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Wolf Beats Prostate Cancer

Governor-WolfGovernor Tom Wolf was given a clean bill of health at a follow-up appointment with his doctor.

Wolf was diagnosed with prostate cancer last February, which was caught in its very early stages.  

Wolf said at the time he would not be undergoing chemotherapy and that the diagnosis would not cause him to have to step away from any of his duties.  

Wolf’s spokesman J.J. Abbott said that he understands that to mean Wolf is cancer-free, according to according to PennLive.

10 Responses

  1. I don’t agree with him politically speaking but I’m glad he’s cancer free and healthy!

  2. Very glad that he has a clean bill of health. Governor Wolf is a class act all the way and truly cares about the people of this state. Hope he enjoys a very long life.

  3. Congrats on beating cancer. Now perhaps Tom Wolf can give every elected Democrat in the state a referral to his oncologist since they are all suffering from stomach cancer under the worst administration in decades.

  4. Well, I hope this means that Wolf will start showing some balls against the GOP legislature on fracking tax and other issues.

  5. Well, we couldn’t beat him with a Wagner or reelect our garbage man Tommy or take him down with cancer but La Familia will keep trying. We need state bond issue fees to make up for my cousin Stevie junior’s disastrous A.G. Run

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