

Wolf ad still“It’s unacceptable that we aren’t providing sufficient funding for our public schools,” Wolf says to the camera.

He makes a general indictment of elected officials in lieu of calling out the Governor by name.

“I find it unacceptable that people are sitting in Harrisburg thinking about only about themselves and the special interests who helped get them elected,” Wolf continued..

In the press release announcing the ad, Wolf took a direct shot at Corbett. “Today, after three years of failed leadership, Tom Corbett tried a make-over, painting a very different picture of what his priorities have been as governor,” he said.

“An ad cut to respond to the budget speech before it was even given so he could oppose more funding for education and job training?” Corbett spokesman Billy Pitman asked. “Not surprising from a candidate whose claim to fame is as a member of an administration that failed to get comprehensive transportation funding, raided the education budget and used one-time stimulus funds to cover it up.  Interesting he calls for a fresh start when he already had his chance and left a $4.2 billion budget deficit, more taxes and high unemployment for Governor Corbett to clean up.  Pennsylvanians won’t be falling again for more that failed big government agenda.”

Overall funding for Pa. schools fell under Corbett due in large part to expiring federal stimulus funds. The Governor proposed boosting education funding during his speech Tuesday.

Wolf became the first candidate to go on broadcast television across the state last week when he kick off a $370,000 per week ad buy.

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2 thoughts on “Wolf Airs New Ad After Corbett Budget Address (With Video)”

  1. Isaac L. says:

    He’s certainly been gaining some buzz. I’ve noticed people who aren’t normally particularly involved in politics and even some Republican friends sharing his ads and posts on Facebook.

  2. Jeremy Haloskie says:

    Wolf is gaining traction with Democrats who are just tuning into the Guv race now. The ad campaign is working. People who know that I am into politics are asking about Wolf. Expect a jump in polling.

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