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Wolf Blasts Wagner in New Ad

Last week GOP candidate for Governor Scott Wagner released his first television ad of the general election cycle.  

Gov. Wolf has been airing positive ads for quite some time now, so both candidates had finally stepped into the television advertisement ring. Today, Gov. Wolf threw the first punch with this new advertisement.

In this 30 second advertisement, Wolf’s campaign labels Wagner as the “number one champion of big oil and gas”. The advertisement continues to blame him for “blocking the shale tax”, siding with Wall Street “as they were getting rich, charging excessive fees on our retirement savings” and supporting corporations by opposing closing tax loopholes.  

“Scott Wagner is the very worst of Harrisburg and has consistently shown that he favors the rich by siding with large corporations, big oil and gas companies, and Wall Street while squeezing the middle class,” said Beth Melena, Gov. Wolf’s campaign communication director. “He has been the number one champion for oil and gas companies standing in opposition of a severance tax and he supports corporations being able to use loopholes to avoid paying their fair share. Pennsylvania families can’t afford Scott Wagner as governor.”

The Wagner campaign swung back at these claims and believe this advertisement shows that their opponent is nervous.  

“Running a negative ad like this as early as July shows that the Wolf campaign is panicked and the public polls are wrong,” said Andrew Romeo, Wagner for Governor spokesman. “Tom Wolf’s harmful tax and regulatory policies have Pennsylvania’s economy in the tank compared to the country as a whole, he’s for an education plan to cut funding from 362 schools and he’s no longer committed to property tax reform.”

Wagner’s camp also cited remarks by Senate Minority Leader Jay Costa (D-Allegheny) about their positive working relationship.

PoliticsPA sources have seen the ad on broadcast and cable TV in the Pittsburgh markets. The Wolf camp wouldn’t elaborate on its strategy.

7 Responses

  1. look why are we wasting time on a race that was decided in primary. gov wolf will continue to be gov wolf–it’s over.
    cover the Senate race. that has potential and national implications. get real

  2. Scott Wagner’s performance in that situation with the tracker at his country club in York is worrisome. Wagner, a powerful man at his absolute peak, bullied some poor dude whose job it is to film him speak at PUBLIC events. Wagner lost his cool and took the camera from the poor guy who certainly is in a lesser position than he and hassled him as Wagner’s minions at the country club joined in on hassling the tracker. And Scott Wagner thinks Pa should elect him Gov showing such poor judgment? The political roadway is littered with passive candidates who have taken elections for granted and allowed themselves to be defined by their opponent such as the great former Senator Russ Feingold who allowed his opponent NOW Senator Ron Johnson run negative ads and never respond. Gov Wolf is taking his message to the people of Pa with this ad as well as others.

    1. I’m still shocked that he would beat up on trackers like that. It’s crazy. Just smile at the camera and be polite and they can’t use any of the footage.

      These kids are fresh out of college, making peanuts, working long hours to get everything on record. Your own people have trackers too. And you’re going to attack them? Of course, we already knew Wagner has some serious rage issues and lacks self control, but this is deranged.

  3. Andrew Romeo-

    Wolf won his primary in 2014 by early advertising in January. There is nothing positive that Wolf (or any sane/rational person of normal intelligence) could say about Wagner.

    Maybe if Wagner hadn’t spent his career screwing over everyone in favor of the rich, Wolf might have something nice to say about him.

    If Wagner and his GOP buddies would stop taking money from oil/gas and properly tax them, there would be more money for schools.

    1. David seriously dude you’re losing it. You’re commenting on a story as if Andrew Romeo gives two craps what you think. Stick to running around and embarrassing yourself at State Committee.

      Wagner is working his butt off to beat Wolf and the closer we get to November, the more momentum he and Mr. Bartos seem to be wielding. Tom Wolf tried to tax everything from diapers to day care and Pennsylvania didn’t forget. We sat Katie McGinty down and PA will sit Tom Wolf down right next to her.

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