Wolf Launches First TV Ad of Re-Election

Governor Tom Wolf’s campaign launched the first ad of the Gubernatorial campaign highlighting his pushes to reform state government.

The 30-second ad titled “That’s Different” highlights Wolf’s practice of sharing profits with employees when he owned his company, the gift ban for executive office employees, and his decision to not accept a salary or pension as Governor.  

The ad also brings back a common sight from the 2014 election, his Jeep.  

“And he still lives in the same house and drives his Jeep to work,” the ad’s narrator says.  

Wolf does not have a primary challenger in the Democratic primary, so running a positive ad that pushes the message he is a reformer brackets the debate for the general election.  

You can view the ad below.  


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10 thoughts on “Wolf Launches First TV Ad of Re-Election”

  1. No thank you says:

    I won’t be stupid enough to vote for Wolf again, what did we know about him the last time?
    Not impressed, time to move on to someone else……. Next!

  2. Linda2 says:

    If he drives himself to work where is his state police detail?

  3. Hillary C says:

    I bet wolf isn’t worried about the couple hundred thousand illegal voters in PA….if he was why do we hear nothing from his office about this troubling issue….I know…they are his illegal votes…politics…

    1. Give it up already says:

      We hear nothing because it is a made up issue. Even if someone could vote illegally in PA – do you think that someone here illegally would risk being convicted of a felony to give someone 1 vote? It defies all logic and is a made up red herring so that strict voter ID laws can be passed that disproportionately impact minorities, students and women.

  4. Running For Governor says:

    Former Lower Merion Constable Eric Bradway is running for Governor in the Democratic Primary against Wolf

  5. Lamb is Lame says:

    Former Lower Merion Constable is running in The Democratic Primary for Governor against Wolf

  6. JoePa says:

    This “man” is a disgrace to Pennsylvania. He makes me yearn for Fast Eddie Rendell.

  7. Huey Jwone says:

    Mike Turzi could’ve beat this guy

    1. Ballchinian says:

      Turzai couldn’t beat a deaf blind mute at checkers

  8. Isaac L. says:

    A guy who walks the walk. What a refreshing change of pace.

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