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Wolf Nominates Veronica Degraffenreid to Serve as Secretary of State

Gov. Tom Wolf has announced his selection for Pennsylvania’s next Secretary of State. 

On Friday, Wolf announced that he has nominated acting Secretary Veronica Degraffenreid to serve as the next Secretary of the Commonwealth.

“Veronica Degraffenreid is a nationally respected expert in election administration and the perfect person to lead the Department of State,” Wolf said in a press release announcing her nomination. “Veronica has extensive experience in operating elections from security and poll worker training to voter registration, voting site administration and modern voting systems.”

Degraffenreid has served as the acting Secretary of State since February, following the resignation of Sec. of State Kathy Boockvar, who left on Feb. 5 after failing to advertise a proposed constitutional amendment that would “open a two-year window for litigation by survivors of child sexual abuse who have aged out of the statute of limitations,” according to Spotlight PA

Wolf continued to laud Degraffenreid’s credentials as proof she can lead the Department of State.

“In addition, in her role as acting secretary, Veronica has shown excellent leadership across the department’s responsibilities, including supporting economic development through corporate filings and transactions and protecting public health and safety through professional licensure,” Wolf continued. 

Degraffenreid joined Pennsylvania’s Department of State in February 2020 as the Special Advisor on Election Modernization. In that role, she worked with all of the counties in the commonwealth to “ensure support and resources during the 2020 election, including sufficient PPE to keep election workers and voters safe during the pandemic,” while also leading the “first expanded county liaisons program, which matched Department of State staff with election officials in each county to provide information and more direct access to the department during a busy election year,” according to a release from Wolf’s office. 

Prior to Degraffenreid’s roles in Pennsylvania, she served in various roles with the North Carolina Board of Elections, including six years as Director of Election Operations. Degraffenreid was a Special Litigation Legal Assistant with the North Carolina Department of Justice for nearly 10 years, specializing in redistricting and election-related litigation, prior to serving on the North Carolina State Board of Elections.

“I am honored to be nominated to serve as Secretary of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania,” said Degraffenreid. “In my time with the Department of State, I have had the privilege of working with outstanding staff at the state and county levels, and I look forward to continuing our good work together to serve Pennsylvania voters, licensees, business owners, non-profit and charitable organizations and state athletics.”

She will continue to serve as acting Secretary of State until the Senate votes on her confirmation.

10 Responses

  1. Why is no one mentioning that she was involved in voter fraud scheme in North Carolina? Seems like it should be important considering she is now in charge of elections.

  2. Biden is being outed by his Covid Task Force members as liable for many many deaths. But why now? Not that I think that they are liars; it’s just that they did not speak up when it mattered. Cowards and bootlickers. Biden and they are all despicable.

    1. so? If she were not “partisan”, she would never have come to Wolf’s attention. Most people in govt are “partisan”. I suspect you are simply that she is not the right partisan for your taste.

        1. Can you send me some organic McNuggets Joan? Plus, if you can, could you find a desk for my buddy Bigo?? Nancy won’t give him back the desk she borrowed from him.

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