Wolf Calls for Williams to Resign

Seth-Williams3Philadelphia District Attorney Seth Williams’ trouble continues to mount.  Governor Tom Wolf today called for his resignation over the suspension of his law license and the federal corruption charges he faces.  

“The people of Philadelphia need a district attorney fully focused on, and legally capable of, executing the important duties of the top law enforcement official in Pennsylvania’s largest city. His resignation will allow the employees of the office to focus on their work and help the citizens they serve move on,” Wolf said in a statement.  

Williams’ law license was suspended by the Pennsylvania Supreme Court yesterday.  He was indicted on federal corruption charges in March.

Williams already announced he will not be running for re-election.

Wolf’s call is not surprising, he called for former Attorney General Kathleen Kane to resign after her law license was suspended in 2016.

Update: The Philadelphia DA’s office responded to a request for comment.

“The Philadelphia District Attorney’s Office remains dedicated to representing the citizens of Philadelphia in cases ranging from misdemeanors to murder. We continue to work with our partners in the court system and the Defender Association to focus on treatment and diversion for the most in need members of our community, We tirelessly investigate and prosecute drug and gun violence, police discharges, economic crime and insurance fraud throughout the city. Everyday, we continue to do our jobs, despite the odds, the roadblocks or any distractions. We remain dedicated to our mission and will not be distracted by calls from the press or public officials. The Philadelphia District Attorney’s Office is 600 strong and we are focused on our work,” a spokesperson said in an email.

17 Responses

  1. Reasonable Rep-

    Well, you (appear to) have greater knowledge of his true identity than I do.

    Though, my comment was directed more at the board who seem to have unannounced criteria for retaining people that should be expelled and removing people for minor/political reasons. This pattern reminds me of Hollywood casting couches or FoxNews selection of on-air hosts.

  2. David –

    No comment on Judge Eakin’s longtime friend, except to say that gulag Pittsburgh would know a thing or two about getting disbarred…

  3. gulag Pittsburgh-

    Maybe he sucked the right d*cks?

    Seems to be how the judiciary operates in PA.

  4. Yes, but why is Eakin’s buddy still there corrupting the Judicial Conduct Board. He should have been fired and disbarred, if not prosecuted. And this was not his first rodeo at protecting a guilty judge.

  5. Nunzio-

    Sorry, Kane gets the win for this one for digging the whole mess up.

    Eakin tried to game the system by hiding his, and getting his buddy to pose as independent reviewer.

  6. KK didn’t knock out two justices. That was Castille. He’s the one that started demanding all emails (including private emails) from all members of the judiciary. Kane gets the blame but it was maniacal Castille making his demands. Remember the pay raise? Kids for cash? Family court in Philly? On and on and he and his co conspirators in the Inquirer create the scandal and walk away unscathed.

  7. Figs for me-

    Guy makes millions in business. Has no political experience. Runs for office for the first time and wins a big executive position. Has no idea how to work with the legislature. Hires cronies and enriches his friends. Engages in petty political squabbles with party officials who don’t follow his commands. Willing to undermine party when he doesn’t get his way. Political associates under FBI investigation. Replaced an independent AG with a flunky.

    Trump or Wolf?

  8. Wolf is squeaky clean??? Bwahahaahaha. Recall the $2 million no-bid contact he handed to crony business guy Paul Mango, which was reward for Mango cutting Wagner in a GOP Primary. How about Wolf’s revolving door for Mary Isenhour to intermittently shake down donors, serve as his chief of staff, then go back to shaking down down donors (repeat rinse). How about the Faustian bargain he cut with GOP leaders not to press for gerrymandering reform?

  9. Why is the State Senate not going for Direct Removal for Seth like it tried for KK? Where does Wolf stand in that?

  10. Seth needs every dollar he can get. Hes going nowhere until he gets his 10 year jail sentence. He can bunk with Fattah.

  11. gulag Pittsburgh-

    Don’t forget KK knocking out TWO PA Supreme court judges.

    Phil Hughes-

    I don’t have much confidence in Wolf beating Wagner or GOP primary winner. While Wolf is better than anyone the GOP would run, there are plenty of Dems who could/would be better governors for PA and get more accomplished.

  12. Seth did what public good? While KK at least got a start on cleaning up PA courts, and led directly to Frank Fina and now Seth leaving Philly DA office.

  13. C’mon, guys. Eyes on the ball. Wolf will get re-elected. He’s right for calling for Seth’s resignation. Stop with the straw men. Wolf is squeaky clean and transparent. All you have to do is look at him approving of the investigation into the Lt. Gov.

  14. Restaurant 1 /28/17 exactly 1 month after local 98 wrote Wolf a 25k check. Wolf you shouldn’t throw rocks at glass houses. You should resign Governor. You stink of back yard corruption. The picture will be sent to the papers soon. I guess no one heard of the 50 subpoenas that went out to the IBEW 98 members yesterday.

  15. FIGMO-

    He should ask for Chairman’s resignation, too, after losing the state to Trump.

  16. Hmmm, how about the Governor asking for ED’S resignation from State Committee. Surely he can find a qualified person to run the Party instead of degrading it.

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