Wolf Nominates Wozniak to Turnpike Commission

John WozniakGovernor Tom Wolf announced he is nominating former state Senator John Wozniak (D-Cambria) to the Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission.  

John showed tremendous leadership in bringing about Act 89 of 2013, the commonwealth’s most comprehensive transportation funding legislation in decades. In his new role at the Turnpike, I know John will remain a consistent advocate of a sustainable system of roads in Pennsylvania,” Wolf said in the release.  

Wozniak will need a two-thirds majority vote in the state Senate to be confirmed.

Wozniak served in the Senate from 1997 through 2016 when he retired after deciding not to run for re-election.  

Wolf’s last pick for the Turnpike Commission, Barry Drew, was approved unanimously.

March 30th, 2017 | Posted in Front Page Stories | 10 Comments

10 thoughts on “Wolf Nominates Wozniak to Turnpike Commission”

  1. Rob says:

    Wozniak is a terrible choice for any commission. The Governor is going to pay 6 figure salary to a Senator who supported himself over the interests of his constituency. I know Woz. On two trips to Harrisburg while out for dinner at a downtown pub Wozniak strolls in three sheets in the wind both times. I was embarrassed for his actions. Rewarding ineptitude does not belong in government appointments.

  2. gulag Pittsburgh says:

    Go where??

  3. Mr. Pafuffna says:

    Wolf has to go!

  4. Nick Ritzko says:

    As long as he tries to save jobs on the Pennsylvania Turnpike, and keep improving the pa.turnpike, In my opinion he is a GOOD GUY

  5. The Woz says:

    Congrats, Woz! Now you can get back to Harrisburg and drink excessively on other people’s dime. Never, remembering conversations you have the night before and blacking out evening after evening.

  6. David Camblin says:

    I have known Wozniak since his father and the Democrat powerbase of Cambria Co. got him elected to the House back in 1997. He is the poster child of self serving do nothing Harrisburg insider. I challenge he, his supporters and family to name five major projects, economic developments, employment opportunities or growth programs he, and he alone did for Johnstown. For years it was how you have to network, then it was build alliances, gain committee memberships, but he would only show up in Cambria Co. six months prior to election when the Democratic west end machine flexed it’s influence. He is the fattest of cats, having skated on two DUI arrests while in public office, and an embarrassment to the term public servant

  7. Mr. Pafuffna says:

    For good measure (and irony) Wozniak has a couple DUIs. Who better to serve on the Turnpike Commission.

  8. CentPADem says:

    Even as a Democrat I say NO NO NO. Wozniak is nothing but wasted space at this point. As Scott says he completely messed up any Democratic chance to hold on to his former seat, NOT by dropping out mid way through the campaign, but by running in the first place. His big ego wouldn’t let him bow out gracefully, then once he was seeing his poll numbers in July he knew he was going out a loser.

  9. truth says:

    This is a common move. He will raise he pension by tens of thousands of dollars per year. 30+ years in legislature, based his salary on 85k. Now he can base his pension on a six figure salary

  10. Scott says:

    Are you telling me that this fool screwed up the election cycle by dropping out at the last minute which lost Democrats a winnable seat in the Senate citing “government-related stress” just so that he can get back into the government?!?!?! I am furious. He doesn’t deserve that position. He should’ve stayed in the Senate where we needed him.

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