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Wolf Calls for Metcalfe’s Demotion, Metcalfe Refuses and Doubles Down on Comments

The controversy surrounding state Rep. Daryl Metcalfe’s (R-Butler) comments to state Rep. Matt Bradford (D-Montgomery) during a State Government Committee meeting continues to grow.  

Governor Tom Wolf has called House Republican Leadership to pull Metcalfe’s position of chair of the committee.  

According to the Post-Gazette, Metcalfe has said he will not step down from his position.  

“To try and label people as being sexist, homophobic or racist or whatever they want to use as their label … the fact is the majority of men in our culture will not want a man who they don’t know touching them,” Metcalfe said.  

In an interview with KDKA, Metcalfe doubled down on his statements made during the meeting.  

“I said I don’t like to be touched like that by another man.  Some on his side of the aisle might like it, go touch them, don’t touch me – obviously he likes to touch me, he kept touching me and touching and touching me,” Metcalfe told KDKA.  

“The homosexual crowd thinks that they can, you know, flaunt their sexuality routinely throughout the course of the day,” Metcalfe said in a phone interview with KDKA.  

Bradford told KDKA that he is a Philly guy who talks with his hands, which explains why he touched Metcalfe’s arm.  

Bradford added that he was not making a pass at Metcalfe.  

“I have no idea what goes on in his head and some days I’m glad for that,” Bradford told the Post-Gazette.

21 Responses

  1. Metcalfe just did what every other victim should have done, instead of waiting forty years to complain. Who cares if he’s gay or straight or homophobic? At least he made his displeasure clear.

    Amazing that when somebody says no, there’s an uproar. Get it together, y’all.

  2. Rep. Metcalfe is consistent. He’s anti-gay, anti-immigrant, anti-woman, etc. His presence in the legislature is a running joke and he maximizes his opportunities for attention by making headlines just when he’s becoming obscure again. We should just stop paying attention to this dolt. It’s embarrassing.

  3. Metcalfe is a boob.

    Bradford touched a boob.

    Therefore Bradford is straight.

    Case closed.

  4. The janitor in the house of reps antechamber says that Daryl has a pair of rainbow silk gloves in his closet which were autographed by Jerry Sandusky. The thumbs were cut off so he could rub people the wrong way.

  5. Dear Governor- Honest, trustworthy, never use your power to abuse.
    Rumor has it – so is it true??
    Your trusted Senior Legal Advisor Denise Smyler- has she received a letter of interest from the FBI regarding involvement with legal activity?
    Rumor has it- so is it true?
    Has 5 of your Senior Staff members received the same letters of interest from the FBI?
    If any of this is true – will you be asking for their resignations?
    It appears you soooooo enjoy asking for resignations
    So tell us Gov-is true???

    1. I love karma. FBI – must be some back room deals. Can’t be misuse of credit cards or is it? No that’s only the Governor’s employees at the State Party. Don’t mess with the Wolfpack they get even – but it may come back to bite you!

      1. What if the sitting chair of Allegheny County and the Rep from Delaware County though they were screwing the State Party when in fact they were screwing the Governor and his staff and causing the Governor to lose the election? If the FBI is sending letters of interest to the Administration what does that mean? Did the Governor do something wrong or did his staff?

  6. Those who spout the most vile homophobic rhetoric are generally those trying to suppress their own innermost homosexual desires and feelings. Please help Darryl with his internal dilemma and give him a hug.

  7. Daryl Metcalfe’s ongoing presence in a leadership position in the House makes it very hard for the Speaker, a candidate for Governor, to project an openness to all Pennsylvanians when he has in his midst the one and only Metcalfe. A man who bristles at the gentle touch of another human and then spouts silly jibberish about sexuality that had nothing to do with the topic being discussed. Allowing Metcalfe in a leadership position in the Republican lead House really affects the Speaker’s status in the race for Governor. No doubt.

  8. This was really vile. Metcalfe wants to be a homophone but he clearly is an insecure small man.

  9. “The homosexual crowd thinks that they can, you know, flaunt their sexuality routinely throughout the course of the day,” Metcalfe said in a phone interview with KDKA. What does this statement have to do with asking someone to please not touch them. Shouldn’t everyone be proud of who they are? Metcalfe is a racist homophobic piece of shit who isn’t worthy of being a State Representative let alone in a position of leadership. The GOP can do better than this douche.

    1. First, the guy who touched him is a married man with kids… So, Metcalfe “pre-planned” an attack on the LGBT community for no reason other than his on gratification. Second, he is not okay with with LGBT community or a heterosexual man touching his arm (obliviously not making an advance), but he is okay with mail order brides… (see his wife for more info)

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