Wolf ‘Disappointed’ in DNC Host Committee

DNCC3Governor Tom Wolf is calling out the Philadelphia 2016 Host Committee’s handling of a $4 million surplus after the Democratic National Convention last summer.  

“I am disappointed that when the host committee discovered there was a surplus, the first call was not to the commonwealth of Pennsylvania to discuss returning the money to the taxpayers,” Wolf said in a statement.  

Almost $1 million of the surplus was spent on bonuses for staff and volunteers, according to a report by the Philadelphia Inquirer.  The bonuses ranged from $500 to interns and volunteers, to $310,000 to Executive Director and Treasurer Kevin Washo.  

The Host Committee was chaired by former Governor and DNC Chair Ed Rendell.  

Pennsylvania donated $10 million to the committee.  An independent audit of the committee showed the money was spent in accordance with the contract between the state and the committee.  Wolf wants the Auditor General’s office to take a second look at the committee’s books.  

“We welcome everyone to review the audit,” Host Committee spokesperson Anna Adams-Sarthou said in a statement.  

“We’re confident in our accounting and the fact that we spent the state money appropriately.”

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  1. An independent audit of the committee showed the money was spent in accordance with the contract between the state and the committee. Wolf wants the Auditor General’s office to take a second look at the committee’s books.


    seems like there is useless smoke here…and independent audit found no misappropriation of funds….i wonder why there is a need for a 2nd audit…am i missing something

  2. Governor Wolf throwing stones. He who throws stones must be free of sin.
    Governor Wolf you took 97 tickets/delegate passes per day at the Democrat National Convention.
    Mary, Obie, and Sin were in charge of these passes. Remember the passes that belonged to the State Party. Your Sin and Obie took them.
    Please submit the audit of profit you received or your wolfpack received by selling and or giving your well known (special friend favors)
    We are waiting for that audit. 388 delegate passes profit?
    How many delegate passes did you get from the grant money given from the state tax money to the Convention? How much money did you pocket from them?
    Keep throwing your stones, we will uncover your rocks you live under.

  3. I’m sure that Wolf will get over his “disappointment” when Rendell raises money for Wolf’s gov campaign.

  4. @gulag, a $310,000 bonus is not needed to make a “living wage” when he’s already receiving a $13,000/month salary. And if you consider it to be performance based, he didn’t earn it since they came $1 million of their fundraising goal.

  5. Unbelievable how much the Rendell mafia is still running things. Lets make sure Washo is taken care of and screw the taxpayers.

    1. Beyond a piece of crap, he got a bonus for talking to the Style Section of the Inquirer about his $830 shoes. Total loser and poser.

  6. GOP making a big deal about paying people too much. Sure, they would have paid minimum wage and returned the balance to top 10 donors.

  7. At least washo the hipster can get a decent shave now. Eddie- lay off the cheesesteaks.

  8. john: So Wolf acts like a GOP? Nobody should stoop that low to get elected.

  9. Jack Hanna Democrat State Party Treasurer do your job? 2016 records of the State Democrat Party, Where are they? Who shredded them? How much is Wolf/Party Staff costing the donors? When will you do your job? When will you call for a full audit of the Wolfs Executive Director?

  10. Just can’t make this shit up.
    OPM = Other People’s Money
    Rendell gives away nearly a million in bonuses to PAID STAFF and his favorite charities uses Other People’s Money.
    Wolf attacks Rendell: but Wolf rapes state party of $467,000 in his PAID reelection staff. Surprise Surprise Surprise state party is paying their wages, benefits. OPM
    Wolf attacks Stack for his treatment of staff. Surprise Surprise Surprise Wolf treats his staff like dirt.
    Difference between Rendell and Wolf. Nothing. Rich guys love to spend OPM (Other People’s Money)
    Wolf throws stones, karma is a bitch.

  11. $1 million = 50,000 lap dances

    This makes the $3,131 Uber ride look like peanuts.

  12. “Governor running for reelection in recently red state wants to separate himself from party”

    1. God forbid that PA becomes a RED state…although there was a Klan sighting in Lancaster…just goes to show you that racism is just not below the mason-dixon line

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